Classmates Share Stories of 'That One Weird Kid' In School.

From the kid that wore a spongebob costume and wrote erotica stories about the teacher, to the one that put super glue on another student's hair, people share stories of what that weird kid in school was known for. 

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There's this really narcissistic kid at my school who's always spouting off cringey "amazing" facts about himself. One day, he said he could escape from having his hands bound with duct tape. It just so happened, there was some duct tape in the classroom.

So some other kids (with his permission of course) taped his hands together. He struggled for the rest of the class, trying everything he could to get out. At one point, he tried to use his teeth but that didn't work. By the end of the next class period, someone had to cut his hands free


In elementary school the guy had major anger issues. One time during class he picked up a chair while scream crying and threatened to throw it at the teacher. He threw it across the room instead and came back to school a week later.


Turned up dressed as spongebob, wrote graphic sexual erotica about the geography teacher, fell asleep in the book corner. All in the same day, when we were 10 years old.


He once told a group of us the following, "did you know that if you open a person's eyelids while they are sleeping you can watch their dreams? You don't even want to know what my sister dreams about.


When I was in high school, there was a small group of kids who thought they were vampires. I knew a girl who was in their friend group, but didn't identify as a vampire. She told me that this one couple was especially weird. One of the things she found particularly odd was that the guy would only go down on his girlfriend while she was on her period because, you know, vampire.


This kid was way into dinosaurs. Too into them. He acted like one all the time.

I think he was maybe a sophomore at the time but he got mad at a kid in our little vending machine room and bit a chunk out of the guys arm while acting like a dinosaur attacking him.


He would carry random stuff around in his backpack. The teacher could ask "I know no one does, but before I go looking does anyone have (insert random item)?" It could be an extension cable, a flashlight, batteries, he would have it on that specific day, but not the others.


They would crush up graphite, then cut themselves in weird designs and pour the crushed-up graphite into the wounds and cover them with bandaids, convinced that this would give them rad tattoos.


Took pictures of the teacher until the teacher took his phone. Then the kid started taking pictures with his tablet until the teacher took that too. We were juniors in high school...

The next year, he put out an album (the first of several) that contained a 4 minute long autotuned track of him crying.


He would sit in the back of my 5th grade class and make masks and wear them until the teacher took them. He would always make another.

Also this girl in high school bragged to our teacher how she stabbed a boy with a pocketknife because he tried talking to her.


She never combed her hair. Eventually it became such a ratty mess that she had to shave it off. She was one of the smartest kids in our class and fairly popular/ liked. She just started dressing and acting weird all of a sudden.


The parents of a kid in my high school, who had more money than brains, bought him his first car. An old police car. Bad idea. 

The kid bought a police uniform, the utility belt and all (no gun), and even got flashing lights hidden in the grill.

At night, he would pull over people for little stuff like, taillight out, not using a blinker, he let them all off with just a warning, until he pulled over the police chief.

He managed to stay out of jail, but he lost all his toys. I don't know what happened to him after high school.


He was this kid that hit puberty years before anyone else did. He had trouble keeping his hands to himself, and after a few too many inappropriate incidents, he was exiled to a solitary desk on the other side of the classroom. He didn't come back to school for the 6th grade after the summer, and we kind of wondered what happened to him. We figured he moved away without telling anybody. Nope. At 11 years old he put his baby sister into a coma, permanently disabling her to this day. His parents institutionalized him, as far as I know.


There was a girl that I was in elementary school with, whenever she sneezed, she would put her hands over her mouth and nose and somehow get snot to come out and into her hands.

And then she would snort it back in.

I wish I was making this up.


He would sit alone and eat Lunchables in high school.

You might think, "oh my... poor guy, he just needed some friendship."

He would sit alone and glare at people while eating his Lunchable. If you attempted a conversation he would ignore you.

I don't know where he is now. I never even knew his name. I like to think he sits at public parks and does the same thing.


I had to get a legitimate restraining order against a kid in my middle school. He had a journal of a bunch of girls in my grade. He somehow (we still have no idea how) found out everyone's blood type. Why? I don't know. Then, in a separate journal... wrote fantasies about how he would tie each one of us up and torture us.


He started off with a really good Gollum impression - like, scary good - that he would offer to perform at the drop of a hat. Someone mention Lord of the Rings? Time for the Gollum impression. Meet someone new? Gollum impression. Someone walks into the room in the middle of the Gollum impression? Better start over from the beginning! You've already heard it four times today? Fifth time lucky! You've asked him to never perform his Gollum impression for you ever again? Just give him a few minutes and he'll prove to you that it's worth a 22nd watch through.

By the end of the year he thought he was Jesus. Literally. Walked around in a white robe forgiving people off their sins and making sure we knew that he loved us. Sweet guy with some serious mental issues.


One kid hacked into some other girls' webcams and posted their nude videos online. One of his victims, who also went to our high school, was Miss Teen USA in 2013, so it was an especially big thing, as name recognition created more demand for the footage. He got 18 months in prison for it.


