Disgruntled Employees Reveal The Exact Moment They Started To Hate Their Job.

It sucks working at a job you dislike. What's even worse is when a job you had previously enjoyed sours. These employees reveal the exact moment when the job they had once liked became one they hated.

1/24. Boss at department store wanted me to pressure people into buying stuff they didn't need. Old fella came through, needed help with his disconnecting Internet. I know my networks, identified from his information that the fault was the Ethernet cable between his gateway and wireless AP, sold him a cheap cable. Boss tells me I should have tried to sell him a new router too. Guy was a pensioner, you slimy thief. I quit a few days later, I refuse to lie just to sell stuff.


2/24. Worked sales in a radio station. We promoted the hell out of this concert coming up and usually if the numbers reached the goal we had I would get a bonus for it. Usually, a large bonus.

We double the attendance, easily beating the goal we had, and I received a $10 gift card to Applebee's.


Immediately after I got that gift card I applied for a new job, and ended up leaving. When they asked why I was leaving, I decided to be honest and said "When you compensate someone with a 10 dollar gift card to Applebee's for reaching a milestone for a concert, you won't keep many people."


3/24. The company cut out a whole department and transferred their duties to my department. Now we must do two people's jobs for a 52/hr raise and the strict no overtime policy remains.

Fast forward 3 months and the company flies all the managers (3,000+) from across the US to Florida for a meeting where they rent out an amusement park and have a concert by a well known artist.

Needless to say, I'm now the saltiest of salty employees.


4/24. I started working for Radio Shack as a Christmas employee in 1989. When the holiday months were over they offered me a full time job and I took it. For the first 4-5 months it was great and I enjoyed coming to work. Then the manager got fired and a new manager took over. At first he was okay and we got along decently especially since they had announced that they were going to move the store to a newly built strip mall where we should see a nice uptick in business. Great!

The week of the move I put in a lot of overtime helping get the new store set up (putting up shelves, arranging things etc). The weekend we moved the district manager screwed us. He said he was going to rent a big a u-haul truck and get 15-20 people to help us. He did nothing and got nobody so we were on our own. I worked 36 hours straight, went home for 6 hours to sleep then came back and worked another 12 getting everything moved and set up.

And what did my manager do? (story continued on the next page...)

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The district manager didn't thank me for putting in all those hours and helping, he complained that it took so long to do and said we were weak. When I went to turn in my time card my manager didn't want to pay me for all the overtime. He and the district manager tried to convince me to "volunteer" those hours. When I demanded to be paid they told me they might have to let me go because my hours are throwing the store payroll out of whack. I told them if they wanted to fire me for asking to be paid for the hours I worked it was fine with me so long as they paid me.

After a couple of days of arguing they agreed to pay me.

From that moment on I didn't give a crap. I started to realize that they didn't care about me and I was just here to collect a check.


5/24. For 7 years I had a boss who valued the work people did, and didn't care how you arrived at the end product. Motivated and innovative employees were recognized and generally received additional responsibility and challenges.

Then came the new boss, who was the text book example of micro manager, and ran the department like it was a 50's assembly line. Watched the amount of time people took breaks, watched the minute people arrived, and the minute they left. Achievements were no longer recognized and employees were just cogs in a wheel.

If there is no incentive to do anything more than the minimum amount of effort, the minimum amount of effort will be done.


6/24. When the new guy who relies on me to do his job got promoted.


7/24. When the owners and GM looked at my prostate cancer as a major inconvenience - for them.

When they complained about my being out for cancer surgery - and I'd been out less than two weeks.

When I was back after two weeks wearing a diaper because I was afraid of losing my job because of cancer.

Then they expected me to be concerned whether they made a profit. Yeah, that's likely.


8/24. I don't wanna say "I'm just here for a pay check" but I was extremely disheartened.

Pulled a guy over. He resisted arrest. Punched me (a felony). Had heroin on him. Had a switchblade on him (a felony). He pled to resisting arrest. A 300 dollar fine and he was on his way.

