Daydreamers Share Their Deepest Non-Sexual Fantasies.

Some people want to keep all of their sexual fantasies private, but what about the non-sexual kind that we still keep to ourselves?

Here are thirty people's deepest non-sexual fantasies.

Many thanks to the Redditors who posed these questions. you can check out more answers from the sources at the end of this article!

1/30. I sometimes fantasize about having a wife (and sometimes children) and coming home after a work day and being welcomed by them. You know, the kids telling me what they've learned today and the wife giving me a gentle kiss. Nothing too sexual, just this.

Also, sometimes I daydream about demons/vampires/zombies/aliens storming into the office or room where I am at that very moment. I then proceed to kill them all by myself with my non-existent power & fighting knowledge in front of my terrified colleagues. And this leads to me being suddenly one of the cool guys. I also get a raise and can henceforth do pretty much everything I want without the risk if being fired (because my boss owes me, and I'm a hero).


2/30. I fantasize a lot about just random situations and conversations with the future version of my daughter (after she learns to talk). Just normal conversations that I might have and how I would explain things to her when she asks questions. Or even just fantasies about what it will be like when we go to the toy store or Disney land or what it will be like when she starts kindergarten.

Don't get me wrong though, I am thoroughly enjoying our time we have NOW. She is beautiful and wonderful and sweet . She's even starting to say a few words - she said "boobies" the other day.

Also I fantasize about what it would be like to own my own home.


3/30. Having a snuggle-buddy.

I just fantasize about being held by someone who loves me and cares about me.


4/30. Aside from going to space (my lifelong dream), I love to look at people just passing by in a public area and imagine who they are. I mean, every day you see hundreds, if not thousands of people that you've never seen before, and probably will never see again that all have some sort of unique life story to them. (continued...)

I also wonder what they must be thinking at that particular moment... either that, or what it would be like to be a girl.

I need some friends...


5/30. Having a pet dinosaur or highly trained Rhino that I can ride on called Bruno.


6/30. Sometimes while driving on the highway, a work truck with a ladder on the top will be driving in front of me. I fantasize about putting my car in cruise control and climbing through the sunroof and onto the hood of the car, then jumping from my car to grab onto the ladder that is hanging off the back of the work truck.

While hanging by one hand I watch as my car swerves then crashes in a massive fire ball. [This is all happening while an awesome guitar riff is playing somehow] I climb to the front of the truck and pull the driver out and throw him into the street after saying the toll for this road is death I hop in the driver seat and adjust the rearview mirror to see a family of four bound and gagged in the back. I say Dont worry folks, the thing about that guys license is: its just been revoked I snap on a pair of sunglasses and drive to the nearest police station


7/30. When I'm sitting and watching a movie alone, I like to imagine that I wrote the movie and am watching it at the opening night.

At first I thought it was a psychological thing about me secretly craving attention, but then I realized I do this with bad movies too. I'll imagine myself trying to explain it away to family and friends that saw the awful movies, blaming the actors and swearing what I wrote was better than what came out...

Oh, also when I'm driving I imagine I'm either flying an X-Wing, or am in a high speed car chase, depending on my mood.


8/30. I want to forget every television show I've ever watched, movie I've ever seen, album I've listened to, and book I've ever read.

Before I did this I would make an ultimate list of every movie, show, music artist, and author. Then I would retire with something to do.


9/30. I have always wanted to save someone or a group of people from death or worse and get a gnarly scar in the process.


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10/30. I would want to live in a world filled with Pokemon.


11/30. Punching an in-flight pigeon. No reason or anything.


12/30. Have a farm with all the fluffy animals.


13/30. I hate it when people deliberately use the turn lane as a way to bypass a line of cars. Like they are more important that everyone else.

I want to use Hulk like strength to grab the car, jump back to the end of the line, slam the car down and say, "SIT , and wait your TURN!*"


14/30. From the time I was about 8 until my late teens I had this huge, involved fantasy that I was the emperor of this crazy steampunk/star wars/sci-fi medieval fantasy empire. I would basically constantly day-dream the scenarios in my head. I was kind of an introverted kid.

It had a name, a system of government, rival empires and little states in a sci-fi universe. It was pretty crazy. I'd involve every aspect of my life into it...So if I was walking home from school in the rain, I was actually some ass-kicking hero figure marching to another epic quest. And that girl I had a crush on, or that kid that was kind of a bully? They were each the rulers of their own empires.

It was an extremely involved, all-encompassing living fantasy of a totally non-sexual nature.


15/30. When I was a kid I would get Pizza Lunchables as treats every once in a while when I accompanied my mom to the grocery store. Every time I ate them I would pretend I was in a contest for making and eating pizzas.

For each pizza I made I created a made-up contestant, with myself being the last one... (continued...)

