Dave Grohl Might Be A Badass Rockstar On Stage, But This Is Amazing.

We all know Dave Grohl as a successful drummer and singer/songwriter with Nirvana and Foo Fighters, along with many others. He's toured the world, rocked a few dozen cities, and sold millions of albums in the process.

What you might NOT know about Grohl is that he's an all round rockstar - both on and off the stage.

We've found some of Dave Grohl's most awesome and inspiring moments. Someone throw this man a parade...

1/27. He helps his fellow man.

2/27. He'll play anywhere, anytime.

3/27. He speaks his mind.

4/27. He broke his leg on-stage... and kept playing anyway.

5/27. He's a man of the people.

6/27. He understands the true value of music.

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7/27. He's generous.

8/27. Like I said before, he'll play ANYWHERE.

9/27. He loves his kids.

10/27. He spreads the love.

11/27. He's a multi-tasker.

12/27. He's humble.

13/27. He knows how to inspire.

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14/27. He gives more than he takes.

15/27. He's a jack of all trades who who deals with things constructively.

16/27. He follows his heart.

17/27. He gets it.

18/27. He understands that sharing is caring.

19/27. He bleeds for his art.

20/27. He doesn't take himself to seriously.

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21/27. He never passes on a good joke.

22/27. He's a child at heart.

23/27. He wears his heart on his sleeve.

24/27. He's singing in the rain.

25/27. He puts jerks in their place.

26/27. He plays for anyone big or small.

27. He likes Backstreet Boys!? Ok, given everything else, we can forgive this.

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