Frustrated Police Officers Share The Most Trivial Reason They Were Called To The Scene.

When the dispatcher asks, "9-1-1, what is your emergency?" that is exactly what they are emergency. But not everyone seems to get that. Here, 29 frustrated police officers share the most trivial reason they were called to the scene.

1/29. My local police department recently posted on Facebook about an elderly woman that called in because the couple across the street wouldn't wave at her and she wanted an officer to come make them do so.


2/29. At my school, the cops were called because a homeless man asked a sorority girl for money and she flipped out and knocked over her frappucino.

Obviously he didn't have the money to pay for it and she called the cops. When they got there and figured out what they had been called for, the police officer went to the counter and bought a frappucino. He then proceeded to give it to the homeless man and escorted him off campus. He seemed pretty irritated he had been called.


3/29. In my rookie year I went to a lady's apartment for a possible burglary. When we got there, she told us the birds on her roof were annoying her and we had to clear them off. My Sgt went ballistic and told her if she ever misused 911 again, she would be arrested.


4/29. Repeatedly get calls in a more affluent part of our county complaining about a neighbor mowing and the cut grass landing on the complainant's lawn.

Same area...complaint about a pizza delivery car parked on the curb. Apparently the car wasn't up to the "standards" of the neighborhood and they didn't want it visible. They were actually delivering a pizza. Side note: pizza car was a newer model than my cruiser.


5/29. I was a cop for about five years in a fairly well-to-do area of my town. One particularly memorable call I received was because a mom and dad decided that their son needed a spanking BUT they wanted an officer to do it so their child "wouldn't see them as bad parents."

I calmly told them no and walked right back out of the door.


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6/29. Speaking as a former dispatcher for a university police department, we often had to hear these and weed out the ridiculous ones. My personal favorite:

"University 911, where's your emergency?"

"My car's frozen over and I broke my scraper! Send Police to help!"

"Sir, this is an emergency line. Are you hurt or in any danger?"

"No, but if I don't get my car out, the store's going to run out of iPhones! I need to get into line now!"


7/29. I work in a city that has houses starting at $500K, which for North Texas ain't too shabby, and other parts where the houses start out about 1/4 the price. There is a car wash that is on the nice side of town and it backs up to a creek. A patron that was having her car washed and detailed, called us up to tell us there was a turtle and she was concerned about other peoples safety. I thought it was a snapping turtle when we got the call. Nope, box turtle.


8/29. My uncle got called because this lady shared her crack with her boyfriend last week and he wouldn't share his crack with her this week.


9/29. My mom called the cops on my step dad when he told her to shut up. He bought the wrong type of potatoes and she had a long day/was PMSing and said that he doesn't do anything right. He told her to shut up and went to sleep. She called the cops and they didn't even come out.


10/29. I've only been a cop for a few months now, but I've already had quite a number of these.

- Got called to a woman's house to verify that her power was actually out. It was.

- A woman was blocking the road on a main street in town, because someone was in her favorite parking spot and she wouldn't move until she could park there.

- Received a call that a man's friend wouldn't return his DVDs a night early (they were shortly returned).

- A woman called saying that she lost a ring and a pack of cigarettes. Upon arriving and after looking for about 10 minutes, she realized she was wearing the ring, and she had smoked the cigarettes.

- A man stormed into the PD, furious that his wife had opened a new savings account under her name without the bank getting his permission.

- Got a report of a possible domestic in progress (a party was banging on a man's door, and he was afraid to leave) turned out to be his friend who he invited over (no he did not check who it was, I wish I was making this up).

- Called out to a residence by a concerned citizen that someone had their dogs in the yard when it was raining. He was worried they would "get too wet and sick". It was about 60F (16C) out, and the dogs looked quite happy in the rain.

- Man reported that his neighbor's yard wasn't as well kept as his, and it was driving his property value down.

- Called to a parking lot where a teenager was concerned that his two friends were going to get in a fist fight over who got to sit in the front seat. I pretty much just stood there glaring at them until they both got into the back seat when I got there.


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11/29. We got a call from a woman to say she wants her SO arrested for assault because he threw a pillow at her yeah

To make matters worse, as this had happened inside a home between a couple, it was classified as a 'domestic incident'. My force's policy is to treat all domestics as immediate response calls. So we were blasting it through the streets of a major city to get to the pillow incident


12/29. Really nice neighborhood. I respond out there cause or "road obstruction." When I arrive I see three different cars with the bottoms covered in concrete and some rightfully pissed off people. They are thinking that some concrete truck lost its load in the roadway, but when I look at it, it looks like it's a purposeful stripe running across the road...

I turn a look at one of the houses right in the area, and I see a wheelbarrow and shovels beside the house... Walk up and yep, they are covered in concrete.. I knock on the door and this way too happy old lady answers.. she tell me how she paid 290,000 for this house... And it's her right to slow down all the speeders by making her husband build a speed bump.


