Cleaners Share The Most Messed Up Thing They've Found In Someone’s House

Being a cleaner can be a great way to make some extra money on the side, but you can run into some seriously disturbing stuff…

From gross bathrooms, to hoarders, to booger walls, these cleaners have witnessed some seriously unsettling scenes.

Put on your hazmat suit, were going in… 

My boyfriend works for a residential window cleaning company. He once was at this man's house, probably in his late 50s, cleaning the windows. He goes into a room upstairs where the door is already open and sees a naked young woman laying in the bed asleep. 

He rushes out of the room and profusely apologizes, but she never woke up so he goes into other second floor rooms to clean the windows and avoids that room as much as possible. Everything else seems normal, so he brushes it off. Shortly after, the man walks in there, picks up the woman, and shoves her in a hallway closet. When my boyfriend was able to get a better look, he realized it was actually a realistic sex doll.


I used to work as a housekeeper for very wealthy clients. We were usually sent to a house in teams of 4 or 5 because the homes we cleaned were massive and needed a team effort. There was this one place with a particularly mean woman who always loved ordering us around and talking to us like we were lower than dirt. She would always call our boss after we left to complain about things like a strand of hair she found, or the pillows on the sofa not being in the correct order or the fact that she would spot dust on things days after we cleaned. 

This one day she asked us to go into her husband's man cave, a small den in the back of the house with just a sofa, coffee table and a big screen TV. We usually didn't do that room but this time she asked that we tidy it up and make sure to vacuum under the sofa cushions and any change or anything we find under the cushions just leave it out for her on the coffee table. Some time later, one of my teammates shouts to all of us to come see what she found. Under the sofa cushions was a MASSIVE treasure trove of porn. 

Like she requested, we left it all neatly arranged on the coffee table for her. That was the last time we cleaned that place.


I was working as a contractor for an apartment rental company as a side gig. I was tasked to remove belongings from a tenant that was being evicted. The door was locked, and I was given permission to kick the door in (felt so cool doing that).

Nothing could have prepared me for what was hidden within. Ketchup smeared on the walls, garbage and refuse was a mess. I began the work of cleaning and throwing away garbage...and then I noticed more and more bizarre items among the filth. Safety deposit keys. Dozens of them. Twenty or so empty wallets and wallets with various IDs and cards. Numerous social security cards. "Novelty" college degrees. A Nigerian passport. Warrants for arrests for breaking and entering...the list goes on.

I was more than a little disturbed. I reported it to my supervisors, boxed up the things that were not trash, cleaned the room, and left. It was one of the weirdest nights of my life.


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Back when I was in high school I used to go on a mission trip every summer with my youth group. One year my group was assigned to an elderly man's house to help work on his house/property because he couldn't do it himself. Well nobody knew how bad it was until we saw it for ourselves. The man was an extreme hoarder, like straight up piles of garbage waist high all throughout his house. This one girl went into a frenzy of dry heaving just from taking one step into his house. He told us not to flush if we had to use the bathroom, and I cannot confirm this but one of my friends went into the bathroom and said that there were jars filled with waste.

About 6 of us were working all day and we never got past the kitchen, and it was a very very small kitchen. Just to highlight some of the stuff we found: a pot that had some nasty stuff that boiled over and was crusted all over the stove top and dripping down the side onto the floor, pizza boxes and moldy pizza crusts with hundreds of bugs, a putrid stench that smacked you right in the face upon entering the house, the entire floor was extremely sticky, and by the end we found out that there was a kitchen table under all the garbage.

After it was all said and done - 8 hours later - we filled 25 contractor sized garbage bags. As we were finishing up we attempted to load up the garbage bags in the back of a truck, but the man was very upset with that, he absolutely did not want us to take that garbage off his property. None of it was anything of value, it was literally all trash. Also before we left he brought out a tub of ice cream and offered us all some, we kindly declined his offer.


The cleaner that cleans my office got referred to clean the house of one of our contractors. He is an intimidating man who smokes a few packs a day and his apartment was filthy. When she arrived, he told her to stay out of one of the closets. She started vacuuming and opened the door of the closet to get all of the carpet. A Real Doll falls out of the closet at her feet. She later told us the story and asked God what she did wrong to get that job.

Two weeks later we had a conference call with this contractor. The two of us who knew the cleaner's story decided to play a little prank. He asks me how I have been and I tell him that I am catching up on Broadway musicals on Netflix. My last viewing was "Hello Dolly." My boss got on a roll talking about the "Dolly" Llama being in town and asking when the quote from "Doll" Computers was coming in. When the call got heated, one of us commented that we're just splitting doll hairs at this point.

