Embarrassed Adults Reveal Something That They Used to Think Was Cool When They Were Teenagers.

Being a teenager is tough. Everything seems to matter so much; what you like, what you wear, what your peers think of you can determine your place in the high school pecking order. But looking back on it, those things seem so trivial.

Here, 29 embarrassed people reveal the most ridiculous thing they used to think was cool when they were a teen.

1. I was reading my book next to a gate that says 'please do not lean' and some kid walks over with this girl and says 'I don't follow the rules' and lightly leans on it and walks away. I think she was really impressed by it as well...


2. Being the jaded, cynical, but "enlightened" one of my friends who always had to know better and dump on everyone else's decisions, opinions, etc. I see now that the group of friends I had at that time must have been a wonderfully patient, kind group of people because my overalls attitude from then seems so off-putting and negative. Over the years, I've grown to be a lot more accepting and even optimistic and hopeful in some situations, and it's working much better for me.


3. Driving dangerously. I remember passing a semi with another one barreling down on me and I slid in with a few feet to spare. I had like five other kids in the car. At the time I thought it was awesome. In retrospect I could have cost 6 families lifelong anguish for no reason at all.


4. Staying up late as possible. I often bragged about being up til 3am, then going to school at 7. Now, I'm in bed at 9:30 and its glorious.



5. Making an 'about me' on social media websites or any customization of a profile. I used to spend hours changing my profile. Literally thought I was some experienced computer html-er adding font styles and bolded/italics. And choosing a profile song? I nearly died and went to heaven when you could have more than more song on MySpace.

Although it's ridiculous now, I do miss it at times. Then again, I'm doing adult life and I ain't got no time for that nowadays.


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6. Hanging out at the mall.


7. Having "branded" clothes with big logos.


8. The music I listened to being the focal point of my identity.

It used to influence just about every aspect of my life. How I dressed, who my friends were, where I went, to a certain extent how I acted.

Now I couldn't give less of a crap.


9. Blue eyeshadow. Thick, goopy, all over body glitter. Those little black plastic chokers. Jeans with reeeally big holes in them. Skirts over jeans (I don't know man). Denim mini skirts.

8th and 9th grade were rough.


10. Dating a college student while you're in high school, unless you were going out already when one of you graduated.

People who did that in my high school were considered like uber-attractive if they could meet and land a college student. In retrospect: what kind of person in college picks up high schoolers?


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11. Two words: wallet chain.


12. Friends and I used to walk the railroad bridge across the river and hope that a train didn't come - because the only alternative was to jump into the river below, or get smashed (it was a very long bridge - even if you heard or felt the train coming, there wasn't time to get off the bridge before its arrival).

As teens, we used to think it was daring and adventurous. Today, we realize it was dangerous and ridiculous.


13. Having $100 would make me not worry about money for a while...


14. Jumping the fence at a local hotel and skinny dipping in the pool and hot tub. Now I work at said hotel and have to kick drunk people out at night all the time. Karma.


15. Teasing/ Picking on your friends.

In my school I was part of the nerdy clique that congregated in our own little circle because we were all the rejects of the more popular crowds. We were all awkward dorks, but to be honest, none of us had a lot in common. I was the movie nerd. There was the guy who played The Sims for hours on end. We also had the bookworm who had no free time outside of studying (he went on to be our class valedictorian and is currently getting his PHD in computer science), the baseball card collector, the guy who was always angry and threw food at the walls, and the welder guy who wasn't even that smart but just hung out with us and didn't say much.

Then there was one kid who we all called by his last name. We will call him Gilmore. Gilmore was a hard core, Bible-thumping conservative who disagreed with all the rest of us liberals. He was tall, lanky, never cut-his fingernails, and was up the ass of every teacher. While he was annoying, we would constantly lambast him on a daily basis to the point it was unrelenting and undeserving. We would call him queer, because to a bunch of immature 15 year-olds outcasts in an overwhelmingly redneck school, being gay was a terrible insult. We made fun of him for his hygiene, even though ours wasn't much better. We'd joke about him having a gay love affair with the 70 year old chemistry teacher. Essentially, we were about as childish as you can be to him, and mentally, I could tell it really hurt him. He had plans to go to school for aero-engineering. But that never happened (story continued on the next page...).

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Instead, he currently spends most of his time playing MMOs in his dad's basement.

I still feel terrible about all the bullying we put him through. We were all just trying to find an outlet for all the bullying the rest of us got from outside of our circle and that outlet was poor Gilmore, because he was the most unlike the rest of us. He was at the bottom of our totem pole- the peasant. What's worse is I think I cracked more jokes than I should have because I knew I was the second from the bottom. In social situations where Gilmore wasn't around, my little circle of teenage jerks would then gang up on me, so when he was around I made sure to keep my place above him. It was pathetic. It was all childish, and I regret it to this day. Picking on your friends mildly can be all in good fun if everyone is in on it, but Gilmore was not. There's a line when it crosses into malevolence, and we shamefully crossed that line. I have since apologized to Gilmore for all the stupid jokes we made. He may have been kind of a tool himself back then, but he did not deserve the ridicule we put him through. No one does. It can mess you up. Teenagers who may be reading this- just know that if you are currently part of that group of pariahs I mentioned, it gets better outside of high school. Don't make the same mistakes I did. If you find a group of friends, be friendly!


16. Getting blackout drunk... or getting almost blackout drunk.

Passing out sucks.


17. Making sure everyone knew I'm an atheist and find their religion laughable.

Someone happens to say "God Bless You" to a sneeze? SCREW YOU, that's a stupid superstition and there is no God.

Someone survives something bad happening and people offer prayers or thank God? SCREW YOU, God had nothing to do with it, and I need to make sure you're aware of it.

Looking back that's such obnoxious behavior.


18. Staying up late and sleeping all day. I really like getting to bed at a reasonable hour, getting a good night's sleep, and then having a full day to get things done.


19. Drinking the most amount of alcohol. As a young teenager I used to say I drank more than I actually have. Now that I'm an adult, I tell people I have drank less than I actually have.


20. Dressing goth, and acting super angsty... Oh god the eyeliner, black hair dye, and fishnet shirts. No wonder my parents didn't like to go out in public with me... Bondage straps and chains all over my clothes... *dies from shame*


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21. Spongebob. Now I realized he is the worst neighbour you can get. I am watching the Spongebob Movie with my kids for the second time and it isn't even 10am yet. I still think Spongebob is funny and I like when it's on but yea..

I feel so bad for Squidward.


22. Letting the world know what underwear I'm rocking at all times...


23. Parachute pants and skinny ties with piano keys printed on them. I am old...


24. I was a teenager in the 90s so... Shorts with combat boots.


25. Trying to stand out. I wanted everyone to see me and to be the life of the party when I was a teenager. Now? I'd rather blend in at work and spend my free time with the people I care about instead of peacocking for everyone.


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26. Putting up your 'away' status on AIM while you were still on the computer to seem like you had a life.


27. "Drank 10 beers last night mate, wasn't even tipsy like". Growing up in the UK, drinking loads and not getting drunk was spouted like it was a great achievement. The whole concept is mind blowing now.


28. Sitting at my computer for hours trying to get 99 woodcutting.


29. Being an adult.



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