13/29. My friend, who was young, bought a house with a very strict HOA. He had the police called to his house because his grass was an inch too tall. Yes, someone actually came out to his house, with a stick and measured his grass. This was after he received a notice earlier in the week about it being 1/2 an inch too tall.

They wanted him cited for not following a local ordinance. The cop told them to piss off because my friend could prove he had a weekly contract with a lawn company. What it was, they had a company where they were receiving kickbacks from for every customer they had on board. They were pretty much trying to bully him into using the lawn service they wanted.


14/29. The troll who lived underneath me called the cops three times in a month, each time saying it was something serious until they actually showed up: 1st time: She complained about the sound of me moving back and forth in the shower after 10PM. 2nd time: I dropped a pot in the kitchen at 4PM and she felt I did it on purpose since I should've known her baby was napping. 3rd time: Noise complaint for a loud party. No clue on that one. I was asleep with all the lights off when the cops showed up. They threatened to arrest her for false reports if she called again.


15/29. Last winter we had an unusual snow storm for four days. Police and firemen were under much stress and they struggled to help people.

On radio, the police chief complained about a case was someone who called for help. And when firemen arrived he said that he actually want some dessert for his wife and asked if they can do a delivery.


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16/29. My dad got called to an elderly man's house who said someone stole his sausages. Turns out he actually ate them all.


17/29. Serving officer in the UK in Central London. 1. A lady had burned her toast and set off her smoke alarm. 2. Garbage collector was making too much noise collecting someone's rubbish at 8am on a weekday.


18/29. Some guy called because dirt was blowing into his yard and it was bothering him. He wanted us to find out why...

It was the wind.


19/29. During a hurricane I was called away from traffic duty to an old lady's house. She told the call taker it was a problem with her dog and there was a note in the premise history saying the complainant might be mentally unsound. I arrived and found out the problem was the dog refused to go out in the rain but hadn't used the restroom (or in this case, yard) for several hours and the lady didn't want to get wet while dragging him into the yard.

I tried to coax the dog out but eventually just picked him up and carried him into the yard. He did his duty, then proceeded to walk around sniffing everything while I stood there getting drenched. Old lady didn't even say thank you when I returned her shnookie-ookems.


20/29. I once attended a call because a motorcycle had been reported left parked on a sidewalk completely blocking pedestrian traffic. I arrived on the scene to find an elderly man waiting for me and a small child's bicycle laying on the sidewalk. The man started ranting about his neighbour's kid leaving his bike all over the place and he wanted it ticketed and towed. I very politely explained to this gentleman that I was not going to tow it and that if he ever calls for something like this again he might be the one getting "towed".


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21/29. When I was fourteen, my mother called the police to my house because I wasn't awake in time for school. They showed up and I woke up, ten minutes late, to two police officers in my room.

I wasn't even late that day.


22/29. I was sent to a 911 call where a father and adult son were arguing over the last Dr. Pepper. I walked in, grabbed two glasses out of their dish strainer, and poured it equally among them.

I also had a couple involved in an argument when their air conditioner had broken. They were arguing because they were having sex and it was too hot for either of them to "get off".


23/29. Most calls could be put in this category. I have dealt with many "who gets to hold the remote" calls and the "Someone called me a [insert insult] on Facebook" calls are becoming frequent.

My least fav are the "This insanely poor person interrupted my busy day by begging for help" calls. I tend to drop them a few coins and leave.


24/29. When I was 9 I called the police (not the ambulance mind you) because I had a mosquito bite and it hurt. I ended up hanging up because they were asking too many questions. They called back later and spoke to my Mum and Dad, they were not happy.


25/29. Callout for domestic abuse report. Some guy living with his mother arguing over an inflatable bath pillow. She claimed it was her day to use it, he maintained she was mistaken and they both called in to report that someone had slashed the pillow.


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26/29. The officer came to my house and I answered the door. He informed me that my neighbors had issued a complaint and even went so far as to collect "evidence" and showed me the Ziploc bag which contained an almost human-sized turd. About this time my 11-lb Pomeranian came bounding out the front door to viciously beg for attention from this new potential petter. I just smiled and told the officer that if my dog had left that turd, he'd still be walking funny, because it was about the size of his head. The officer apologized for the interruption, and left.

I'm not sure if he noticed the huge Pitbull my neighbors keep, but they haven't tried to complain about my dog pooping in their yard since.


27/29. I live in Switzerland, we have a TV Channel that, during the night, streams a burning yule log.

One day an elderly woman called the police panicking because "her TV was on fire", when the police and fire squad arrived... guessed it, her TV was just tuned on that one channel.


28/29. One of the calls I want on was for a disturbance, lady was upset because her husband said her food tasted like shit and she wanted him to apologize. The good was burnt to all hell. I told her I was leaving and that she should go take cooking classes...or taste her food. She refused and said I was a jerk. I said yup sure am, but if you want eat it why should he.


29/29. A neighbor planted tree that would obstruct their view in 50+ years (I walked away after speaking to the complainant).



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