I would have the "announcer" tell each person's backstory, and then the pizza-making would begin. Each player would explain exactly why they were using each ingredient in each order and quantity when building their pizza, and the announcer would comment on their stunning use of tiny pizza ingredients. In order to make things really interesting, I'd switch up the order and amount of each ingredient for every contestant. One particularly unorthodox competitor often tried putting the sauce on last.

After the pizzas were crafted, the judging began. With each bite of each pizza I took, the judge would give his critique. "Too much sauce", "horrible distribution of pepperoni", that sort of thing. When it got to my pizza, however, the judge would be in heaven. Every bite was better than the last, and he would dub it the perfect Lunchables pizza.

He'd rank all the contestants, and I'd always win first place. The prize was that little candy bar they always had in the Lunchables box. I'd eat that and gloat at the other players.


16/30. I want to travel across a wide expanse of unspoiled land on horseback bringing along nothing that was invented less than 200 years ago.


17/30. I fantasize about strangling people at work sometimes, or giving them a roundhouse kick.


18/30. My weirdest fantasy is any time I find myself in an institution (school, hospital, etc) I fantasize that terrorists are going to burst through the door. I fantasize that I knock down at least one and get their gun and start fighting back.

At the end of it all I manage to save a lot of lives and I am a hero but I really don't want to be and act all Batman like.


19/30. Winning the Stanley Cup, and really just playing in the NHL in general. I've daydreamed the most epic scenarios for how it could happen, but there's really no getting around the fact that I'm 5'2", female, and have never actually played hockey.

But one of these days, when I'm at a game, and every possible goalie in the world is sick, and they ask for volunteers from the audience, and no one else steps up...I'll be ready.


20/30. I'm in the woods.

The wolf is looking at me from a short distance away... (continued...)

He beckons me to follow.

I can follow that wolf for hours without noticing the time passing.

Really helpful when I'm having trouble sleeping.


21/30. I own my own cafe and support myself with my own business and it has a rather loyal if not huge following in the city.


22/30. Think of where I am now and then BOOM.... it's zombie land....


23/30. I always wish I had the ability to make raw eggs materialize and then drop on someone's head without warning.

Think of the possibilities. That asshole who won't shut up in the row in front of you at the movies? Egg on his head. Your boss is taking credit for your work during a presentation? Egg on her head. See your ex in public with another girl? Egg on his head.


24/30. I've always wanted to just buy a one way plan ticket to London. Not tell anyone about it and just all of a sudden one day disappear from where I'm at. I just want to be a drifter going to different places in Europe for how ever long I feel like doing it. If it gets old in a few weeks I'll book the next flight out, but I would love to stay over there for at least a month.

I would plan on sleeping in hostels or if it comes to it just sleeping in the streets for a night. I want to just go where ever I want to, go see the world. I really don't care where I end up. The kicker is I don't want to go and take pictures or buy any souvenirs, so when I return home randomly I'l just tell people that I went on a trip and just leave it at that. I think about this every day.


25/30. I wake up one day, kick open my door and board my airship.

I then proceed to fly around the world dropping coins on Africa and solving mysteries.


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26/30. Running barefoot trough a forest in the night, sniffing the scent of deer in the wind, ensuing chase and eventual kill. Sinking my teeth into it's raw flesh, ripping out mouthfuls of meat and blood and eating it until I'm full. Then crawling up in my lair and having a nap.


27/30. This is a strange one, but here goes....

I start off in space on something akin to the international space station, then I jump off straight towards earth falling through the atmosphere. As I'm falling I streamline my body so I'm as aerodynamic as possible to gain maximum velocity, and as the surface of the earth nears, instead of making an impact, I teleport (think portals on opposite sides of the world) to the other side of the earth, where using the momentum gained from falling from space i ascend/continue falling up through the atmosphere back towards space.

Sometimes when I re-enter space I end up high fiving an astronaut before losing momentum and falling back to earth.


28/30. I drive a Prius, so I have one of those keyless entry systems. Not only can I leave my keys in my pocket to lock and unlock the car, but also to start the car. The car also won't run if you walk a certain distance away from the car with your keys, even if it was on before you walked away.

I often fantasize about getting carjacked, just because I would run like hell immediately with the keys in my pocket. So he would have my car, but it wouldn't be able to go anywhere. It would be pretty damn funny to watch from afar.


29/30. I want to one day wake up and be the only human left on earth. All electricity and whatever is still working but it's only me left to do whatever I want. The possibilities of what I could do are endless.


30/30. Whenever I take a shower or do dishes I always go back to my usual daydream fantasies.

My favorite one is where I go back 250 years, and I play some dubstep/techno music and start poplocking, blowing everyone's mind in the process.


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