Confused People Share The Weirdest Thing They've Ever Been Asked By Border Security.


1/. "The only reason I can think of when you have that bunch of car fresheners is to hide a scent. What are you hiding?"

I was traveling with my roommate towards Canada and when we reached the US-Canadian border, the border control officer was asking the question above while pointing towards the huge stack of car fresheners hanging under the car's rear-view mirror. The officer was suspecting that we were hiding marijuana in the car. I'm not sure about other countries but in the US, a lot of car fresheners have a tree-like shape (see pic below). My roommate has never removed any one of them over the past 3 years and the result is that he has a forest of tree fresheners there.

We ended up having to wait for almost an hour for the border officers to search through his car. Having traveled for almost 10 hours straight from Minneapolis to reach the border at 4am while it was brutally cold outside (-30F), we were tired yet super happy that they eventually let us go.

My roommate eventually removed the whole stack to prevent any further trouble. He told me removing the collection was an emotional moment. I laughed. At least, the whole stack was a great conversation starter.

Thang Tran

2/. "Do you have any human body parts or old bombs in your luggage?"

Bryan Cockel

3/. I knew this man who was going to Canada for a funeral. They had a floral arrangement in the car, and were dressed in dark clothing. When they told the boarder guard they were going to a funeral, the guy said, "For what purpose!?"

You'd think that would be self explanatory...


4/. Agent: "You know that spot in the back of your car where you keep the spare tire?"

Me: "Yes."

Agent: "Is there a spare tire there or beer?"

Me: "Uhhh, a spare tire?"

Agent: "Go ahead."


5/. A few days ago, crossing the remote border between the Republic of Georgia and Russia.

My Russian-speaking girlfriend hands a stack of customs papers for our car (purchased in Georgia) to the Russian border guard. A confused look falls across his face

BG: "How did he drive here from Australia?"

GF: "No, the car is from Georgia."

BG: "What do you mean the car is from Georgia?", growing frustrated and clearly not understanding how an Australian could own a Georgian car.

GF: "He bought the car in Georgia".

BG, unable to comprehend the situation, looking like his head is about to explode: "What do you mean he bought a car in Georgia!?!" (story continued on the next page...)

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GF: "I don't know what else to tell you, it's possible for an Australian to buy a car in Georgia."

BG, unable to handle the situation: "Go to the other window."

The guard at the next window took a glance at the documents, quickly stamped them, and issued customs papers for our car without any further questions.

Nick Drewe






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13/. Crossing the border from Canada to the US.

"Where are you coming from?"

There's literally only one answer.




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24/. Returning to the US from Italy:

Were you traveling for business or pleasure?

Me: Business

What is your business? (story continued on the next page...)

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Me: I'm a geologist. I was at a conference and then on a field trip.

A geologist? As in you study rocks? What sort of conference?

Me: (I babble something about subduction zone, forearcs and earthquakes)

So what did you see on the field trip?

Me: Rocks! Lots of cool rocks!

Are you bringing any items back into the US from abroad?

Me: Yes.

What are you bringing?

Me: Rocks.


Me: Um. I'm a geologist.

::blank stare::

Me: I found some really cool rocks.

::blank stare::

Me: I promise I cleaned them.

Huh? You have rocks?

Me: Yes. Rocks.

OK, ma'am.

Kelly Martin





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