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Kids... you're gonna love this!

There are so many unknown facts to discover in life, we all will quite literally go to grave always learning. Some people make it their life's goal to soak in as much historical fact as possible and impart their wisdom to anyone and everyone. Those people become teachers most of the time. You have to be excited about facts and stories to be a history teacher. People with that much curiosity and knowledge tend to be educators or contestants on Jeopardy. Either way it's a win for us all. I love to discover new global details on the regular.

Redditor u/HuskoDoggo wanted to hear from enthusiastic educators by asking... History Professionals of Reddit. What is that one history fact that you just love sharing with people?

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If you can't parent.... don't!

Raising a child is life's most difficult and rewarding challenge. A lot of kids are taken in by families and fostered because their birth families weren't up to the task. All kids need love, no matter if they share your DNA or not. Now no parent is perfect but there are somethings that foster parents should take into account and learn in order to make sure the children they are choosing to help are receiving the best care possible.

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"I know a guy for that." You expect that to be like a hitman or something, right? Nah. Sometimes it can be something cooler. Like condiments. Or foreign snacks. You never know who's living in your neighborhood...

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They clearly deserved something else.

Main characters. We're supposed to sympathize with them, empathize with them, and be willing to root for them in all forms of media. Television, movies, books, it doesn't matter. Great storytelling starts with a protagonist we, the audience, want to follow and observe succeeding. Their successes are our victories, and their failures are our heartaches.

And the, there's those main characters that we all want to see fail.

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If I wasn't laughing I'd be crying...

Sometimes emotion is too much to bare and the way we express it can be beyond our control. That expression can happen in the most inconvenient moments. Often when are emotions are running high we as humans try our best to hide our pain and refuse to shed a tear but that pain is coming out no matter what and it can explode in the form of outrageous laughter. When you watch that you'll feel much better about your own awkward outbursts.

Redditor u/Thuthang wanted people to cop to... When was the most inappropriate time you busted out in laughter? We've all been there.

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Let's just try anything. It's all I've got!

Writing is an arduous, often unforgiving task. Keeping stories progressing, interesting and full of surprise sometimes takes Herculean talent. If you're writing an ongoing series it's especially daunting because the audience comes to expect a certain gratification you can't always provide. More often then not writer's fall short with expectations and ideas begin to run dry and story begins get derailed. S

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