Haven't heard much from him since then. He got arrested for drunkenly tipping an ATM at a concert a few months later.


I am not a cleaner, but I work alongside cleaners in rented holiday cottages. They find all sorts, but the one that blew my mind was when I arrived at the property to find the cleaners clearing dog poop from every room. Who goes on holiday and spends the entire time stepping over their dog's poop? What the heck must their home be like?


Not a cleaner, but I manage a few apartment complexes and I've seen everything. The worst this summer was when these students left their 10- month-old puppy in the apartment with some newspaper on the floor, a kiddie pool of water and a bag of dog food open, while they were gone for 3 weeks visiting their families.


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On my summer breaks from school I used to work in a factory - it was great money.

One of the summers they put me on janitor duty and had to clean one of the bathrooms in the side of the factory I didn't work on.

In one of the stalls someone had written "booger wall - please contribute."

There were a massive amount of boogers all inside the stall literally like wall paper. All shape, sizes and colors. Makes me gag even thinking about it again.


Not a cleaner, but I once worked for AT&T and did internet installs and repairs. I did a repair one time for this bear of a guy and the wiring panel is usually in the master closet. Upon arrival to the master closet the homeowner had nude portraits of himself scattered around the wiring panel where I had to do my work. I'm not talking about random Polaroids. These pictures were actually in frames on display and he was wearing not much leather, most of them with a Captain Morgan pose.


I'm not a cleaner, but I was a Resident Advisor. We were doing room checks. A resident had a double sided sex toy on their bed.

I'm quite sure it was planted, me and the other RA's expressions were priceless. We got a decent laugh after being caught off guard for a second.


When I flew to the Philippines to help my girlfriend move to Germany. I helped her gather all of her things and accidentally stumbled into a Converse shoebox full of photos of me, my entire schedule, and literally everything I'd ever told her about myself written down in a little notebook.

We're engaged now.


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I was a cleaner when I was younger but not for homes. I worked in a factory and the people there thought they were better than me. They would often make messes just because they were rude. One day we had a broken urinal in one of the men's bathrooms so we put some plastic over it so no one would use it. Well someone thought it would be hilarious to take a crap in that urinal. I just quit. I didn't get paid enough to deal with such rude people. Some adults are more childish than a lot of kids I know.


I used to sell a lot of, ahem, urban pharmaceuticals. I had just ran a re-up and had everything out on a table. I mean everything: pills, powder, etc. I went out to meet a girl for 3 minutes then I was supposed to come home, portion out and clean up before the maid service came the next day.

I ended up staying at the girl's house and came home to all my stuff piled up neatly on a cleaned table in a clean house. I had a rapid heartbeat for a few weeks, nothing came of it.

I left a big tip for the cleaning lady the next month and another one when I moved out 2 months later. She was a real G for that one.


I was a carpet cleaner for this local company and we did pet urine treatments, so we obviously got a lot of requests during the summer. Well we went to this apartment because they requested a cleaning or they were going to be evicted. So we went and opened the door and the smell of cat urine was so strong one of my coworkers almost passed out. We took out a blacklight and urine shows green. Well the entire floor was green, and there was vomit and poop everywhere. Told those people never to call us again.


My mom was a maid at a pet-friendly hotel. One time, someone left behind a book on beastiality.


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I worked in a hotel. One time we had a bus tour come in. The tour had booked 20 double bedrooms and stayed for two days, refusing housekeeping the first day. Over half of them left poop in the tub upon check out. I was never so happy to be working laundry so I didn't have to deal with that.


I was a property manager and frequently would have to go into apartments after people left. The worst one was what I called "The Meat Eviction." After someone is evicted in court they have 72 hours to get their stuff out of the apartment. So after the eviction they went home and left packages of meat all over the house. It was August and the meat rotted quickly and there were billions of flies. You could smell it from across the street.


I saw a Mac-10 submachine pistol in their teenage son's bedroom. On a shelf. It's open display. Like...?


I work for a condominium builder. We put out notices to the units that we were replacing the entrance threshold. We went into one unit and it was waste deep with garbage and only little pathways to get through the unit. Couldn't see the floors or anything. It was the worst hoarding disaster I had ever seen..


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When my three children were very little my ex got up and left, so I did some cleaning in the local pub to make some money. The women's toilets were particularly disgusting. Poop-filled/bloody underwear in the sink, vomit up the walls and clogged toilets were commonplace.


My wife used to clean houses for a company that owns Airbnb's. One day, she walked into a room to clean it and found a chair in the corner with rope loosely tied around the the two front legs and behind the back of the chair, implying someone had been tied down. There was a couple staying there the night before, so...


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