Exasperated People Talk About The Most Ignorant Things They Ever Heard.

I was out on a date. It happened while we were ordering drinks.

Me: I'll take a Black Russian.

Date: (incredibly offended) I can't believe you!

Me: What are you talking about?

Date: There are all sorts of cultures you knowThat's so racist!

Me: Oh. You mean my drink? It's called a Black Russian. It's Vodka and Kahlua. Its like a White Russian, but without the cream.

The awkward silence continued even when we got our drinks.

Chris Lynam

Knew a girl who thought that if you were good looking it meant you must be dumb, and if you were unattractive it meant you must be smart because it was all about "balance."

In all fairness, she was very pretty.


I have a relative who recently went to the zoo with his daughter and was extremely shocked when he saw a penguin. Until then, he apparently thought that penguins were mythical creatures - like unicorns and minotaurs. He is 45 years old.


This is easy for me. When I was 17 years old, I worked for a racist in a hospital kitchen after my school hours. How do I know he was racist? There had been a young caucasian girl who worked there and kept flirting with me. (I'm Black.)

She and I would joke and laugh. One of the other young men evidently had a crush on her and complained. The supervisor called me into his office and started to lecture me about sticking to my own kind (his words). But this was not the most ignorant thing. 

It was a big deal when I graduated from high school because of the program I was in and my academic accomplishments. There was a front page article about me and my college plans in the Sunday newspaper. 

This same racist pulls me into his office again and decided to give me an even more stunning lecture. (continued…)

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He starts telling me how stupid it would be for me to leave a good paying job ($2.65/hour washing dishes). He explained I had a future and one day might be promoted to assistant supervisor (although I could never aspire to his level.) 

"You have a career here. Dont throw it away on something thats above your head." I didnt respond. I just walked out. I finally quit a few days later. Ignorance is a burden he was going to have to bear for his entire life.

I went off to my great college (a top engineering school) then later to one of the top business schools. I now consult on management and technology mostly providing advisory services to senior leaders of very large organizations. I guess I rose above my $3.00/hour threshold after all.

Kirk Holmes

"I'm seriously considering moving to another country because I am sick of all the immigrants coming into this country."


I have a comfy desk job working mostly with older women. As I walk by a couple of them, I overhear a conversation.

Woman A: I just got back from out trip to Hawaii. It was wonderful, but slightly disappointing.

Woman B: Disappointing? how could Hawaii be disappointing?

Woman A: Well we went to go see Pearl Harbor, and it was just a harbor.

Woman B: Well what do you mean? Of course it is.

Woman A: I thought there would still be destroyed ships, and bodies floating around and all that...

This woman, in her 50s, thought that we would leave the dead floating around for a tourist attraction. And she was disappointed that we didnt.


My current boyfriend and I - who are Chinese-American and Korean-American, respectively - were on a boat tour last year to see wild horses in Assateague, Virginia. Sailing with us was a white family of four from somewhere in the South. Since he's a big-time nerd, my boyfriend was chatting it up with the tour guide about the local NASA base and its defence capabilities.

The patriarch of the family immediately turned to the tour guide and unloaded. (continued...)

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"Hey, don't give away all our secrets to the Chinese!" He tried to pass it off as a joke, but his intentions were obvious.

My boyfriend pounced. "Whatre you talking about? I used to work in U.S. defense. I have government clearance, man."

Another time, I was briefly seeing a white guy from the Midwest who told me that I "smell like sesame oil. All the Korean girls I've met do." I hadn't touched sesame oil in months.

Irene Park

A young woman brought her baby into my ER for vomiting. During my assessment, I noticed the smell of bug spray, so I asked the mom about it. Her response was that she saw a roach crawl into the babys mouth so she gave it a little squirt of Raid.

It was one of the most jaw-dropping, ignorant things I have ever heard in my life.

(Yes, child protective services and the police were involved shortly after that conversation with that mother.)


When I was really young, my classmates would always tell me to "go back to China." Or when I approached groups of kids, someone would always say, "Oh no, its the Chinese kid." Or theyd approach me and say, "Ching ching chong, chinga chong ching?" and then walk off laughing, which always confused me because Im not Chinese.

As I got older, my skin got darker, and people would instead tell me to "go back to India." Which also confused me because Im not Indian either.

