Confused People Reveal A Person That Could Be Either A Total Imbecile – Or Total Genius.

Everyone approaches and responds to life differently. Sometimes, another person's approach to life may be so baffling, it's hard to tell if what they're doing is really smart or really, really stupid.

Here, confused people share the a person that could either be a total genius or a total imbecile.

1/28. All my spoons were dirty and I wanted to eat some yogurt and my friend offered a solution: just use a pop tart (obviously genius).


2/28. Went to a counsellor with my fiance. I was messing up bad (going out drinking a lot and generally being a bad person).

The counsellor bought into all my crap and basically told my fiance that she needed to stop controlling me.

I knew I was the one in the wrong and I was expecting the counsellor to give me crap and call me out. It made me get very protective of my fiance and basically call the counsellor out and eventually I changed my ways.

I don't know if the counsellor was a complete idiot, or Freud reincarnate.


3/28. When my old roommate threw out all of his socks and ordered new ones in bulk because he was tired of having to match them.


4/28. Lynsi Snyder, the 33-year old billionaire who inherited and runs the In-N-Out Burger franchise.

In-N-Out is wildly popular in Southern California and some of the other southwest states it has expanded into, but even though it has existed for as long as McDonald's (and was founded just a few miles away) to-date there are only about 300 stores.

I can't decide if this a genius move, and opening stores slowly has maintain the culture and quality that has made In-N-Out so successful or if they are literally leaving billions of dollars on the table by not expanding into new areas that would literally eat it up.


5/28. When I was 4 or 5 I didn't like taking baths or showers, so I decided to cut down on the number I had to take. I heard it was supposed to rain the next day, so I took my bath and when I was done I put shampoo in my hair and went straight to bed. When I woke up the next day, I went about my day and played with my toys, etc, and then when it started raining I went outside and stood in the rain for a couple minutes. My mom asked me what I was doing and why I just went outside and stood in the rain, so I told her about my brilliant plan. Suffice it to say, I didn't get to do that again, although one of my sisters friends told us years later that when my sister told her about my genius idea she went home and tried it, so at least someone else thought it was a good idea.


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6/28. Tommy Wiseau. He's the creator of The Room, the worst/best movie ever created. All depending on whether or not he truly takes his work seriously, he's either a complete idiot for making such piece of crap, or is a genius for pulling off one of the most masterful trolls and displays of irony in history.


7/28. This kid we just hired. He is 15 it is his first job but he keeps asking me questions that don't make sense. Last week he called me up to ask where we keep the ham. We work in a pharmacy. There is no ham, why would there be?

Can't tell if he is an idiot or just messing with me.

He also asked me what shelf he should put the packing peanuts from and empty order box on. He wanted to know if he should price them individually or put them in a dump bin. He thought they were ear plugs.


8/28. The folks who designed the landing gear on the Curiosity rover lander.

Basically, for those who never saw the 7 minutes of terror video, the entire landing process was completely automated (because you have a several minute lag from Earth) and involved stuff like automatic parachutes, a sky crane lowering the rover from a tether, and a bunch of other things that could go wrong. Oh, and they didn't have all the programming in place yet until after the rover launched from Earth. It was insane, and I was convinced the reaction after the attempted landing was either going to be "you guys are geniuses for figuring all that out!" or "you guys are idiots for thinking that's going to work!"

Luckily though, we know how that one played out.


9/28. There's this kid at my school who is constantly improv singing and making beats on whatever surface is near him. He's good, too. If I ever had to describe anyone as having music in their soul, it's this kid. He's gotten kicked out of exams for starting up right in the middle.


10/. There is a historical figure from my hometown that has presented this question for over two hundred years: Lord Timothy Dexter.

Bought Continental currency when it was almost worthless. When the revolution ended, he was a rich man.

He sold bed warmers to the West Indies - they turned out to be perfect as molasses ladles. Next he sold them mittens. They exported the mittens to Siberia.He sent gloves to the South Seas, and ended up selling them to Portuguese sailors heading to China. He sold coal to Newcastle, one of the largest coal ports in the world. His ship happened to arrive just as a coal miner's strike was starting and was able to sell his coal for a profit.

He held a fake funeral for himself then left his wife because she did not cry enough.

He wrote a book, A Pickle for the Knowing Ones, a screed against the local aristocracy, but failed to include any punctuation. After complaints, in his next edition, he included all the missing punctuation in an addendum on the last page.

Honestly, some day, Tim Burton needs to make a movie about him.


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11/28. My man, Mitch. Mitch can't cook pasta. Mitch lives in a caravan at the bottom of his garden because his parents want him to move out but they don't want him to move out. Mitch fell - and rolled - up a flight of stairs.

Mitch thought 9/11 was in 1911. Mitch was alive when 9/11 really happened. Mitch thought that mammals and rodents were completely different orders. Mitch thought that you can get high from smoking oregano.

