Flattered People Share The Compliment That Gave Them Warm Fuzzies

A lot of people don't realize that a kind gesture or a simple compliment (no matter how small), can really turn a person's life around. In this article, people share the nicest thing someone has ever said to them.

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"I see a lively soul that will surely bring joy to countless people. Don't let that soul flicker, because there are those who need it right now."

Said by a janitor at a hospital when I was at the lowest point ever at my life, not knowing if my girlfriend would live or die. He was the only one who put his things down, sat down and talked to me. He probably saved me from a very deep depression.


When I was 10 my parents' landlord and his son (4 years old) came over to fix something in the backyard.

I was walking down the stairs when his little boy saw me. He froze and grabbed his dad's leg and muttered in awe "Dad, it's a beautiful princess."

I was teased so bad and was an outcast, that little boy lifted my spirits because kids are blatantly honest.

So thank you random kid! I will always remember you.


My boyfriend, before we started dating, had this thing about "love." He didn't really believe in it and was pretty adamant about not ever wanting to be "in love" or saying "I love you." I accepted that and after getting into a relationship never really expected him to say it, and if he did, I wasn't sure I would believe it.

One day though, he caught me off guard and while he was hugging me, he simply said, "You feel like home." I admit, I cried.


I was subbing for a kindergarten class, and one of the little girls told me "I really like your hair! No! I like your shoes! No! I like... I like everything about you."

I know 5-year-olds just say whatever sometimes, but I honestly I can't think of anything better than that. 


I work at a gas station. I'm a man. This was coming from another man.

Basically what happened was I had just served him, and he was walking away, and he turned around and said "Bro... You should be a model."

I had no words, it made my day.


It actually just happened today. Two friends of mine got married and as a gift I brewed them a ton of beer (from a recipe I made in honor of their Union) so they wouldn't have to drop a couple hundred on beer themselves.

Of the ~70 people who were at the reception, about half of them had some of my beer and every single one went out of their way to find out who brewed it, and then approached me to tell me how delicious they found it.

I am still beaming like 4 hours later. First time I've brewed for strangers.


I used to walk to school as a teenager. One time a group of guys a little older than me walked up behind me and started calling me ugly and disgusting and all that fun stuff. I stayed home from school for a week and a half, faking sick. I finally worked up the nerve to go back, and leave super early in the morning so I wouldn't run into those guys again. On my way, I pass by a girl around my age sitting at a bus stop. And she says, "You're really pretty, you know." I almost cried right then and there, it meant so much to me and it seemed very surreal after my last experience. In hindsight, she probably felt bad for me because I looked scared.


"If I had a daughter, I'd want her to marry someone exactly like you."

This came from my trainer, who doesn't know me well enough to logically make such a claim but well enough for the sentiment to mean something because he knows what kind of person I am overall. Really meant a lot to me, especially since actual girls don't really pay me much attention.


One of my customers at work told me they would always request a table in my section, not just because of the level of service I provide, but because I connect with them and their kids on a personal level.

I've always tried to treat my tables like human beings in part because I hope it will inspire the same behavior towards me and other servers; to have my efforts recognized and appreciated really made my day. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. N! I'll never forget you or your lovely family.


The mother of a bride came up to see me in the organ loft after her daughter's wedding ceremony and said, "I love the way you play the organ, and I understand it's the biggest one in town. Thank you for choosing just the right pieces to make this occasion special."

I was impressed that she left the assembled crowd outside the church doors to come back and offer these kind, thoughtful words.


"If anything happens, would you adopt me? I want you to be my mom," My daughter's friend said to me.

Her mom was struggling with things, and failing as a parent. I've taken care of this kid off and on for a couple of years (they live close) and I treat her like she's my own. When Child Protective Services came to investigate an issue with them, she told CPS she wanted to stay with me. I love her so much and am thrilled her mom seems to have gotten her life together. The little girls question filled my heart with joy and broke it at the same time. I'll always love that kid.


I was a delivery boy for a sub shop. Once, when I came to the door of a customer, I was greeted with "oh hey handsome, did you bring me 8 inches?" Unfortunately, this was a gay male teen and I'm a straight male, but it made me feel confident.

Girls don't hit on me a whole lot, so it was great to get some positive attention for once.


"You're very intelligent and it has been a pleasure teaching you." My teacher at the end of high school, when we got our final one-on-one course evaluations at the end of the final year.

I genuinely enjoyed my last two years of school, especially because of my teachers. The classes with her were always interesting and fun, I really looked up to her and her no-nonsense attitude. She was strict, but always fair and I always wanted to impress her. Hearing this from someone I respected so much was probably one of the best praise I've ever gotten.


About 5 years ago now I was putting my sons to bed. They shared a room and as I was leaving my 6 year old said, "Goodnight. You're a great daddy."

Small gesture, but we had just finalized his adoption. There were some bumps in the road, but it was nice to get to that point where he saw me as his dad. We really bonded from that point forward. It broke down the barrier. He's 11 now and we are still tight. He's a great kid.


