Confused People Share The Strangest ‘Wrong Number’ Phone Calls They’ve Ever Received.

We've all had this happen before you answer your phone only to realize it's someone who's got the wrong number. But sometimes, the exchange doesn't always go as expected.

Here, people reveal the most bizarre 'wrong number' phone calls they've ever recieved.

1/29. I got a wrong number text one time with a photo of a couple kids that said something like, "Just thought you would want to see what your children look like." Activate panic mode.


2/29. A few years ago, my wife and I were awakened by a call in the middle of the night. I answered, and on the other end of the line came a loud eerie screeching. I was about to hang up, thinking it was a prank, when it became apparent that it was someone in severe pain. The voice was crying and impossible to understand, so I spent a good amount of time trying to calm them down. The longer I listened and spoke gently to the caller, I picked up on her calling me George. I told her that I wasn't George, but she should give me his number and I would call him for her.

It took numerous times, but I thought I had finally understood the number and convinced her that when I hung up I would get her help one way or another. I immediately called the number she gave me and an elderly man answered. I asked if he was George, and he said that he was. I told him about the call I'd received, and he said it was his neighbor who must need his help. He thanked me and hung up quickly to check on her. Shaken from the call, my wife and I stayed up most of the night hoping it all worked out. After work the next day, I called the number that I'd written the night before to ask George how it turned out. George's wife answered and told me that they were trying any way they could to find my number to thank me. It turned out that George's neighbor was a very elderly lady who was very recently widowed. She had fallen on the stairs in her home and had broken her hip and her leg. She had spent most of the night trying to crawl to the phone. She was in the hospital for quite a while. George's wife called our house pretty regularly for about a year to keep us up to date on her health.


3/29. Every month since my family moved into our new house (5+ years) a tough sounding man calls demanding to speak to Raul. We tell him every time that Raul no longer has this number. Every time he responds with something along the lines of "I know Raul's there, get him on the phone, now!"


4/29. As soon as I picked up the phone, an automated voice says "goodbye". I was like 90% sure that my house was going to explode or something.


5/29. Had an old guy call my family's house when I was in high school, and before he hung up after I explained the wrong number, he said "You sound like a smart young man, do you know anything about computers?"

I laughed a little but said what the hell, why not, and helped walk him through installing his antivirus.

He said thanks, I say no problem we hang up.

A month or so later, he calls back and asks for help with something else. I roll my eyes a little, but again, what the hell, and help him out.

This ends up happening once or twice a month from that point forward. I honestly didn't mind, as he was actually very receptive and cooperative (total blessing when providing IT support to the elderly) and was super funny/interesting.

As it turns out he only lived a few blocks away, so he started paying me to provide support as needed. He didn't have any family, so we started inviting him to have dinner with us on holidays.

He ended up coming over for every Christmas and Thanksgiving for several years until he passed away. Miss that guy.


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6/29. Someone was calling for a friend who had the same name as me. Neither of us could figure out what the hell was going on for a few minutes.


7/29. One time a guy phoned up whilst clearly in sexual intercourse and grunted, "What did you say about me dying a virgin, Mark?!" I immediately hung up, after that he called us again to apologize.


8/29. Way back when I didn't have caller ID, my kid calls and asks if he can stay at his friend "Joe"s house after school. I agreed. Then my kid walks in.

Wrong kid, wrong number. Sorry, random kid, you just got in sooooo much trouble that day.


9/29. One time I got a call from and man named Hammad. The first time he called he wanted to talk to a girl named Ishita. He sounded pretty heartbroken, so I asked him what was wrong. Turned out Ishita was his wife and they had gotten into a big fight and she left their apartment. I calmed him down and told him to go find her. About a week later he called again and told me that everything between them was ok, and he thanked me for being so kind.


10/29. I got this call once from someone who asked, "Hi, are you [my real name]?" I said yes and the caller started to ask about my classes. I was just about to start teaching classes on ornithology for the Audubon Society. So I told them when, where, how much; told them they should wear comfortable clothes they didn't mind getting dirty, told them we'd be going outside sometimes. We chat for a whole. Then they asked if I had "mats" and I'm all "Um... why would we need mats? Oh, bring binoculars, obviously." I remember saying some other stuff like "I'm hoping we'll find some owls for the night class" and them starting to sound confused.

