Employees Share The Weirdest Rule Created At Their Job Because Of That ONE Employee.

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"What's a weird rule at your job where you know its only there because someone was dumb enough to do it in the first place?"

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1/32. Employees must wear underwear

A female employee sat outside the conference room, on the curb, in a miniskirt, facing the mirrored surface of the conference room floor to ceiling windows. The important clients were facing the window. She had chosen that day to go commando, and was not what you were hoping for in appearance, and spent her time (she was on break) smoking and talking loudly to baby-daddy on the phone.

New company policy - Employees must wear underwear to work.

I believe she was written up, and later fired. I don't know what the client did.


2/32. At the bank I worked in we had a rule of "no taking pictures of he money and putting it on Instagram.


3/32. (Shoe store) "The foot measuring device is for measuring feet and nothing else." Or something to that effect


4/32. I work private ambulance. Was warned on my first psychiatric call not to ask the suicidal 17 year old girl for her number in the back of the ambulance.


5/32. "No flying helicopters over the wall to the business next door". We have a couple RC helicopters that we fly around when we get stressed. We share a building with another business and there is an incomplete wall dividing us. I don't know who did this, but someone decided to fly one of the helicopters over the wall to surprise the other business. Well, they didn't have x-ray vision and managed to fly it into someones face and nearly took their eye out. Now we have a "no fly zone.


6/32. I work in a large pet store, when going through Step 2 training during our reptile booklet it states 'Do not lick the reptiles.


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7/32. Used to work at a crematorium, the rule "No hiding in the cremation containers(caskets)" Basically done to scare people by hiding in said box, and scaring the shit out of someone. These antics came to a screeching halt when a coworker had a heart attack from the scare.


8/32. I work at a bookstore. We have no dress code other than, "No blue jeans." I never really questioned it, I mean I assumed it was because jeans could seem too casual? Until one day my coworker told me the reason for the rule was because there was a guy who used to work there a few years back who wore the same blue jeans every single day to work, and he never washed them. My boss would tell him over and over again to wash his damn pants as they were becoming dirty and smelly. Realising he couldn't physically force the guy to wash them... My boss just created the rule that NO ONE was allowed to wear blue jeans ever again.


9/32. I work at a running shoe company, one of the rules is you can't wear anything made by a competitor in the office. Just seems like it'd be really awkward to show up wearing something from the number one competitor when we're number 3 or 4.


10/32. We aren't allowed to have fights with the leftover pizza dough near the fryers anymore..... or in front of the customers.... and are only allowed to make giant dough penises after close..... and can't put them on each other's car anymore.


11/32. I work making signs and had to come up with this one. You see, when you're using a blade for a long time, you kinda forget about it and go about your mannerisms with the really sharp object in your hand. When explaining things some people make lots of hand gestures and sometimes get close to other people. There has been a lot of accidental slashing and stabbing around my workplace. Thankfully nothing deep, just some light bleeding or some loss of skin. Hence our new rule:

"Never let your blade leave the cutting mat"


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12/32. At the advertising agency my wife works at, HR has had to send out emails stating that strippers are NOT allowed on the premises no matter what the situation or celebration.


13/32. No bringing Tupperware to corporate events to load up with food and bring home. People have done this without even attending the event (party or meeting). Apparently when asked to stop they became belligerent and aggressive. So the company's lead council sent out an email.


14/32. "No dancing with the children."

We had an over enthusiastic teacher. She was taking swing dancing classes. She took a kid and was swinging him all around, had him roll down her back, basically flopping him around like a ragdoll. Oh, until she dropped him. Yeah, good move there.


15/32. I had to sign a form agreeing not to portray my job in a negative light on any social media site, and I know it's because some guy made a post on Facebook about the job and how unfairly he thought he was being treated.


16/32. Well we have a clean desk policy that does not allow for paper of any kind or anything that you can write on and take home. That includes books, notepads, sticky notes, tissues, gum or candy wrappers, shirt tags, erasers, dried out wet naps, coffee cups, water bottle labels, or business cards. Why? I guess somebody, somewhere, in this massive company decided to write a mean note to another agent. They could have just taken away our pens and pencils, but that would have been easy.