Ive had people call me Native American too. This one really blew my mind. Even if they did intend to suggest that I was Native American, they wanted a Native American to get out of America and go back to where they came from? Amazing. By the way, Im not Native American either.

Eventually, people just told me to "get out of their country." I was born here in America!

Daniel Lelis

My parrot died.  I had to put him to sleep and it's just something that affected me very deeply. I cried every single day. Which also meant school.

Some people got to know about it, and one of them was this girl. One morning I wasn't in my best state and she asked me what was wrong. (continued...)

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I decided to tell her.

"I accidentally stepped on him… and then he was hurt really badly so I had to put him to sleep."

At this point, she replied with:

"Wait. Lemme get this straight. You put your parrot to sleep and that's why youve been crying?"

I nod.


She starts laughing uncontrollably. I'm there staring at her with my mouth hanging wide open.

My heart was aching and I was going to break down in tears again if it wasn't for the class bell.

She didn't know what "put to sleep" meant in the context of a pet. She thought I was crying because my parrot had taken a nap. And she's been a fluent English speaker for all of her life.

Sasha Decosta

My ex and I were watching a horror film called The Orphan.

She turned to me and said, "That's terrible. What kind of parents put their kids in an orphanage?"


"Animals don't feel pain because they are too stupid to choose a religion." This was said to me by a girl in her senior year of high school. How disgusting.


She was a retired nurse with a cold, unsympathetic personality. I had just lost my two infant daughters a little over a month apart; they were born prematurely and didn't make it. It was a terrible time and I had taken great care, in my grief, to get them a lovely pink granite gravestone.

When she found out, she rolled her eyes. (continued...)

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She said, "I don't know why you wasted the money. You should have just had the hospital throw them away." I was so horrified by this that I had a hard time being anywhere near her. 

Amorette Dye

I overheard a man explain to someone else that the reason the French colonized Canada was because the two countries were joined together at the last ice age and the French simply walked there.


When my beloved brother died in 1991 at age 40 from AIDS, I was heartbroken. We had always been very close (the closest in age of 6 kids). The world lost a truly talented concert pianist and teacher, and just about the kindest, most generous, compassionate, and wonderful person Ive ever known. (Even in his illness, he cooked and delivered meals to other patients closer to death than himself.)

As if I werent miserable enough in the depths of profound grief, a bone-headed co-worker in our small office said to me, "Its Gods punishment for him being gay."

Barbara Berney

An acquaintance set me up on a date with her friend but she left one tiny detail- Im from the Philippines. Not that it matters, but it apparently matters to him.

"Im American, youre looking for a green card, huh?"

I wish he was kidding but he wasnt when he said that. I told him no, I dont need a green card. And then he said: "Look, youre cute, but Im not rich and I know you Filipinas want money."

At that point, I just stood up and walked away. Im probably earning more than him. I run a company and have a few other businesses on the side. No use arguing with a close-minded person.

Michelle Dizon

While watching a family video of my brother throwing sticks at an alligator, the gator came out of the water and sprinted after him. Thats when my Granny gasped and exclaimed, "You mean them things got legs?!"


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A friend said this when we were around 16: "But, people who act in porn movies... they are in love, right?" Sweet. But ignorant.


I was talking to friend about her upcoming European trip.

Me: I loved Ireland, it's a great country. 

Friend: Nah man, I don't want to go to Scandinavia. 

Me: You realize that Ireland is not part Scandinavia right? 

Friend: Nah, it is.

Me: Are you going to go to Amsterdam? 

Friend: I told you, I am not going to Scandinavia. 

Me: Have you ever seen a map of the world? 

Friend: Amsterdam is the capital of Finland.


There was a girl in my high school who believed that Indiana was in Vietnam, and that the Vietnam war is still ongoing.


Were studying astronomy in third grade, and the teacher asks our class, "Which planet is closest to Earth?" I raised my hand and answered, "Venus." The teacher snickered and replied, "No, it's the moon!" All of the kids laughed at me.


We were watching Saving Private Ryan when I was in high school. During the opening scene of the invasion of Normandy, a girl starts complaining about how fake this movie is. I thought the special effects were pretty amazing, so I asked why she thought that.

"Oh, no the effects are great. It is just insulting to the audience that they expect us to believe that anyone would actually charge a beach like that when there are all those machine guns and tanks and stuff."

After an hour long discussion, I realized that she had never heard of WW2. Turns out she thought that the Jews had perpetrated the Holocaust.


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