She pointed out really obvious facts to everyone. Me and my friend were at a vending machine with a huge sign on it saying "OUT OF ORDER." We were just standing there talking, and she walked over from the other side of the hall and says "you know, that vending machine is out of order so it doesn't work.


Way back in the day in primary school there was a kid who was maybe 10/11 years old, a weird kid who was a notorious bully.

Pokemon cards were pretty much at their peak at this point in time, and every kid wanted to get their hands on as many cards as they could.

Well this weird kid took one of the youngest students of our school into the school bathroom and told him if he gets on his knees and closes his eyes he will give him a rare Pokemon card. The poor kid believed him and the weird kid proceeded to pee in this poor boys mouth...

Weird kid then got expelled and we never heard of him again..


This was in 3rd grade but I once had a classmate who has already transferred from 7 different schools in a year. Let's call him Gerald.

Gerald was a weird and really destructive spawn of the devil at the time. I remember he cut my classmates' hair, cut holes on our backpacks so that when we pick it up, everything would fall. He set live frogs on fire, brings super glue to school to put on our hair (I had to get a bald cut). He also pretends to say something to the teacher then shouts curses directly on the teacher's ear, and pees wherever he wants (once on stage when we were performing a school play). He did all this because "it was funny." Made dozens of teachers cry/walk out of class and needless to say, he lasted only 2 months before he went onto another school.


He would pretend to shoot and stab people randomly, scream out it the middle of class random words and start giggling, throw pieces of paper at a kid in my class (I guess we'll call him Joe in this situation), screaming "JOE IS DEAD" over and over again. Once when a teacher left the class he got up on his desk and started dancing and screaming. When the teacher got back, she got very mad and he wouldn't listen, so they had to call the security. As weird as he was, he always made me laugh with his random explosion sounds. I remember him and I were talking and somehow what we wanted to be when we grow up was brought into the conversation. He said he wanted to be a dictator and explained elaborately how the government would work. His voice and mannerisms were really odd. It was almost like I met a real life exaggerated weird kid character that you'd most likely see on some type of sitcom. I'll never forget that dude.


She was a wannabe-goth at the age of 10 and had obsession over Gene Simmons so she'd also show her tongue as a response to everything she possibly could, thinking her tongue could grow longer if she did that enough.


Last year he brought a briefcase to school all year and wouldnt let anyone open it. The administration were not having it and tried and tried again to open the briefcase. In the end it turned out he just used it as a backpack alternative, but this year they banned him from using a briefcase since it made everyone nervous.


Farted really loud in class one day. He got a lot of attention from that so then he would proceed to make his farts as loud as possible, and then started counting them. When he got in trouble for farting too much he started burping instead. 


There was a kid in my freshman year who sprinted to each class pulling along a rolling backpack. Every day he got to his desk he would pour Sprite into his hands and run it through his hair, then be the first to answer the teacher's every question with a slow, nasal monotone voice. He ended up graduating at the top of our class and joined the army.


He would snap a mosquito, put it in the palm of his hand, kiss it goodbye and smoosh it into his palm with other hand. He also used to have funerals for that. After the deed, he would invite friends over in his yard to pay their respects and say a few words.


Couple years ago in my primary school (kids aged 7-12) there was this kids who brought a lighter to school. They were somehow small enough to crawl under the gaps of the toilet cubicles, so what this kid did was lock the cubicle from the inside, set the toilet paper on fire, and then crawl to the adjacent one to do it all over again. Managed to do it for the next 4 cubicles before the fire alarm went off, but the school never found out who did it.


Being in a very wet part of Texas, there were huge ant piles that would pop up after it rained. They were literally feet across. Kids being kids, we all would mess with the piles, put sticks in them, kick them, etc.

Well, the weird kid took it a step further and would take handfuls of the piles and stick them in his pants... under his underwear too. He would then just roll around and sort of giggle in pain like he was high.


This kid in grade 9 was known for being really weird. One day we were practicing band and he (not even being in the class) runs in panting from sprinting and goes over to the sink (don't ask why there was a sink in the band room  and shoots the biggest snot rocket in the sink and walks out.

Also there was another kid who had a debit card in like grade 10 and would always throw it across the room like you would in a Pokemon battle trying to hit people. 


It was in grade 12 PE class. One day, a kid came in showing off his brand-new $200 Beats headphones. The teacher announced we'd be playing Badminton, either singles or doubles. We set the gym up, and this guy put on his Beats and went up solo against two experienced players.

Throughout their game, he was getting his butt handed to him, and was becoming more and more visibly angry. He started trying to smash his racket over his knee and threw it against the wall when they scored points.

Finally, he just snapped. As he started trying to smash his racket against the floor, his Beats slid off. He picked them up and threw them back down, then spun them by the cord like a lasso and smashed them against the floor several times, sending shards of plastic flying in all directions. He then stormed out of the gym with his mangled Beats trailing behind him, still anchored to the iPod in his pocket.

He came back to get his stuff later and the teacher confronted him in the hall, and I could see him flapping his arms around and hopping up and down in rage. He was put in anger management afterwards. I saw him in the hall a while later with his Beats duct-taped together.



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