Somewhere in there the caller started going "Uhhhh... binoculars? I don't have binoculars. What style do you teach again?" and I'm all "style? Audubon style, I guess? Lots of time outside."

Finally I realized they were trying to reach another woman who had my exact same name and lives in the same city but who teaches yoga.

I still love the thought of what was going on through their mind, picturing an "Audubon-style" yoga class that took place outside and that required binoculars.


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11/29. I got quite a few calls from several people trying to get tickets to a rodeo.

One guy called me three times, and on the third he said, "No, this is the right number."



12/29. I used to get calls from a sweet little old lady trying to contact her grandson. It usually embarrassed her when she realized she had a wrong number, but when I explained to her that I was a trucker, she loved hearing about all the different places I was and where I was heading. I'd always tell her No, she wasn't bothering me, I have a headset and nothing but time on my hands. She'd chat for a while and it always seemed to cheer her up. Made my day too. Haven't heard from her in a year or so, and have lost her number.

Saddens me to think she may have passed on, but I still smile when I remember her random calls.


13/29. I'm usually pretty polite when people call me, so I didn't think anything of having a short conversation with a guy who called me by accident looking for his friend... Until he kept calling my cell phone from two different numbers, every day or two, for a few weeks.

I finally got sick of him and looked the numbers up online. It turns out one of the numbers was a landmine, so I got his parents' names, their street address, his age, and everything. The next time he called, I asked him how his parents Jim and Mary were, if he liked living at 24 Main St, etc etc. He got really freaked out and hung up, and four years later, he hasn't bothered me again.


14/29. I think I prevented a suicide when I was 14 years old, I accidentally called the wrong number. The person who answered was an old guy crying because his kids lived too far and they never visited. I lived in Arizona (called local #) at the time and he told me his kids had moved to Montana. I spoke to him for about 45 minutes. He thanked me for the conversation and said he was going to call his kids. I was weirded out.


15/29. A while back, I got a random text from a girl asking if she can come over. I generally like to mess with wrong texters a little, but then she sent a nude. My girlfriend was right there with me and we laughed at how random that was. At this point I come clean that she has the wrong number. She asks if I liked what I saw. I replied that my girlfriend thinks she's cute, just to not hurt her self esteem. She then asks to meet up and have a threesome...

I stop taking and several weeks later, she sends THE EXACT SAME NUDE PIC.


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16/29. I used to put poetry as my outgoing voicemail msg and one time the msg left was some guy who said, "Wrong number... But that's a great message." A few minutes later he called back and left a message that was a poem of its own. "Who am I?/ I am Fred/ I do not like my little bed/ it is not fair it is not right/ my feet hang over the edge at night/ and when I tuck them in, oh dear/ my feet hang out over here!" ... Or something like that.


17/29. One time I got a voicemail from an unknown number. It was just the part from Blade where Wesley Snipes just says

"Some m--haf--kas are always tryin' to ice skate uphill."

Then they hung up. I've been baffled and intrigued by that line my entire life.


18/29. I once got a call from a bunch of bros.The call went something like this

"YO! where you at brutha?!?!"

"Who are you?"

"Dang man! It's Tyler!"

"I don't know anyone named Tyler"

"Crap man, wrong Number!!"

As soon as he shouts that, several dudes in the background shout "OOOOOH!" then I hang up.


19/29. We got a call in the middle of the night which sounded like heavy breathing followed by what seemed to be a man screaming in pain. We traced it and apparently it came from Egypt. WTF?? We had no clue what to do so we tried to forget it but it has always bothered me...


20/29. When my aunt got her new land line when she moved several years ago she apparently got an old number for a local phone psychic. She would get calls from people at all hours looking for psychic visions about their future. At first she got pissed about it and told people they had the wrong number. Then she decided to have some fun.

