Escape Room Employees Share The Stupidest Things People Have Done To Solve A Puzzle

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Escape Rooms are essentially those early 90s point-and-click computer games come to life. You need to possess innovation, creativity, and a lot of ingenuity to find your way out. There are only so many different ways you can figure out how to get that obviously fake phone open so you can retrieve key #3 of 14. Unfortunately, not every idea is a good idea, and many can lead to disaster.

Reddit user, u/RelevantDonkey, wanted to hear:

Redditors who've worked in escape rooms, what's the stupidest thing a person has done trying to solve the puzzle?

Maybe Let's Not Use First Names....

We used to set up rooms for engagements and with each clue we would put in a message. Usually the messages were basic 'would you marry me' type lines.

However, one day a man decided to start the message with his girlfriends first name. She found the clue and freaked out. Starting ripping stuff off the wall, throwing things and shouting down the cameras that we were stalkers and demanding to know why her name was there.

Had to evacuate them both and he never ended up proposing.

It turns out she was super high whilst in the escape room and her paranoia kicked in. But at the time it was mad to watch.


If It's Glued, Just Leave It There

I started as a prop builder/repair guy at one a few months ago so thank you dumbos for the job security but the answer is never under the wallpaper stop tearing the f**king wallpaper down


When It's Your Fault

There was a 4 number lock next to a book case and a person was messing around with it for 15 minutes, trying 0001, 0002 ect., and I wrote "trying brute force?"

They saw the message and then shoulder rammed the book case open. They completely ripped the door frame out and then told my boss that I said to do that.


If It's Stuck, It's Stuck

Honestly, people ripping up parts that are purposefully glued or nailed down, it wrecks the scenery and the story for everyone else, and sometimes if they destroy or steal clues they leave the whole mystery even if it's easy, completely unsolvable.


We Were The Dummies...


All the clues in mine had to do with a light. So we all started agreeing we needed to dismantle the ceiling light.

A note came under the door saying "don't"


It Was On Hinges...Seriously...

Some moron decided to fbi kick down a door that was the entrance.

He broke the door.


Naked Door Pounding

Escape room employee here, I've only been at the shop for a few months but here's a few of my co-workers favorite experiences...

The escape room I work at is all horror themed, one guest came in asking if it was a haunted house. We explained to her that no, we are a horror themed escape room and gave her the whole spiel about how escape rooms work. She ended up going into our most advanced room even though being recommended the beginner one. She sat in one of the chairs in the room texting the whole time, didn't touch or look for any puzzles. When her time was up she said that we were the worst haunted house she has been to and left us a 1 star review on google.

Another time a couple got about 70% of the way though the escape room and decided 'f-ck it' and just took off their clothes and started banging on the floor... when my coworker went to kick them out the just said "Sorry, we didn't realize you had cameras in the rooms."

Lastly the amount of lighters I have to confiscate is ridiculous. You are locked in a small space some rooms are full of fabric. Don't use your lighter. I don't want to be responsible from saving you from a fire.


Again With The Lights?

Not a worker, but the first time my Girl Scout troop and I ever did an escape room, we were three steps off finishing when we ran out of time. The first thing the employee did when he came into the room?

Turn the lights on. We didn't know we were allowed to do that.


Plug =/= Key


I went to one once where they informed us on the way in "You will find keys. They go in padlocks. The outlets on the wall are REAL and not hidden locks. For the love of god, please do not stick keys in them."


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