I told the prosecutor that I wanted to take it to trial. I knew we would have won. I pulled him over for having a headlight out. He had a warrant so I pulled him out and we tussled. I was more than willing to testify to lock this prick up.

But, no, they (story continued on the next page...).

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Nope, they take the easy route and let him plea to one of the most minor charge.

It made me feel like my job had no point. I did a good job and got a violent felon of the street and the prosecutors office lets him slide with a small fine? Screw that. I got punched for that. He had a knife. I could have got killed for that.


9/24. The moment they hired an outside guy (and paid him as much as I get) to do all the social media work I'd been doing.

This is right after a conversation about how great my work has been and we had a discussion about an increase in my hourly rate due to the extra work.

Needless to say I stepped away from the social media and they haven't figured out why it's crap now.


10/24. The owner of the company let go of a secretary due to hard times. It's sad but understandable. He then fires her husband who worked the night shift cleaning crew because "I didn't want any retaliation". He took away both sources of income from this family at the height of the recession for no reason other than paranoia. The owner would say "we are family here"... sure.


11/24. Worked a 12 hour shift, then stayed on an extra hour because it was wildly busy.

Received no thanks, and was told by management to ''man up and stay another hour''

Needless to say, I didn't.


12/24. Both of my mentors -- two ladies who saw potential in me that I didn't and helped me turn my life around -- were fired (packaged out) within a week of each other. Fired by people who had only started a few months before and then themselves quit a few months later.


13/24. I was a relatively new manager of a college bookstore. When my assistant manager left to take a job in her field, there were two months to go until the start of textbook rush.

My regional asked what he could do to help me make it through, seeing how I was going to be short-handed. "Get me someone experienced from another store, just for a week when things get busy."

The next day he called me back and said (story continued on the next page...).

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"I can't get you anybody, you're not going to be allowed to hire a replacement, you'll have to terminate your three temps the day rush ends, and you can't convert any of them to part-time."

But that means I'll literally be the only person on staff.

"It's a small store, deal with it."


14/24. Watched as the district manager for a gamestop convinced a clearly poor family that their warranty didn't cover their 3DS.

I'm pretty sure it did so I reported him. I got fired 2 months later, by him, the day before my benefits kicked in.


15/24. This happened a few weeks ago. My boss told me to go to one of the project leaders and tell him to stop work at a particular project. So I do that. The project leader goes like "this is ridiculous, this is a 400k job", to which I was like "[my boss] told me to tell you. Don't shoot the messenger".

So the project leader talks to the operation manager, the operations manager comes up to me while my boss is in the room, goes like "Did you tell the project leader to stop work at a particular project?", I say "yes I did", "why?", "cause [my boss] told me to", the operation manager turns to my boss, goes like "Did you tell him to tell the project leader to stop work at this job site?" my boss says "no I did not". There were 3 other people in the room when my boss originally told me to do this, and those same 3 people were also in the room in that moment, no one spoke up.


16/24. It was a three day weekend (Sat-Sun-Mon), and I was already scheduled to work Sun and Mon.

On Saturday, I got a call from work, they needed my (telephonic) help with something. That didn't require me to go back in, I handled it from home and it took about 30 minutes.

I added 30 minutes to my timecard for the work on Saturday (you know, my only day off), and on Tuesday (after his three day weekend), my boss tells me the Saturday OT (30 minutes) was disapproved, because I didn't actually "come in."

So I just stopped answering my (company-paid) cell phone outside of work hours.


17/24. I'm a workplace health and safety specialist. Early on in my career - when I had a lot more enthusiasm and energy for work, I was getting ready to run a day long training session for a group of employees. I was using training materials that had been developed at a corporate level and therefore, had little input in creating. I was merely the vessel to deliver it.

One of the senior execs for that group decided to show up that day. For whatever reason, he had some beef with the content of the presentations (apparently he had some internal infighting going on with the group that created the training). (story continued on the next page...)

