Flattered People Share The Nicest Compliment They've Received And Will Never Forget.

It's not everyday that you get a compliment, but when they happen it can be beautiful.


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1. I'm usually pretty quiet around family or people I don't know. My wife's family is ruthless with the constant "does he not like us" crap. One time grandma said "why are you always so quiet?" And right as I'm ready to answer my wife said "he's just stoic." A save for me and a discreet dig on grandma. That's why I married her.


2. I remember the exact date in 1991. I was 19 and working a crap job 500 miles from home and I was thinking about suicide in a calm, measured way. I was on my way out of a grocery store (where I had pilfered a tube of raw cookie dough so I could eat that day).

Instinctively, I held the door open for an older lady behind me. She didn't say "thank you". She stopped, looked me square in the eye, and said "you're very sweet. Follow me. I'm going to make you dinner."

She made me follow her home, and cooked me dinner every night for the rest of that awful summer. Most of those nights, I slept on her sofa. I went back to college in August, but we stayed pen-pals until her passing in 2002. She saved my life.

Not with the dinners. (She couldn't cook for crap.) She saved my life by acknowledging me.



3. My high school English teacher told me that he waits to read my essays until he has a coffee and time to relax. He also told me he will occasionally walk around to show other teachers the jokes in the essay.

That made me want to be a writer. He's probably the greatest teacher I ever had, and one of very few people I want to make proud.



4. A friend asked me to hold his oversized drink while he was driving.

"Sure man, no prob."

"Man, you're like the nicest person."

"Thanks, I try to be."

"No, that's the thing - you DON'T try to be, you just are."


5. I went running for the first time in the hopes of trying to lose some weight. This lady walking her dog saw me nearly keeling over because I was so exhausted, and said to me


"You're doing an amazing job, don't give up!"

I'll never forget it, it gave me a second wind and suddenly I could keep going.


6. The most memorable kind comment came to me directly after a funeral from a widow who was moved by the music I had played for the service.

She said, "I came into the church full of sorrow, and left full of joy because your music was uplifting and inspirational, not the typical dirge-like music expected."

Later that week, after the funeral, she mailed a "thank you" note which included a check for the music fund in the amount of $25,000.



7. Waiting for my order to be taken at the drive-thru on Starbucks I started singing along to the radio, when the song ended the girl on the intercom said

"Wow, I love your voice, I have no idea what you said (the song was in spanish) but you sounded so sincere"

To this day, it's my go to memory when I'm feeling down for whatever reason.



8. I was in a writing class in college. I tended to be outspoken and participated a lot in discussions. After class a girl approached me and said "I just want you to know I think you're an interesting person."

I had just started going out with someone so I didn't really say anything aside from an awkward "thanks" though.


9. "You look just like a painting"

It had been raining all day. I had just spent the last hour at the DMV, and at this point I was setting up for another hour at the social security office.

The woman next to me was very... put together. Sitting up straight, really nice clothes. She was talking to a man who I assume was her husband. She kept turning and glancing at me and it was making me feel a little self-conscious. I was tired, my hair was in a side braid that was starting to get frizzy because I had been rained on.

This lady was immaculate, and I am beside her looking like a wet dog.


She suddenly reaches out, placing her hand on top of mine, "You look just like a painting."


It could have been a backhanded compliment, but I choose to see it positively and it made me feel good leave me alone.


10. Being the only (and youngest) girl working at a cafe run only by Greek man in their late 20's/30's I was definitely picked apart and made to feel pretty dumb with every little mistake. One day this lady pulled me aside to explain for a solid five minutes that everyone that works here is rude and selfish. Only to explain that the only reason she still comes is because I have the most beautiful smile and my personality invites her in every time. She may have felt bad that I work with such sour men but I'll never forget it!



11. I was walking around the Smithsonian during a school field trip and this girl my age stopped me and said: "This is probably really creepy but you're just the prettiest girl I've ever seen. Just thought you should know." and walked away.


