Curious People Share The Most Mind-Blowing, Philosophical Thought They've Had.

"An unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates


Here, curious people share the most mind-blowing, philosophical question they've ever thought of.

1. Who are you?

Are you the voice in your head, or that which observes and hears the voice in your head?


2. Just a little bit of self-reflection.

My friend told me that the study of physics is actually atoms (i.e., us) trying to understand themselves.

That twisted my brain.


3. It just keeps going, and going, and going.

If there is an infinite number of universes, what if when we die in one, our consciousness hops into a similar universe and continues?

Those near-accidents weren't actually near misses, the people in your old universe mourned for you but you still don't even know that your old body died then. You just picked up where you were but in a different identical universe.


4. Is this the matrix?

If we ever manage to create a perfect AI, multiply it and lock it in a simulated universe, then how possible does that make our very existence as just a simulation itself?


5. Smart enough to fool ourselves.

What if we don't have free will, but we are deterministic systems complex enough to think we're free?


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6. It is I, God.

If God exists, and he revealed himself, would religious people actually accept him as God? if he produced a new bible to set his record and wishes straight, would they accept it? If it was a Christian bible, would the Muslims and Jews convert? If it was a Muslim bible, would Christians convert?


7. It might be gone by now.

How do you know that anything you aren't currently observing still exists?


8. Live your life.

Why do we work so hard at school in our childhood just to get a job at which we work really hard and spend 5 days a week living for the last two days, and then eventually retire when you can't do what you want to do?

I mean, at some point you have to contribute to society (I guess), but if there is a meaning to life, it's probably not to decide who gets what in some couple's divorce, and if there isn't, then screw finding a meaning and do stuff that you like!


9. So time travel does exist?

That there is no present, only past and future. The present can be thought of like the line where the ocean meets the sand at the reality there is no line, only ocean and only sand.

Your present in reality is actually the past due to the brain needing time to make sense of the information that it just received.


10. What was the first cause of the first cause?

If the universe was born at the Big Bang, what happened before then? Where did all the matter come from in the first place? Has the universe already undergone a heat death and been reborn? Has this all already happened a billion times before?

If it was created through intelligent design, where did God come from?


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11. It was all a dream.

Whats to say the universe was not created last Thursday and you have a bunch of fake memories and fake knowledge about how the universe works?


12. Too many things to think about.

Here's a mind boggler, and I apologize for the lack of brevity:

- One of the most famous philosophical quotes is "I think therefore I am." By which Descartes meant that the one thing you can truly say exists is that which you call your "mind" because that's the thing that is experiencing the perceivable world around you. Even if we are all just in a computer simulation Matrix style we (think) we can be certain that our "minds" exist.

- We think we can conclude that there is this one entity which we call our "minds" because we have constructed an ongoing narrative that we call our "lives." Think of it as the movie that you have been filming/watching your entire life.

- Does it necessarily follow that movie which you call your "life" has been the product of the single entity you call your "mind"? Think of a movie that has been filmed with more than one camera. Even something that has been made to look like one long shot like "Birdman" wasn't necessarily filmed using one device. So why are we so sure the movie we call our lives was shot using one "our" camera? How can you be sure that your memories and experiences are truly yours? If you don't quite get it watch the movie "Dark City" it explores this question in a cool way.


13. There are so many of me.

Are we really human, or a multi-species collective consciousness? Here's why I ask that.

There's a lot of research that's come out in the last 10-20 years about how the bacteria in our gut affect our brain. They help us digest food, produce a lot of our neurotransmitters, and even help determine our personalities. Imbalances in those bacteria have even been linked to autism. And we need these bacteria to function properly- even though they're not strictly part of our bodies, they're effectively more like a vital organ than a foreign substance like drugs.

So given that the gut bacteria help to shape our minds, should they be thought of us a part of us? Are we not a single species, but rather a collective being composed of a human body plus a bunch of bacteria?


14. Is my orange your green?

How do we know what color is? I might be seeing a color as purple, and you when you see the same color, you see yellow, but we've both been taught it was purple.


15. I'm the only one.

Solipsism: How can I prove the existence of someone else's consciousness. What if only I exist and everything else is a creation of mine.


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16. What is time?

If everything in the universe just pauses for a sec, doesn't move at all, including even electrons in atoms and quantum particles, has time stopped?

Or does time continue even while everything is frozen in place?


17. My mind is drowning.

If you have an old wooden boat and slowly over the years you replace pieces of wood until every piece has been replaced is it a new boat or the same boat?

If you say the same boat, then what if you took all the old pieces of wood and built the boat is that a new boat?


18. The ol' chicken and egg situation.

One I was pondering early is...

Does power corrupt or do the corrupt seek power?


19. It's one or the other.

Either there has always been something, or at some point there was nothing. Both of these scenarios are unfathomable and seem impossible, but clearly at least one of them isn't. How do you explain that?


20. Such a contradiction.

Basically the hard problem of consciousness. If you are just a highly complex collection of physical matter, how does a first person point of awareness come into being? Why do we experience things from such a non-tangible way while being made of tangible stuff?


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21. Where does it end?

If I'm prepared to pay $9.99 for something, I'd be prepared to pay $10 for it as well, I'd also be prepared t"o pay $10.01 and $10.02 and so on. Where does this stop, when I'm always prepared to pay an extra cent?


22. Where are you going?

If the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into/what's on the other side?


23. Plums, they just don't get the credit.

If prunes are just dried plums, where does prunes juice come from?


24. The repercussions are grim.

If a woodchuck couldn't chuck wood, how would it provide for Tina and the baby? It's only 6 weeks until they're moving into a studio apartment in Lower Woodchucksville, closer to the river and the woodmarkets than they might have preferred.

But money is tight even for woodchucks who can chuck wood, so what hope does out protagonist have? 3 weeks out of work, 2 months until young Carrie is due. Winter's getting colder


25. Can you be both?

If you pinch yourself and it hurts, are you too strong or too weak?


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26. This makes total sense.

Why do we call it "old news"? Isn't "news" based off of the word "new". As in it is new information? Why don't we call "old news", "olds?


27. My brain's exploding.

If everyone was blind, would the concept of sight be unknown of, even though it still exists? If so, are there new planes of sensory unheard of, because we havent even fathomed them with our existing senses?


28. I give up.

You are communicating with an alien in a far away galaxy and you can only communicate verbally. How do you verbally impart the meaning of left and right?


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