17/32. Fill your coffee cup at the coffee station, do not take the coffee pot to your desk. (because someone brought the glass coffee pot to their desk, and broke it, spilling coffee everywhere)


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18/32. I work at a hospital and we aren't allowed toasters on the site due to a nurse forgetting to take the bread out one day, which caused a fire in the kitchen. This rule now means that the staff are allowed to use some of the most advanced equipment man has ever made, yet are forbidden to heat bread.


19/32. 1- If a customer orders a $40 steak with no sauce, don't forget to ring in "NO SAUCE"

2- If you forget to ring in "NO SAUCE" don't take the steak back and rinse it under a faucet

3- Do not return a cold/freshly rinsed/$40 steak to your customer

4- When the customer complains about their cold $40 steak, don't tell said customer that you just rinsed it off


20/32. My son's speech and debate team has a very strict "No Milk Products On The Bus" rule. Parents and students are subjected to extended lectures on the importance of this rule.

All because once, years ago, someone accidentally spilled milk on the bus's heater toward the beginning of a long trip. Apparently that led to a very unpleasant experience for all concerned. Now, for the rest of eternity, there will be no milk products on the bus!


21/32. No sex toys in the refrigerator. Seriously.

Yesterday someone left a vibrating cock ring on one of the shelves of the refrigerator door. The president of the company took a picture of it, and put it in a memo he posted to the refrigerators. Still no culprit.


22/32. Someone put a bag of popcorn in the microwave for 43 minutes instead of 4 1/2 minutes and walked away. Fire department had to come. We can't make popcorn at work now.


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23/32. Worked for a tour bus company in Washington DC. We did tours of Arlington National Cemetery.

You are not allowed to use the phrase "coming up on your right..."

Also, you are not allowed to say that the Kennedy Eternal Flame is "Back and to the left.


24/32. Don't question the confetti. My crazy boss tears up paper and scatters it in areas she thinks aren't being vacuumed. You don't ask about it because if you do you get a 20minute rant on why you're doing a bad job and are sent home early. Ive seen this happen twice. Now its just accepted to not ask.


25/32. Our newest rule at work is no concealed carry at work 'cause some idiot troglodyte left his loaded pistol unattended in the bathroom.


26/32. I used to work at a repertory theatre...we're an intelligent, modern but superstitious lot who still prescribe to the age old nonsense of not mentioning the Scottish King inside the building, and we don't whistle on/back stage.

Whistling had a purpose hundreds of years ago, because many crew members were sailors and would communicate the lowering or raising of set pieces with a whistle. The wrong whistle could kill someone.

Today we have headsets and we STILL don't whistle unless it's an actor and they have to do it as a character.

So I guess you could say that's a REALLY old rule that's never left the roster.


27/32. We have a rule saying that you can't kick the ladder out from under someone when they're using it.

I'm the foreman in a warehouse. One particular time, I was reaching for a supply box on the top shelf, when one office worker, who shall remain nameless, kicked the ladder out from under me, and yelled "Hey Darryl, how's it hanging!" I'm legitimately scared of my workers.


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28/32. During the training for our warehouse workers, it is absolutely mandatory for the trainer to show them every single bathroom in the facility. This is because someone took a dump in a box of clothing we were going to sell to customers. When confronted, the person said they forgot where the bathroom was.


29/32. All papers stuck on cork boards and cubical walls must be attached by at least two thumbtacks, with at least one at the bottom.

Somebody walked by a piece of paper on the wall, it flipped up and gave them a paper cut.


30/32. I worked for a large retailer for several years. While employed there you receive 10% off most of the store with the exception of food and drink.

They then had to extend the exceptions to dog food as well. Apparently elderly employees were purchasing bags of dog food and eating them to save money. Gotta love those deals.


31/32. In my old internship, interns were warned not to do these things old interns have done.

-Do not take other artist's sketchbook and photocopy them without their permission.

-Do not follow the artists into the bathroom and harass them.


32/32. No Shorts. It was a 'California Cool' Georgia Computer company and you could dress how ever you wanted. Until a very overweight woman wore bicycle shorts 2 days in a row. All of the sudden there is a no shorts rule, and I cant wear my baggy, pleated shorts any more.




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