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I couldn't make it three minutes without this guy interrupting me and telling me about how stupid the material was and how wrong I was about everything I was saying. After about an hour of this - he demands I start to write down all of his concerns and ensure that the material was changed. I had no authority to do that - and he knew it. He was just being difficult. It was the kind of company though where this guy carried a ton of clout and if I didn't do what he wanted - I'd be in deep crap.

The employees decided to lick boot and basically mirror the head of their group and rip on me as well. So for a full eight hour workday, I had a group of employees and a senior exec harping on me and the material I was trying to present while demanding I write all of their ridiculous concerns down. That was probably the most trying moment of my career to date. At the mid day break, I strongly considered walking out and just not coming back. Didn't though. It paid off. When that senior exec was fired several years later - I was the person assigned to stand there and watch him clean out his office.

That being said, my enthusiasm for that job was never the same after that incident.


18/24. When I asked for a big fan be put in our work area to help circulate air, since we were working in 120 temps with nothing to move the air around.

I was told it wasn't in the budget to purchase another fan. Two weeks later I found out that not only did no one check the budget or put in a request for said fan, we had two sitting in storage gathering dust.


19/24. When I was a cashier at Borders we had to keep a certain percentage of Borders Rewards transactions. I was good at my job and was able to get in the high 80s, by being a good salesman and convincing them to get it.

There was another guy I worked with, who kept his percentage up by cheating. He would just swipe a card and put it into people's bags without saying anything about it. Eventually he got caught and almost fired, but the settles on putting him on probation and having a manager watch his transactions closely.

Fast forward about a month and I find out he's getting promoted to work on the floor with all the movies and music. I could not believe they promoted him after all that and looked me over, someone that was a hard worker that did a really good job and often would have people compliment me to my managers.

After that, I stopped caring as much, still kept my numbers up, but not as high as I used to. Ended up getting fired from there a couple months later because the guy that was covering my shift while I was on vacation was fired, so I had too many unexcused absences. I'm glad that company tanked.


20/24. My boss has told me many times that there is no set arrival or departure time from work, but the general rule is four 10 hour shifts Monday-Thursday. I have been getting some of the worst sleep of my life (it's getting better, I'm working on it) so I've been coming in around 7:30-8:00AM, which is probably 30-45 minutes after most people. I'm not missing anything because all anyone ever does for the first hour is fire off emails. If I have an early meeting I'm never late. I have no problem staying later than anyone else to finish work. All my work gets done before the deadline, every time, and I never reject additional work. What does my boss do? (story continued on the next page...)

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What does he do? Gripe at me for coming in when I do, tell me that just because the time clock says I'm clocked in doesn't mean I can bill that time if my computer is still booting up, etc. He's the definition of being penny wise and pound foolish.

I went from incredibly ambitious to bare minimum effort when I realized how little he valued me since I didn't fit his precise stereotype of what a worker should be, even though I get all my work done and it's quality every time.


21/24. Once I realized that no matter what I did for the company, nothing changed.


22/24. After 7 years of service, going above and beyond my role and pay cheque, volunteering countless hours without claiming for them I asked for 2 days off for my grandpas funeral as he lived 4 hours away and they only gave me 1 day. I had to leave my grandpas funeral during the service to get back home in time to go to work the next day and the past time I ever saw my grandma was at my grandpas funeral. She died a few months later and the last time I saw her was at my grandpas funeral.

After that I couldn't wait to get out of there.


23/24. When I got told that my colleague and I already get paid too much when we asked for a little extra...

We're currently paid minimum wage.


24/24. Had to clean up a massive mess of rotten fruit behind the store. Like months of rotten food from a super market. When I went inside my boss handed me bleach and ammonia and told me to mix them and pour it onto the area. I walked away put down the ammonia and got another bleach can. First time I "stole" supplies.

Yep, coulda died right there.



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