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Save some money for those therapy bills!

Children don't come with instructions. As a parent you are inevitably going to screw your kids up in some way. You can't avoid it, you can only hope the damage is minimal and that the they find talented therapists to later. Though you can't always be perfect you can be vigilant with your actions and behaviors, remember, the children are always watching.

Redditor u/Tubu_ wanted parents out there to fess up to their and other's parenting issues gone awry by asking.... What is some bad parenting that messes the kid up?

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Teachers are not infallible!

Nobody is perfect, not any of us ordinary folk or people in positions of power, like teachers. Yes, teachers are heroes. Most go far and beyond for students and their educations and they most certainly are underpaid, criminally so. But teachers are not perfect. They are human and make errors. Sometimes as a student you need to speak up, especially if you're being disrespected and not heard. Don't be afraid to be seen and heard no matter who the person with power is.

Redditor u/Vlelo wanted students to share a few tales about the classroom by asking.... Students of Reddit, have you ever lost your temper with a teacher? What's your story?

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I'm my mother!!

It's inevitable... the day will come, and FAR sooner than you we realize. You know the day, the moment we all morph into our parents. We swear it'll never happen, we promise we'll never be that uncool or maybe we're just finally getting cool. It happens in an instant. You're going about your day, the weather is lovely, life is peaceful and then either your kid, significant other, co-worker, boss or complete stranger will do something too stupid and you'll react in a way that is foreign yet oh so familiar. If you respond with.... "You call that music? Can you PLEASE turn off that noise! - You damn kids! - In my day!-.. and so on and so on!" Then you have made the life turn.

Redditor u/itsDaco wanted to know who else among us had made that life turn by asking.... What's the most "I'm turning into my parents" moment for you?

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Sometimes your kid is just a brat!

Oh Lord some kids today! If our grandmas could see them... they wouldn't know what hit them? LITERALLY! So many spoiled children are running around disrespecting elders and strangers and even loved ones. And often the parents just give excuses for such insidious behavior. There is no excuse for such actions. Respect is learned. Some children are going to have a rude awakening in life if they aren't set straight soon. Send them my way.

Redditor u/ThiccyLenin wanted to hear some venting from people who have come across some unruly children asking.... What's the most spoiled kid you've ever come across?

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I can't unsee this!

If only people knew the secret lives we all hide on our computers, we'd all be committed. The strange things we all store on our computer could scare the crap out of everybody. I pray that I get a heads up about my death so that people don't find things I won't be around to explain. We all have those little eccentricities buy they're just ours to know about. Ours and the technicians who stumble across our secrets because we need things fixed. I think I'm going to get a do it yourself manual. Those computer repair techs seem to have big mouths.

Redditor u/classictom wanted the techies put there to share with us by asking.... People who fix computers for a living, what is the weirdest thing you've found on someone's computer?

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I can't believe it! I'm a genius!

Everyday in life, heck in breath in life can lead us to moments of shock and awe, especially when in comes to moments of chance or capabilities we thought we'd never possess. Much like Tom Hanks in 'Castaway' we too can make fire, often we only just have to try. Sometimes the surprising successes come in tiny instances that make us smile or life changing events that keep us shooketh! The shooketh moments are the most fun. We all yearn for the stunned realization of "I have NO idea how I did that, but I'll take the credit and run!" Those are the moments that make us... invincible.

Redditor u/Nest-egg wanted everyone to regale us with.... What's your top "wow, that actually worked?" moment?

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