Creative Disney Fans Prove Why These Villains Aren't As Bad As You Think.

Disney villains are some of the best villains out there. What bad guy doesn't want to have a song and dance about their attempts to take over the world? As we grow up we start to notice that some of the villains had a point though, and some of them were even... right?

People on Reddit were asked: "What would your defense be for various Disney villains?" These are some of the best answers.

He was a hunter by nature and there was a deadly beast in his village. He rightfully took a militia and attempted to seize the Beast. Girl taken hostage, father taken hostage previous to her, the Beast's servants and maids were all essentially hostages. I mean I still feel for Gaston. If Belle didn't have that weird fetish this would make an awesome rescue story!

Gaston would've called instead of showing up late at night with torches and pitchforks but he didn't know the phone number of the Beast.


Prince John was the ruling patriarch of England in his brother's absence, and was perfectly within his rights to try and capture and execute a known thief.


In a legally declared war between two nations, Shan Yu took the capital with a minimal loss of life and tried to force the Emperor to abdicate, rather than just start slaughtering civilians. Also he's a fricking Hun.


Scar was actually a hero for ending the systematic racism against hyenas and promoting an equal society. It's not his fault that an unfortunately timed drought made things difficult for him. Mufasa was actually a dictator who not only hated the hyenas and ate any of his subjects if he found them inferior but also sought to install his idiot brat of a son on the throne while bullying the animals (like Zazu) who do the actual work into obedience.


As the leader of the Galactic Empire, (who was given that position by a senatorial vote) the Emperor did nothing illegal in his pursuit to quell a rebellion that on multiple occasions attacked Imperial positions, specifically the destruction of an Imperial space station. For legal precedent see: American response to the bombing of Pearl Harbor.


There is no conclusive proof linking her to the hag that gave out the apple, nor any solid reason to believe that it was the apple that caused her step-daughter's sickness.


Ursula made a contract with Ariel that had no clause saying that Ursula was not allowed to interfere. The contract stated that she had to get Eric to fall in love with her without her voice, she failed, and she has to pay the price for her failure. It's not Ursula's fault Ariel doesn't put things by a lawyer before she signs them.


The guy who killed Bambi's mother didn't commit a crime. He was providing for his family by putting venison on the table.


Jafar was merely upholding the duties of his office. The Sultan was a bumbling idiot, which made him effectively the ruler. Poverty and crime are rampant, forcing the expansion of the city watch. However in order to get as many guards as possible, the standards need to be lowered, resulting in an incredibly corrupt and aggresive police force. Agrabah is on the verge of collapse, and there is only one hope to save it: Princess Jasmine marrying the ruler of a powerful kingdom.

Of course, Princess Jasmine was extremely reluctant, having all of her suitors nearly killed by her pet tiger. The oaf of a Sultan refused to discipline her and as a result the likely hood of a royal match was decreasing rapidly.

In an act of desperation, Jafar turns to the legend of a lamp carrying a genie, which he will use to save the city, and hires a young street rat to recover the lamp. As we know, the plan backfires and the street rat abuses the Genie's power to weasel his way into marriage.


It's not actually illegal to kill dogs for their fur, I suppose. Gauche, but not illegal.


My client is clearly not guilty. There are no provisions in the law for so-called "curses". Maleficent is well within her rights of free speech and religious practice. Furthermore, the claim that "She turned into a dragon and was burning people with fire breath!" is simply preposterous.


Prince Hans' attempted assassination of Queen Elsa was carried out on behalf of the nation of Arendelle, which would almost certainly have suffered tremendous loss of life and a devastating economic downturn had the winter gone on any longer.


Kuzco was a tyrannical emperor and was oppressing his citizens. He threw an elderly man out of a window -- likely with the intent to kill -- for interrupting a musical performance. He gave an order to destroy a village and displace its citizens so he could build a luxury home. The empire was suffering under his rule.

The empire needed a new ruler, and Yzma was that ruler. Had she been given more time to prove her ability as an empress, I'm sure the empire would have recovered from the chaos that Kuzco put it through.


Captain Hook was provoked by Mr. Pan. His hand being fed to a crocodile and forever haunted by the ticking of said crocodile who proceeded to stalk him for years caused an understandable hole in my clients reasoning. Peter Pan and his "lost boys" victimized my clients for years before he finally lashed out in self defense.


When is it ok to steal from an elderly woman? Apparently, it's when you are wealthy and powerful! Mother Gothel discovered the "fountain of youth" and it rightfully became her property. The queen gets sick, so the king sends his guards to steal her flower! Mother Gothel wanted to simply "bring back what once was" hers. Do we fault her? She kept Rapunzel fed, groomed, and happy! She had everything a teen could want...anything she asked for! Gothel kept her safe from roughians and thugs. The king and queen should be THANKING her!


