Examples Of The Unfair Double Standards That Make Us All Suffer.

There are few things more frustrating than double standards. They're annoying, hypocritical, and often used to spite other people. They should be done away with!

Below are some of the most irksome double standards that people have suffered through, as told by AskRedditors. Check them out! A link to more stories can be found on the last page.

I saw my friend get attacked at college once. He tried walking away multiple times, but the girl started coming after him. The people around started whispering that he's a wuss and that he probably deserves everything. He finally had enough and slapped the girl across the face. There was a riot as soon as it happened. All the girls and a lot of guys started jumping onto him and hitting him multiple times. 

A teacher finally cam and guess what: He gots thrown out and the girl got taken care off even though he barely did anything!


My wife complains when I spend time playing video games, but has no problem with me spending the same amount of time watching TV. She's on Facebook on her phone the whole time either way, so what does it matter?


Woman taking care of her children without her partner = nothing special.

Man taking care of his children without his partner = babysitting.

A man taking care of his own children is doing nothing more special, heroic, or out his range of normal skills and duties than a woman. You don't "babysit" your own children.


I watch a lot of football/soccer.

A player will dive and all that teams fans say it's a stone wall penalty. Then when a player on the other team does exactly the same thing they're a filthy cheat who should be banned.

Obviously I have my favourite team and I want them to win, but I'm not blind.


I hate that it's okay to tear yourself down and express negative sentiments about yourself to other people, but if you express genuine pride in your accomplishments, you are often viewed as a braggart.


A first time embezzler will get maybe two years in prison if they stole upwards of six figures. A first time low-level drug dealer will get at least that much and likely a whole lot more, followed by extensive probation.

The reality is that a person embezzling from a retirement pool probably does much more harm to a greater number of people than a person slinging dope to a dozen or so customers.


In our city, if it's a funeral for a municipal official, streets are closed to allow for the convenience of the family and the procession - even if it's a small funeral.

Whereas "ordinary citizens" - no matter how much they contributed to the community over their lifetimes - don't receive the special privileges and convenience paid to city employees.


I've noticed something about women who are super body positive to other women. Large, skinny, bald, 9-inch spikes sticking out of your back? "Girl, you are BEAUTIFUL and any man who can't see that is the one that has something wrong with him."

But they would sooner die than date a chubby fella.

For the record, I used to be really big. I've dropped about 80 pounds, and I'm currently in a loving relationship. But that kinda stuff still irks me.


If you're bad towards your parents, you're a brat.

If your parents are bad towards you, you're an ungrateful brat.


Some people are able to poke fun at you, but then can't handle it when they're the one being poked fun at.


When someone who works hard slacks off a bit for a day, she gets yelled at.

When someone who never works hard slacks off, nobody cares.


Curly fry in my regular fries = awesome.

Regular fry in my curly fries = gross.


Me spending 20 bucks on video games is stupid and wasteful. Other hobbies are perfectly fine.


Women are encouraged to express emotion, and people will come running to their aid if they're in distress

Men are not encouraged to do the same, and it is seen as weakness. When a guy is in distress you will not see many people running to help.

Don't even get me started on childcare. A woman alone with a small child is seen as normal, while a guy alone with small child he may be a kidnapper.


"Stereotypes are bad."

"People from the South are a bunch of hillbilly racist KKK Nazis."


I hate to see people bust their butts at a job, but always overlooked for promotions because they're not good at politics or sucking up to management.


My sister is a prime example.

"I have labels x, y, and z, and you need to accept all of them. But I can't accept you because you're Christian."

Our mom is trying so hard to have a relationship with you, but you are so obsessed with labels that you use it as an excuse to drive everyone away. You might think you are super tolerant and accepting of other people, but you are one of the most closed-minded people I've ever met.


Staying up late and not doing stuff = lazy.

Waking up early and not doing stuff = productive.


People who genuinely insult you, but anytime you ever call them out on their bullcrap they say, "Can't you take a joke?"


In America, an 18-year-old is old enough to get shipped off to a foreign land with a gun and overthrow the government.

But you are not mature enough to buy a beer until you're 21.


Search my bag as I leave the store? How about all the people older than me who you let stroll on by without bag checking?

At my workplace the only people I've ever seen shoplift or attempt to shoplift are those over 50.


Watching e-sports and having people say dumb stuff such as: "Wait so you're just watching someone else play a video game? That's stupid. Why don't you just play it yourself?"

How about you shut up Steven? You could go play football every Sunday with your friends. Instead you choose to paint your face and body, get thoroughly drunk and spend the day in a room with 6 other painted men, while you all scream at professional athletes on the TV as if you are somehow qualified to coach or educate them in the sport they are paid to play.



My manager earns 25,000 a year for literally sitting on her butt in a comfy spinny chair, stapling things, and writing to-do list for everyone else, while I deliver 700kg of shopping in a van over 150 miles with no radio or AC for 7.50 an hour and can't get a holiday unless I book it two months in advance.

I could live with it, but we're super short-staffed so we all have to do extra. The reason we're shot is that she saved the company some money at the expense of our sanity and got a 5000 bonus at Christmas. I got 150.


My father is always yelling at us (don't worry, I'm 17 and almost out of here), but when anyone tries to talk to him, he gets angry and accuses me of having "an attitude". I get that I need to stay calm and all, and I do. But for real. Am I the one with an attitude here?


As someone who's underweight and has a hard time gaining weight, nothing angers me like how people feel it's okay to make fun of my weight and body proportions. But God forbid the same is said about someone overweight.


Anything involving politics. Obama/Hillary does a thing the right goes nuts, Trump/Bush did the same thing the right makes excuses. The left does the same thing. They are so oblivious to their hypocrisy - it's maddening. Or they excuse their party's actions because the other party did it before or still does it. If it is wrong it is wrong, no matter which side does it.


Woman: here are things about you I don't like. You need to change.

Man: Okay, here are some things you should change.

Woman: If you can't accept me for who I am then maybe we shouldn't be together.


I just want to be able to go to the park with my 5-year-old niece and not get the cops called on me because I watch her as she plays.

Three times this has happened.


I always hated back in high school, how doing the right thing, being responsible, and generally following the rules meant you would be reprimanded when you broke the rules, but a kid that always broke the rules would be praised the one time they actually did something right.

Like, positive reinforcement is good and all, but the kids doing what they're supposed to all the time deserve the praise more than the kid who barely follows the rules.


The thing my fiancee's parents do. They constantly bash her for her choices (They'd literally rather she be unsuccessful and lead a lie she hates), and tell her what she can/can't and should/shouldn't do.

But when I encourage her to do whatever she wants and whatever makes her happy, I'm "controlling her."


The double standard that always bothered me the most is that those in school are deemed not to have the same rights as adults. Obviously children & teens are in the care of adults and they have some authority over them. It's been taken too far with locker searches, presumption of guilt, profiling by staffing schools with police officers, unwarranted searches.


My parents get mad at me for playing games instead of going out, so I go out with my friends, they then complain I don't go anywhere with them.

The problem is they spend the majority of the day in separate rooms watching TV, and when they are together, it's when they go to the only place they ever leave the house for, the local supermarket.



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