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She would find out a few things about them just talking with them. She'd then start making up vague exciting things that were about to happen to them. She said people would tell her the most intimate details of their lives - their love life, horrible family issues, their messed up financial problems, anything and everything.

They'd ask about payment and she just told them the first consultations were free. People were willing to give her, this stranger on the phone, their credit card numbers no questions asked.

She had fun with it for maybe three months and then it got old. She ran out of stories to tell and just got bored with it. She finally ended up changing her number.

It was great fun.


21/29. I got a voicemail message from a woman with a deep southern accent who referred to me as Carl and proceeded to inform me that I needed to get home right away, because she rear ended another vehicle, sending his dog flying into the front of the car where it promptly pissed, poop, and nipped her arm before she got her door open, at which point the dog ran away. She told me I needed to call her back right now.

I never called her back. I was too intimidated by her.

During this message the woman was speaking incredibly quickly, but would slow down to scream certain words and draw certain words out while also occasionally sobbing before returning full force to angry ranting. It sounded too funny to be real, but no one ever admitted to it being a prank, so I choose to believe.


22/29. Used to get calls for a bbq joint all the time. I would take to-go orders and offer unreasonable cheap "specials."


23/29. I got my new phone number a couple months ago, and this elderly grandmother kept calling for someone named "Kevin", who apparently drove a motorcycle even though his Grandmother didn't like it. Fast forward a couple months and she kept calling me, so I picked up the phone, and I hear "Hello, Kevin?" And I immediately say "Kevin died in a motorcycle crash." To which she replied "I told him that a motorcycle was stupid!" She then promptly hung up and she's never called back.


24/29. One time this lady in front of me at the supermarket line gave her phone number to the cashier to use her store card. For some reason I decided to memorize her number. I used to call up that lady and ask "Is this Dominos Pizza?". She would say "no, you have the wrong number" and then I would ask her if she had the number to Dominos Pizza. She would say "no" but in a tone that made it sound as if my question was absurd. I used to call her from different pay phones with different accents and ask the same question. Sometimes I'll just straight up give her my order and then she'll tell me that I have the wrong number and that this isn't Dominos Pizza. Then I'll ask if she has the number to Dominos Pizza. Since pay phones are rare I usually call her whenever I see one. I must have called her at least 20 times over the course of 7 years, but every time she answers she's pretty polite. She doesn't even ask me if I got her number off of a Dominos ad or if I'm the same person who has been calling her since 2007.


25/29. So, two years or so ago I switched cell providers and got a new number. From the start, I would CONSTANTLY get texts asking for drugs and sex. Even if I told a specific number that they had the wrong person, they'd just text back the next day asking for the same thing (story continued onto the next page...).

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Last summer I ordered pizza from a chain that I hadn't ordered from since getting this new number. When I went to pick my order up, the cashier gave me the dirtiest look ever. When I get home, I notice that the sticker on the box has my number listed for a local, SHADY strip club (it was actually just shut down a few weeks ago because of prostitution going on with the dancers).

This makes me even more curious, so I google the number and a website where hookers can advertise their services pops up.

The calls/texts have slowed down. I went a while without one then got two in a row not that long ago. One was one from someone that had to be high out of their mind, I couldn't understand a thing they said, and another asking if I wanted to get drunk and have sex.


26/29. I was once hiking on a mountain nearby and got a call from a guy asking me "Aren't you dead yet?" repeatedly. I am in most fact not dead and told him he had the wrong number. He then called back two minutes later and asked me the same question. After that he asked for Barbara and me being a dude and not knowing a Barbara, I hung up.


27/29. When I first got a cellphone I got called by an unknown number and didn't pick up because Stranger Danger! That number proceeded to text me, think I was a girl named Kaite. He called me a jerk for not answering. Then he apologized and said he wanted to hook up again.


28/29. Our home number was one digit off from a local hairdresser. We used to get constant wrong numbers from people trying to make appointments. It only stopped when my brother started taking them and 'scheduling' them for the same hour.


29/29. Every year on my birthday I get a call to my cell phone asking for Anne.

It's the only call I get.



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