Attempted homicide and grand larceny. I would argue the Lamp was abandoned property and thus no one had a superior claim to right. Jafar is pretty [screwed] on trying to kill the king. I would make a sentencing argument that he deserved leniency as his parrot shares some of the blame.


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I would like to take a moment of your time to discuss the ongoing and merciless harassment of my client, the defendant, Captain James Hook.

Captain Hook - a respected gentleman and scholar - has suffered at the hands of this impudent boy for far too long. Mr. Pan has repeatedly and publicly mocked and ridiculed my client, causing extreme personal injury, property damage, and mental and emotional suffering. I am here today to prove that the results of the plaintiff's torment has resulted in Captain Hook being reduced to a mere shell of a man, afraid to even leave his ship, for fear of encountering Peter Pan.

Yes, Peter Pan. Let's discuss his criminal past, shall we? Kidnapping. Theft. Endless charges of assault and battery. Weapons possession. Mr. Pan is potentially a drug addict, and quite possibly a dealer of a substance he refers to as 'pixie dust'. He lives in what can only be referred to as a commune, surrounded by a group of mesmerized boys - boys who fawn over Mr. Pan, who is coincidentally currently being investigated for being the leader of a violent, maniacal cult, I'll have you know. The plaintiff has quite the track record, doesn't he? And yet we are here today, in this courtroom, wasting valuable resources to discuss the charges brought against my client, a retired seaman, and upstanding citizen.

I believe Mr. Pan is wasting the court's valuable time with petty lawsuits, ladies and gentlemen. Throughout your time here, you will be presented with the facts - facts that clearly exonerate my client, Captain James Hook, and throw light onto the seedy criminal undertakings of one, Peter Pan.

When you have heard the testimony of witnesses, experts, and victims of Mr. Pan's antics, you will understand the capacity for violence and cruelty that he tries to hide. I believe he is a sociopath of the most extreme definition, and it is our job to see that my client, Captain Hook, sees justice here today.


It could be argued that, yes, there is video evidence incriminating Mr. Scar in the murder of Mufasa-- this is, however, a questionable point based on the legality of murder within an African pride. Is it not allowable and/or encouraged for lions to kill in order to survive? Animals are, of course, not bound by human laws, so Scar was therefore perfectly within his right to challenge-- and kill-- the leader of his pride in order to take superiority. In essence, what he did is only natural, and he is no more guilty than Simba. It is only within his nature as a lion.


Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, my client, the Queen, is guilty of being nothing more than a concerned stepmother of a troubled teenage girl. Of course, Ms. White and the various adult men she chooses to spend time with, would have you believe the queen intended to kill her stepdaughter. However, that is merely speculation and hearsay based on the testimony of a hormonal child and a group of men with questionable backgrounds and inappropriate interest in my clients underage stepdaughter. The Queen, however, would tell a different story.

As the only child of the King and his deceased first wife, Snow White was brought up to want for nothing. Her father doted on her every whim, giving no thought to how the girl might turn out. The princess soon exhibited brattish behavior and disobedience, both fueled by the trauma of also losing her father. Despite the her own grief over losing her husband, my client saw it as her duty, as the girls appointed guardian by presumably the king himself, to steer her stepdaughter back on the right track.

As such, the Queen decided the best course of action was to scale back the girls privileges and assign her chores. The Queen had hoped that she would better appreciate what she has and learn to respect her servants. If, ladies and gentlemen, the Queen truly did this to affect her stepdaughters appearance, as said stepdaughter would like you to believe, then why would the Queen allow the girl to wear makeup and have her hair done? Are we to believe that her lips are stark red because of genetics? Is her hair not perfectly trimmed and styled? Was she not regularly fed and allowed to keep a slim, but healthy figure? If the Queen truly wanted to make Snow White less beautiful, she would do more than put her in a less expensive dress than the princess is used to (note: reducing the princesss colorful wardrobe saved the tax payers a considerable amount of money ) and make her get a little dirty.

In the face of the rules and expectations that had been absent until that point, the girl rebelled harder. She convinced the huntsman to help her run away from home, and, most disturbingly, sent her stepmother a pigs heart as she left.

Whilst the queen searched her beloved stepdaughter, the girl made a series of dangerous decisions. She chose to dwell with not one, but SEVEN complete strangers. These FULLY GROWN MEN allowed this FOURTEEN year old girl to stay with them and witness to their nightly parties. Among these fully grown men, there was a man who was constantly ill, a man who goes by Dopey (potential drug user?), a man with known anger issues, and a man who is always tired (more drugs?). Now I ask you-- even if there wasnt the presence of drugs among these men, what could possibly justify these seven men allowing an underage girl to not only stay with them, but take part of their nightlife?

