Europeans Share The One Thing They Envy Most About Americans.

There are many things to love about America. There's a beautiful mix of expansive nature, sprawling cities, or neat suburbs.

Here are some of the things Europeans are jealous of when they look at America.


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1. Beautiful camping.

Your national parks, the sheer scale of them and how accessible they are. I'd love to be able to camp in one of our forests but you are not permitted to anywhere near where I live.


2. That's the way to do it.

Your roads are built for your cars - when I am driving here sometimes in the streets I am not much familiar with I have to literally pray to God that they are one way streets because they are so narrow, I feel only one car can pass, but apparently it's a two way almost always - and add a biker going in the same direction as me, so I have to try not to kill him, and figure out how not to die of heart attack when a car from opposite direction is going my way.


3. Can I get a frickin' blow torch?

Your hardware stores.

You can just go to your local hardware store and buy anything, it seems.

Here in Denmark I had to go to a special web store to find vice-grips, and I have been searching for layout dye for years without luck.


4. Dang.

Netflix selection throughout Europe is pure crap.


5. Refills forever.

Free refills.


6. Where size matters.

I'm from the UK and it looks like the houses in the US are a million times bigger than they are here.


7. All day, every day.

Stores that are open 24/7.


8. Woo BBQ!


Thank the cosmos I live there and travel a lot. States seem to have their own twists and specialities and it's all so good I can't decide what I like more.

The Texas BBQ Pit I went to once was an experience.

Before I came here, BBQ meant store bought frozen burgers and sausages on a grill in the garden during summer. One thing I don't miss about the UK lol.


9. Don't be so reserved!!!!

Being raised in a society that encourages confidence and outspokenness, I'm a smart dude with a lot to say but I'm too British to say it.


10. Wide open spaces.

How much empty space you have outside of the metropolitan regions. I'm from Switzerland and the next village is five minutes away by car. The villages aren't really distinct from each other, either. It's just flats, then single family houses, then farms, more farms, single family houses again, flats again.

When I went to the US for a road trip we would drive for a day and see nothing but trees, and that was on the rather populated East Coast. I'd love to see the Midwest or the West where it's even more empty.


11. Student poverty is no joke.

The disgustingly large amount of funding made available for scientific research at so many universities. (I'm a PhD student.)



12. Everything you desire.

Access to stuff. Hobby items/materials especially. Stuff that is easily available in the US sometimes requires tracking down that one specialty store in Nowhere, Germany - that then only takes bank transfers as payment.


13. Take my money!

You get all the new shiny Google products and services first.

Dang it Google, we want to give you our money too!


14. It is.

Apparently you guys get haunted house experiences. Like an entire big house dedicated to being a horror experience.

Those sound crazy fun.


15. Wow, I didn't realize I took this for granted.

Easy access to root beer.


16. The final frontier. Oh wait...


This is only based on movies, TV and 3-hour-long Google Map procrastination sessions, but each house is set back like 15-20 metres from the road. The USA has "land" with a house on it. Space for cars, a workshop and for kids to run around. Opposed to the UK, where standard suburban houses have at most a small 5x5 metre patch at the front and back.

I genuinely hate how cramped the UK is. Most houses are joined at the side in terraces or there's maybe a 3-foot gap separating semi-detatched houses. Front doors are often at the edge of the pavement, so cars stack up on most roads. Then 90% of country roads are dangerously narrow for no obvious reason, causing cars to emergency brake when another comes around the corner towards them.

I would move to the US in heartbeat, but I need to pass exams to work there. I'm going for Australia as an alternative.


17. True.

This might be influenced by TV shows and Internet posts.

But it seems that you guys have a huge freedom in altering and customizing vehicles. Over there you can just grab an old car or bike (which you all seem to have) and just fix it up and modified as much as you want.

From where I'm from the rules are really strict so everything is stock and I envy that diversity and leeway to customize.


18. Unforgivable.

Easy access to Swedish Fish. I still haven't forgiven Ikea for stopping selling them in their U.K stores.


19. Beautiful.

The sheer diversity and beauty of the terrain.


20. All the climates!

If you are an American citizen, you can choose to live in just about any climate and landscape that the Earth has to offer, and still be in the same country. Whether you like mountains, volcanoes, the beach, the desert, the arctic, the prairie, the rainforest, whatever, the US has it.


21. The best!

Six flags and Universal Studios.


22. Awwww, shucks!

Your friendliness. That's one of the most striking things for family members when I take them to America. How people are just naturally friendly almost all the time.


23. Little rays of sunshine.

I'm a Canadian living in Europe, so I guess I count? But, FLAMING HOT CHEETOHS!! You guys don't understand how blessed you are to have those red pieces of delight.


24. On the front lines.

Your early adopter mentality. If there is a new invention/technology/trend etc. I feel like there isn't much that stops you from using it. Silicon Valley being very powerful an influential is the reason, I guess. But people are pretty carefree and open to trying out new services/products as well.


25. Please do it, but only if you really want to.

The first amendment to the constitution.

Over here that's really more of a suggestion than a law.


26. It goes on an on.

Road trips! Maybe it's just from films, but it seems like you can drive for days with some friends in America and go on an adventure. If I drove for days without stopping (except to sleep) like they seem to do in American road trips, I'd definitely end up in Czechslovakia. I can't speak Czech.


27. Interesting one!

I am sitting here with a friend that grew up and was raised in Sweden. He says that he loves the diversity of thought in America compared to Sweden.


28. That's a lot of dough.

American pick up trucks. You can get them here in Australia, but they generally cost about twice the price they are in the US. You have to import them privately and pay a company about $40k to convert them to right hand drive, because none of the American manufacturers build them that way. But there is nothing else that can compare to an American truck, at least in terms of comfort, power, and towing ability.


29. Absolutely.

Your national parks for sure. Don't get me wrong, Europe has gorgeous and protected areas too. But despite your current administration's best efforts to destroy it, American culture appears to have a special appreciation of and reverence towards the beauty of nature.


30. There is a severe lack of jerky variety.

Jerky. You have so many varieties there. I love jerky but while we can buy it in the U.K we only have a few types to choose from.


31. Free spirits.

A bit more adventurous/positive attitude. Over here we will first dive into criticism before enthusiasm. At least, thats my experience and something I also often find myself doing.


32. Okay. You do you.

The frozen pizza sections in the large retail stores.

My god, there's so much choice.


33. Vroom vroooom!

Challanger, Camaro, Stingray.... The only "muscle" car we get is the base Mustang GT :(


34. Stay positive.

I think the only thing I can think of is perhaps the way its encouraged to be positive and happy about stuff in the US. In the UK we drag anyone down who gets too happy or proud about anything-build em up, drag em down, its considered "arrogant". Whereas in UK we use sarcasm as our default setting.


35. Expensive fast food seems like it should be an oxymoron.

Cheap fast food

I see so many youtube videos of people loading up on Filet o Fish and quarter pounders etc off the dollar menu. The fucking dollar menu.

Over here a burger in McDonalds by itself is 3.49.



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