Well that was unnecessary news....

There are just some things in life it is best to never know. Yes the truth is something always best to be told, at least that's the tale we're sold, but actual details and facts maybe best left to imagination and lies.

Redditor u/pat_the_mac admit to the things they wish there were ways they could forget what they know by asking.... Whats one thing you know but really wished you'd never found out?

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Never count out a true champion out!

Not to sound too cliche but... it is about how you get back up after you're knocked down. No Phoenix becomes a Phoenix if it can't rise from the ashes. That is where all the glory lies. How do we know what we're made of if we're never tested? Though life can through a little extra we could skip once and awhile.

Redditor u/shygirlturnedsassy wanted to hear from true life champions as to how to rise from failure to win it all asking.... People who are happy and successful today, what was the lowest point in your life?

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You're the one that I wanted....

Anyone and everyone, it seems can just fall in love, but it's staying in love that really counts. Often we fall in lust or heavy like first and love, actual LOVE is something that comes along later, and that's ok. Learning who someone is can take decades or realizing you've known "them" all along. Then soon "that moment" happens when the reality is better than the fantasy.

Redditor u/Synyzy need some advice as to how we'll know when we find "the one" by asking.... People who have been married 10+ years, what convinced you your partner was "the one"?

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It's all true. I swear!

We know there is another realm we cannot see. The spirits walk among us, that is a fact. Why is it only a few of us are touched with the proof? The spirits are restless and they want to be heard! So why not tell everybody? Everytime something is off and a bit eery those of us affected are left looking like loons, off to fend for ourselves. If only people would heed the signs. One day the spirits will show themselves to you.

Redditor u/dogidoga_100 wanted us all to be warned about the things we're not fast to believe by asking.... Whats the creepiest/scariest thing that you've seen but no one believes you?

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Sometimes truth is on the student's side...

Being a teacher isn't for everybody and education is not a career that should be taken lightly. There are many a teacher who really need to hang up their erasers and find a more fitting life calling. Some humans are not great people and they shouldn't be holding our academic futures in their hands.

Redditor u/ElectrodeShrimp wanted to discuss the imperfection of educators by asking.... What's the worst/most unfair thing a teacher has ever done to you or a classmate?

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Oh the secrets of the water....

The ocean is vast, frightening, exotic, glorious place. The world is 70% ocean, we can only know but so much about it. So many secrets and forms of life lie beneath and await discovery. And only a handful of men and women have firsthand account of there is to know.

Redditor u/TheCrummyShoe wanted to hear what secrets the fishermen of the world have been keeping hush hush about by asking.... Fishermen or Deep sea divers of reddit, what is the creepiest thing you've seen while in the ocean?

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