When the Queen finally learned of Snow Whites location, she of course wanted to check on her. Not wanting to cause a scene and wishing to reach an understanding with her stepdaughter, the Queen bore a disguise in order to convince her to return home. The girl refused. The Queen, afraid that she was not being well taken care of or fed, gave the girl an apple. Of course, the Queen had no way of knowing her stepdaughter was allergic to apples, which caused a reaction. The Queen, who quickly went to retrieve help, was then violently attacked by the same men who allowed a non-related fourteen year old girl to stay with them. The queen then felt she had no choice but to defend herself with a bolder, especially if she had any hope of retrieving help for her stepdaughter, and well, the rest is history.

After the Prince came and performed CPR on the princess (surely now, ladies and gentlemen, you dont believe A KISS, would have woken her up—that is merely the deranged reasoning of a sad, delusional little girl), Snow White was taken immediately for medical treatment. Its nothing but pure luck that the Prince arrived, as the seven men placed her in a glass container and did nothing to further assist the girl. Had the aforementioned men not attacked the Queen, Snow White would have received help much sooner.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I ask you, who would you believe? A respected and adored monarch whose love for Snow White nearly killed her? Or the ramblings of a troubled teenage girl and the sketchy, fully grown men she associates with?


While the violent intruder, who goes by the savage name "Mowgli", endangered the security and peace of the entire jungle, as he brought a weapon of mass destruction, that by experts is known as "fire", into the sovereign territory of the jungle, my client, the noble and acknowledged Mister Shere Khan, was one of the few citizens to realize the potential threat caused by this unlawful human creature.

Selflessly he fought the creature, while others were too lazy or driven by foolish and egoistic attemps to attain power thorugh the human.

My client should therefore be treated as a hero and the true villains should be punished according to the laws of the jungle. Meaning Mister Shere Khan should be granted the right to kill and eat them.


In Beauty and the Beast, Gaston ate four dozen eggs daily when he was a child. That's forty-eight eggs a day. As an adult he adds another dozen, tallying up to sixty eggs a day. This is nothing short of genocide. My theory for why Gaston is beloved by the townsfolk is that some time prior to the start of the movie, France was overrun with poultry. Helpless at the claws of the chickens, the people of France were preparing to abandon their country, when a lone child stepped forward. "I'll eat the eggs", a young Gaston bellowed, "And I will save our homeland". And so it was, Gaston ate and ate until he was roughly the size of a barge. How the cholesterol didn't kill him can only be attributed to his inhuman fortitude. This is where the story turns tragic. What Gaston hadn't accounted for was developing an addiction to the eggs. As he aged, he ate more and more, and with the chicken-crisis over, his addiction began costing him financially. There's a scene during Gaston's song where he motions to a wall full of his hunting trophies. But why are they there? Does he own the bar? No, he sold them for egg money. The fact he never brings up his egg addiction or his prior heroism can be attributed to another one of Gaston's defining character traits: his struggle to be emotionally open, and his modesty. It's not easy being the man who saved France.

I think the saddest scene is when Belle shows Gaston the book, and he holds it upside down. See, Gaston seems brutish, but remember - his entire childhood was spent eating eggs. He didn't have time for an education; he sacrificed his upbringing for his countrymen. He can't even hold a book correctly. What Gaston wants to say, what he's struggling to articulate, is "Belle, I'm dying. A life long diet of a quite [a] number of eggs has left my body bloated with tumors. Before I shove off this mortal coil, I want children, who might experience a world without the oppression I have suffered". Belle cruelly mocks him, which goes to make you wonder who the real beast is. When Gaston sees the Beast in the mirror, two thoughts run through his head. First, he sees his countrymen in danger once more, and despite being riddled with egg-tumors, wants to lead the masses to one last charge of glory since fighting for France is all he knows. Second, he realizes Beast's head is about a month's worth of egg-money. So he sieges the castle, and in one of Disney's most tragic moments, plummets to his death.

Another reason Gaston wants to marry Belle is because, as mentioned above, all he knows how to do is to fight for France and its people. Gaston saw Maurice as a genuine danger, and he's not wrong; consider the hellish contraption Maurice created. One look at that war machine and Gaston hatched a plan; marry Belle, and get close enough to Maurice to talk him down. Mind you, he did love Belle, and wanted to be the father of her children, but the danger presented by Maurice forced his plan into action immediately. When that fell through, he had no choice but to throw Maurice in the asylum (something marrying Belle would have fixed, since he would once again be close enough to Maurice to influence him). All in all, the failure was one of articulation.


Ariel didn't read the fine print. She got exactly what she asked for. It's not my clients fault that Ariel was unhappy with the deal she willingly agreed to.


As Cinderella's guardian it is perfectly within her rights to protest her marriage at such a young age even to royalty. Locking her up was an act of maternal love for her daughter in law as her step sisters were much more ready for such a significant relationship.



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