But every now and then Mitch comes up with the most brilliant, astute observations and the most accurate topical commentary of anybody I know, and we all look at each other and say, "Did that come from Mitch?" Mitch failed his driving test 37 times but he is a freaking genius. Like that bout of aggressive food poisoning we caught, all intellectual discussions in my group can be traced back to Mitch. Mitch, I can't decide if the midwives were wrong for not running you under the cold tap or if that would have been a tragedy. I once compared him to Karl Pilkington and he said "wot, the orange guy?". God only knows what that means.


12/28. The singers of Die Antwoord. It has bugged me for two years that I can't decide if they're drug riddled low lives or just portray a controversial lifestyle because it sells.


13/28. Probably the guy who is acting as the manager of the store I'm working at.

Ace salesman when I met him five months ago. Now, he shows up in shorts and flip flops, under the influence of who knows what, spends his days outside of the store picking leaves off of the trees, and concocting plans to put the McDonalds next door out of business.

We run a mattress store...


14/28. My 13 yo son practically every day. Super smart but a giant idiot too.

Like earlier today, he rubbed body wash on his skin like a lotion so that he would smell clean. I told him it probably wasn't a wise thing to do. He said, "I figure this stuff is tested on rats to see if it's safe for humans. You know they have to use a bunch of rats to make sure their test is accurate, and you know that no one has the patience to really rinse a bunch of rats well. So if a single rat lost its hair because body wash was still on it, they would pull this stuff from the stores. In other words, I'm comfortable with my decision."


15/28. To anyone who is interested in Czech culture, I cannot recommend enough the writings of Jaroslav Haek. His story, the Good Soldier vejk, fits the mould of a complete imbecile who may actually be a total genius. However, the legends surrounding Haek are even more interesting. He was a known anarchist who was drafted into the Austro-Hungarian army, and was captured by the Russians the same year. One time, he checked into a Prague hotel under a Russian sounding name, causing the local constabulary to think he was a spy for the Russian government. After hours of investigation, the police eventually discovered that they were investigating the town drunk.

Oh, and he also founded the coolest sounding political movement: Strana mrnho pokroku v mezch zkona (The Party for Moderate Progress Within the Limits of Law).


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16/28. Yogi Berra. He says stuff like, "You can observe a lot just by watching, and It's deja vu all over again," and you're like, "That's stupid." But then you're like, "Hey, that kind of makes sense!" or "That's pretty funny!"


17/28. A kid I met in line at a concert. We were discussing bad ID pictures this 20 something bro has the worst picture I've ever seen (he looks so messed). Why? He "took a couple shots before he went to the DMV and then tried his hardest to look as messed up as possible." Because this way "if the police stop him on the street when he's messed up, they'll just see his picture and think he just looks like this naturally and isn't high/drunk."

This idea is either the stupidest thing ever (every time he has order a drink, he looks really messed up) or just complete brilliance (saved from getting a fine for public intoxication?).


18/28. Trump. Not saying in business but in politics.

Delusional and disconnected Right wing bafoon?

Or diabolically evil Left wing infiltrator meant to ridicule the right wing by being as comical as possible and still be considered as a candidate.


19/28. A friend of mine found a kitten downtown while drunk. The kitten was meowing on the bus ride home, so my friend started making meowing noises himself to draw attention away from the fact that there was a kitten inside of his jacket.


20/28. The first time my boyfriend, now fianc, stacked Oreos in a cup, poured milk over them, and ate them perfectly soggy with a spoon. Genius.


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21/28. In high school there was a kid who walked around with a stool that had one leg on it right in the center. Although it required some balance to sit on, the design made it really easy to carry. He could sit anywhere. Never did figure out whether he was an idiot, a genius, or the son of a cow-milker.


22/28. My little brother. When he was 12 he stood up in class and just took off his pants. He told his teacher he was in an argument with them and he wouldn't put them back on until they admitted fault and apologized. He will either be a comedian or living on the streets one day.


23/28. Happened today while I was in the security line at the airport. This one guy shouts over a few rows of people to ask "can I bring a slice of pizza through security".

I was dumbfounded.

What an incredible idea! Who would think of that.

But still...


24/28. The inventor of snuggies...


25/28. A friend that split a banana down the middle, so there was 2 narrow long slices, then put peanut butter on a hotdog bun and stuck the banana in it before coming back to the couch to resume watching a movie...

I was dumbfounded...


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26/28. As a casual poker player, these moments happen multiple times per session.


27/28. I watched someone put a drinking straw on the popcorn butter dispenser at the movies. Holy crap, it works. I didn't think it would, but it did. You, sir, have changed my life.


28/28. Vermin Supreme.

AKA: the guy who ran for president with a boot on his head.


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