Everyday Mythbusters Share The One Medical Myth They Just Can't Stand.

Ever watch a show on television that makes an offhand reference to a medical fact you know to be false? Does that drive you nuts? If yes, this article is for you!

Here are some of people's least favorite medical myths.


Many thanks to all the Redditors who responded. Check out more answers from the source at the end of this article!

1. That men think about sex every six seconds.


2. That people on the autism spectrum don't feel empathy.


3. One side of the brain is the "artistic" side and one is the "mathy" side. Total bull - the only general differences in the hemispheres is that language areas are in the left side. Same otherwise.

Oh and listening to classical music as a baby doesn't make you smarter.

Just to be clear, I'm saying the left side of the brain has complete motor and sensory control of the ride side of the body and vice versa. The myth is that some people are "right brained" or "left brained" based on personality traits.


4. That vaccinations are bad/unnecessary/optional.


5. Cracking knuckles causes arthritis.


6. That people only use 10% of their brains.


7. Swallowed gum takes 7 years to digest.


8. My girlfriend has this thing about food going bad SUPER quick. Like if we get milk at the grocery store, and on the way home I stop to get gas, she will say that I should have stopped for gas first, so that we can get home faster and "save the milk".


She refuses to let it go, despite nothing ever having gone bad in the car, and despite the fact that we're financially secure enough not to worry about buying another gallon of milk if we really had to.


9. Shaving will not make your beard grow in thicker.


10. The vaccines cause autism, it is ridiculous!


11. Marijuana is totally safe for all people.


12. You need to drink at least 25 gigalitres of water a day. Enough that you need to carry a water bottle in each hand with you everywhere you go. Enough that sticking your head into Niagara Falls with your mouth open is still not enough. Enough that you just drained Lake Superior and still didn't meet your daily target. That's what makes you healthy.


13. Calling an ambulance will get you to see a doctor faster. It's called triage. If you're dying you'll see one. If not, to the waiting room with everyone else!


14. Once you get a "base tan", no amount of sunlight can burn you, so sunscreen is pointless.


15. That you should tilt your head back for a bloody nose. If you do that the blood will drip into your stomach.


16. Eating fat makes you fat. I've been eating nothing but fat and protein for the past few months and I've lost 35 lbs, and my heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol have dropped significantly.


Only my personal experience, but lots of people told me to just cut out fat from my diet.


17. Being cold will cause you to catch a cold.


18. If your hand is bigger than the size of your face then you have cancer. I fall for it every time.


19. Your blood is blue when it's inside your body.


20. That people can just "get over" mental illness.


21. Swallowing fruit seeds will grow a fruit tree in your stomach. False. Just like how swallowing human seed will not grow a baby in your stomach.


22. Sleeping with a bra on will cause breast cancer. My girlfriends literally swore their life on this.

I don't sleep with a bra, and I'm not trying to take away your boobie chances. I just think it's a silly claim. If they do cause cancer, shouldn't we stop wearing them all together?


23. Not so much medical, but "earwigs crawl into your ears and lay eggs". pure nonsense. Spiders, on the other hand, have been known to do that.


24. That men can't get breast cancer. No, men still have breast tissue, it's just not as developed and cancer is less common.


If you're breastfeeding, you can't get pregnant. Sorry, if you have periods again, you can get pregnant.

CPR will save all lives. Actually it only saves about 2-5% of people in the long run. An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) has up to a 90% survival rate of people in fibrillation if applied early enough, yet many people are too afraid to use it.


25. Your heart stops when you sneeze.


26. Reading in the dark harms your eyesight. Of course it can strain them, but it's not going to make your actual vision worse.


27. No swimming within 45 minutes of eating.


28. A splinter in your finger can travel through your blood stream and end up piercing your heart.

This one used to scare me as a child.


29. Not really medical. But when people ask me what exercises to do to spot reduce their fat, it drives me up the wall. "I'm really just looking to get rid of the fat around my stomach." It doesn't work that way.


30. Increase my penis size through pills?


31. Schizophrenia causes a person to have split personalities. Schizophrenia is about delusions and broken logic.


32. Muscle is 3 times denser than fat. Wolfram Alpha says it's about 20% denser.


33. If something is organic it is automatically good for you.


34. "Asthma is all in your head!" I can't stand that.