When I was in high school my girlfriend at the time always wanted to be a cheerleader, but her parents were poor and couldn't afford the $1000+ per year in various fees so they always told her no when she begged. When Junior year came I had a part time job and plenty of disposable income so I paid her cheerleading fees for her last two years of high school.

One night she and I went to her house after a football game and her dad was there in the living room watching tv. When she left the room to go to the bathroom or something, her dad turned off the tv and gave me a hug and said something like "-girlfriends name- is so happy when she's wearing that cheerleading outfit. Having to tell her no has broken my heart for years. I just want you to know that her mother and I are very grateful. You're a truly good man -my name- I really hope -girlfriends name- ends up marrying you.


One of my close friends in college got a girlfriend, and I was really excited to meet her at a party that night.

First thing I said when I saw her (I was already a bit tipsy at this point): "Oh my God, she's even prettier than you said!"

Friend told me a few days later that his girlfriend was still beaming over this compliment. Apparently she told him "your friend is really stunning, so that compliment meant a lot."

They're engaged to be married now, too!


Not the nicest but the one that sticks out the most- when I was in the 6th grade one boy was asked on a dare to "tap" the girl on the head who was considered beautiful while our eyes were closed.

Of course, I was sneaking a peek and noticed that he tapped all of the girls on their heads which had to be the kindest thing he could have done. We were all going through the awkward stages of our lives and that moment is something I will never forget.


The most meaningful compliment ever - as I've noted - was from a widow who came to see me in the choir loft after her husband's funeral.

She said, with a look of genuine happiness in her eyes: "I've come to thank you, personally, for the uplifting, joy-filled music you played for my husband's funeral. Instead of it being a mournful, sad service, your music transformed the occasion into a true celebration of his life - the man I loved all these years."

That moment will always stay with me. Even now, I can hear her voice and see her face.


I had a girl break up with me years ago and one of the last things I said to her was "I hope you remember me well." Few years pass and I get an email from her, she's moved across the country and was thinking back on her life. Said that she does think of me from time to time, and always does remember me well.

She's on the other side of the country so it wasn't her trying to get back together, she just wanted to let me know.


When I was about 14 I found out this guy wanted to ask me out because he'd overheard a conversation between my friend and I and he thought I seemed like a fascinating and intelligent person. As a very awkward and shy 14 year old this was a wonderful confidence booster even though nothing ever came of it.


My wife and I were visiting my parents. We're all in the living room watch tv or a movie or whatever. I am sitting on one end, and my wife is laying down with her legs on my lap.

I don't remember if I rubbed her arm and smiled or something, but whatever it was, she just sort of smiled and said "I like you."

There was just something sweet about it. I write it in notes to her all the time now.


It was after the Avengers Age of Ultron credits. This lady came up to me and said something along the lines of, "Hearing you enjoy the movie made me enjoy it more," or something to that effect.

I've been complimented on my laugh a lot through life.


I was grocery shopping with my 2 young toddlers and probably at the end of my rope (stay at home mom, dad's been unavailable for a few months due to mental health issues.) 

Random lady: Oh! Are they twins? 

Me: Nope, they're 12 months apart. 

Random Lady: Aww, my first 2 were about that far apart. It's a hard age difference but I can tell you are doing awesome. Keep it up, mama.

I was almost in tears. Exactly what I needed to hear at the time.


A few folks have compared my writing to that of Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett, which I consider some of the highest praise I could ever hope to receive. I've also been told that my horror has a Lovecraftian tone to it... which is either a compliment or a criticism, depending on who is offering it.

Either way, I make a point to avoid the word "eldritch" whenever possible.


When I was in high school, I went to a local store for something for my grandma. I was super awkward, not conventionally attractive... You know, the works. I was reading a magazine, and a guy walked by me and kind of looked back at me. He gave me a smile and said, "Hey, you're pretty cute."

I still think about it sometimes. He was just so nice.


Years ago before I had kids, I was flying back home from a business trip. I had a row to myself until these two brothers, 6 and 8 years old, sat next to me. They were on they way home from visiting their dad. Probably split home as best I could tell. Anyway, for the next couple of hours I helped them out as best I could. Talked with them, made sure they didn't get too bored. Actually enjoyed the company. When we landed, they had to wait for a FA to escort them. As I was getting up, the younger boy asked, "do you have any kids?" I said no, not yet. And he said, "you should, you'd make a great dad."


I went to work for a company that required me to commute over 3 hours a day round trip. Money was good, and the position promised a lot of new and exciting challenges. After about a month, the position and the company wasn't at all what I thought it was going to be, and definitely not worth the long commute. I decided to give notice and move onto to something else... definitely closer to home. 

On my last day, my boss walked me to my car and told me that although I was only there for such a short period of time, it had been a genuine pleasure to have me there, and that she really wished things had worked out. She went on to say that I was one of the kindest people that she had ever met. Wow! By far, THE nicest compliment I have ever received from anyone, particularly when considering the circumstances.


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