Creative Gift Wrappers Share Their Masterpieces That Put The Rest Of Us To Shame

Christmas is about the joy of family and celebrating life. We gather with loved ones to sing songs --preferably by Mariah Carey-- and toast with eggnog while reflecting on years past.



Gift giving can be a bit daunting when you've got that arts and crafts loved one who uses their skills to show up everyone by upstaging the gift itself with it's paper tomb. 


One particular way is to actually create something out of the paper and gifts combined. 

Redditor meokgoshipeo posted a pic detailing a load of gifts that where fastened to create art and hunger! 


McDonald's needs to watch out!

CrimsonPig says : Burger King introduces "The Wrapper!"

Others quickly followed suit posting their greatest wrapping triumphs. 

Always try to keep them guessing.   

Wonder if she will know what it is?     5cottt

Whoops. That snip was just a hair too far....

Your first bad haircut probably made you want to die a little when you looked in the mirror. Imagine how the person cutting your hair must have felt. Although, maybe they didn't care at all, as evidenced by the bs excuse they gave you when you finished in the barber chair.

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