35. Not necessarily a specific myth, but just how many people nowadays think they are nutritionists because they "read an article somewhere," that says ______ is unhealthy and I should cut it out of my diet because it causes ________.

Honestly you can probably fill those blanks in with anything and find something online somewhere where someone says x causes y.


36. That American hospitals will turn out laboring woman and the injured due to a lack of insurance. It's such BS. I did unpaid work in my local hospital (one of the top one hundred). No one is ever been turned away, they work the bills out with you.


37. That in a for-profit healthcare model, medical facilities/businesses care more about a patient's health than profit.


38. Your hair and fingernails continue growing after you die. Seriously. Stahp.


39. Urinating on jellyfish stings doesn't help.


40. Here are some about the vagina:

"Female virgins have a hymen covering their vagina, which gets popped the first time they have sex." - The hymen is actually a ring-shaped membrane around the entrance of the vaginal canal. Except in very rare cases, it does not close it off. While it can be stretched or torn, it doesn't "pop".


"Chaste women have tight vaginas, while promiscuous women have loose vaginas." - Different people have differently sized vaginas, with different degrees of muscle tone. Vagina size has about as much to do with the size of the person as penis size does. Not to mention, the vagina is highly elastic. Vaginas can recover from childbirth - sex isn't going to have much of an effect. (And on that topic, the average vagina is about 3 inches unaroused, and about 5 inches when aroused, so the average penis is certainly "long enough".)

"Tampons can get lost up in there." - A tampon will not get lost in the vaginal canal. There is nowhere for it to go. The vagina is a short tube, ending in the cervix, which has a very very small hole in it. The hole in the cervix allows menstruation to flow from the uterus to the vagina. It does not allow tampons through.

"The clitoris is just a tiny nub on the outside of the vagina." - The nub on the outside of the vagina is the glans clitoris (equivalent to the glans penis.) The entire rest of the clitoris is internal and flanks the vaginal canal.

"Clitoral orgasms aren't real orgasms. Only orgasms from penetration count." - A purely clitoral orgasm is like an orgasm from just stimulating the tip of the penis. A purely penetrative orgasm is like an orgasm from just stimulating the shaft of the penis. They're both real orgasms. Some people get off more one way, some people get off more the other. It comes down to individual anatomy and personal preference.

"Normal labia are very small and can't be seen unless the vulva is spread." - All parts of the vulva vary greatly in size and shape, and it very common for the labia minora and/or clitoral hood to not be "tucked away" inside the labia majora. Asymmetrical labia are also a common occurrence - in the same way one testicle tends to hang lower than the other, one labia is usually slightly longer than the other. Unless they are painful, long or thick labia are perfectly healthy and normal.


42. Not everyone is allergic to gluten. It's not necessarily better for you because it's gluten free.


43. An AED will restart a flat-lined heart. It's called 'defibrillator', not 'restarter'. I'm looking at you, Hollywood.


44. That if a frog pees on your hand that it will cause you to have warts on the spot it urinated on.


45. "ADHD is fake! You're just lazy!"

You are not a doctor and don't know what you're talking about; ADHD is a medical condition identifiable on neurological scans via both the malformed size of the patient's self regulatory center and its almost complete lack of electrical activity.

The reason why ADHD patients take stimulants is to wake that part of the brain up so it can function somewhat normally. That's why when Robin Williams used to do cocaine he reported that it made him feel calm and rational; it allowed him self control.

That's why a lot of people with the disorder become athletes or performers; the brain wave inactivity is aided by an increase in dopamine, which is released by something like swimming laps in a pool enough to win 22 Olympic medals. Or maybe you need so much stimulation to satisfy your deregulated brain that you turn to skateboarding for hours a day and a few decades later everyone plus their mom knows who Tony Hawk is.

On top of having no relevant educational background to stand on, people denying this disorder come up with the most BS arguments too. "Well hey everyone has trouble focusing!!!" That's like telling someone with clinical depression that 'everyone gets sad sometimes,' or telling a schizophrenic that them not 'controlling their imagination' is 'immature.'

IMO the reason why mental illness is so stigmatized is because people like feeling superior to others & are uncomfortable with the idea that their own success might be something more than "lol I'm a better person and try harder than you."

True, it takes a lot of commendable effort to reach you maximum potential, but what that potential is isn't the same for every person. I take amphetamines that make me want to throw up to have a shot at folding my laundry without forgetting what day of the week it is. You don't have to. That's great for you.



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