It's hard being awkward, y'all.

You try your hardest to not be and you just ARE. It's like you can't get away from it.

And then the time comes to go on your first date, which, if you're as awkward as I was (am) doesn't happen until after high school. And then suddenly your awkwardness is pushed past a limit you did not even know existed. It leads to great stories, but bad memories.

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It seems crazy that anybody could not be a dog person.

Dogs are humanity's best friends and have been for over 2,000 years. The little waggly tail pup that you have coming up to you and licking your face after a long day is one of the most therapeutic feelings in the world.

But some people just are not dog people. Maybe they're cat people. Or maybe something bad happened with a dog wen they were younger. But non-dog people exist.

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It really does only take one little thing to completely turn your life around.

And sometimes, you really learn that. It could be petting a single dog, or seeing a flower, or reading a book.

But whatever it is, it gets under your skin and makes your entire life far better than it was.

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We all did dumb stuff as teens. The dumb stuff we did is varied, but we did it.

Those were different times. Now we're older and we have bills and responsibilities and jobs. Back then, we thought we had the weight of the world on our shoulders. But really, we had some pretty basic responsibilities. Did we neglect them?

What would you do differently?

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It's so sad to see people throw their lives away.

Especially as a teacher, where are you working hard to make sure your students do have a bright future, watching your own students care less about themselves than you care about them is painful.

And recounting those stories must bring up painful memories.

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Unbreakable. It's a miracle.

The nation fell in love with Ellie Goulding as the starry-eyed, spunky Kimmy Schmidt who began a new life in the Big Apple after spending the better part of her adult life locked underground in a bunker.

Along the way, we met (and loved) several other inhabitants of the big city, such as Titus Andromedon, our favorite performer/Times Square costume character; Lillian Kaushtupper, the eccentric landlord of Kimmy and Titus's apartment; and of course Jacqueline Voorhees, the completely out of touch rich socialite from whom Kimmy gets her first job.

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