12. Guy I'd never met before approached me on the street, "Miss, do you have a second for me to tell you something? I've seen you around downtown for a while now, and you just always look so confident and sure of yourself, and I just want to say that I admire that and I hope you never lose it."



13. I have some minor anxiety disorders. Mostly I think about stuff I said in conversations with others and I wonder if there was some inappropriate content coming from me that maybe hurt someone.

I talked with a female colleague (I am male) about this and asked her if I said anything wrong that made her feel bad or something and she simply replied with "I think you could never say anything mean to me".

That's a single sentence, but it makes me feel good thinking about it until this day.


14. "You made this place feel like home."

In high school I met a foreign exchange student from Italy about halfway through her stay in America. When we first met she told me about how alone she felt in America and how much she missed everyone back home.


We had a "thing" for several months before she went home. A couple days before she left she told me that and it made me feel so good that I could bring her a little happiness and safety in a place so strange and far from home.


15. I once had flowers delivered to my office and the card said, "I know I will never see you again but I wanted to thank you for changing my life".

I had no idea who sent them, but I'll never forget it.



16. My very heterosexual boss (male) told me (also male) that I was a "beautiful man" and should take up acting because I have "that look."

There is something flattering about being complimented on your looks by someone who's sexual preferences don't dictate that attraction.



17. "You look good."

I was on my way to catch the bus home from school. A random girl just stopped and said it to me. I am quite a awkward guy so without stopping I shrugged, said "thanks" (Well, at least I think I said thanks, I might have just made a noise.) and started walking faster to catch the bus.

It is one of those moments I look back at and cringe, but it also makes me feel good because it was the first time (and only time) I have got a compliment like that.


18. I play on xbox live with a lot of people on overwatch. A few days ago I was in a party with some friends and friends of them.

I was talking about my son and one of the people in the game, a kid of about 14 or so, remarked that he always loves hearing me talk about my son and how the love radiates from my voice and that he can tell how much I care for my kid. It was such a genuine remark and I was really touched I don't know.



19. My ex, actually right before we started dating, made an offhand comment that really stuck with me.

We were just walking on campus from the library and were talking about homework and I casually mentioned that CS can be kinda isolating but I don't mind it too much, I don't get lonely easily, campus is full of people etc etc and she quipped 'Yea I like doing things alone too, but I think I like doing stuff with you more'

Made me feel great. I looked right at her as she said it and I guess she realized how it sounded cause she blushed and smiled, so I said 'I like doing stuff with you too' smiling back.


20. I had a rough time with my peers growing up. I got bullied mercilessly. I WAS that chubby redheaded kid that everyone thought was weird. My hair was big and unruly, I was covered in freckles and I just couldn't figure out who I was or how to dress. I didn't fit in AT ALL.

I was at a funeral for the father of one of the kids I went to school with when I was home from university. A bunch of the kids I grew up with were there and one of them came up to me and said, "I just have to say that you are absolutely stunning. Everyone has been talking about how beautiful you've become."

I almost started to cry. I moved 8 hrs away from there because I hated them all so much for making my life bad because I was "ugly." Still can't forgive them for everything they did, but to know that they regret it makes me feel so much better.



21. Had a girl break up with me years ago and one of the last things I said to her was "I hope you remember me well". Few years pass and I get an email from her, she's moved across the country and was thinking back on her life.


Said that she does think of me from time to time, and always does remember me well.

She's on the other side of the country so it wasn't her trying to get back together, she just wanted to let me know.


22. Someone creeped my account and did a 90% accurate job of identifying my job, sexuality, and other things. I corrected the one part they didn't get quite right, told them a relevant story and congratulated them on their work, as I had been posting for several days and thus they had a lot of crap to sort through.

They replied with this:

You just made me realize how ashamed of myself I am that I wanted to call out a random internet stranger. Really, WTF is wrong with me?

I, being a huge dick, called you out, and you had the grace to compliment me on my sleuthing.

You are a class act!

It kind of made my day tbh.



23. Friend said I don't speak until I have something intelligent to contribute. Good to know that I have someone fooled.


24. My boss told me I look like little birds help me get dressed in the morning.


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