Girl Shares Her Story Of A Seemingly Nice Guy She Met On Craigslist, Who Turned Out To Be Someone Else Entirely.

It's perhaps cliche at this point to warn about the supposed dangers of meeting people you found online. After all, dating apps are now so widely used that many of us probably hear more 'online dating success stories' than 'online dating creeper stories'. But things happen. No matter how unlikely, there are shady people out there.

Reddit user, 'throwaway-el26' shares one such story of a close call with a Craigslist meetup. Warning: this is a truly chilling story, and deals with some disturbing subject matter.

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In 2007 I went on a date with a guy from Craigslist. I was 17 years old at the time.

A guy responded to an ad I had put up. He lived close to me, and so I emailed him back and gave him my number. He was actually one of the only ones who responded without a creepy message. His name was Jon and he was 26 years old.

This guy, Jon, and I, spoke for two days before meeting, and we met on a Friday night. We texted back and forth and he asked if I was single, I said yes. He asked what kind of food I liked to eat, because he wanted to take me to a restaurant. I asked him a few questions about himself, he told me he still lived with his mother but had the top floor to himself, and that he was a part time model that made good money. Judging by his picture him being a model was fairly believable.

So on Friday night Jon comes to pick me up. He drove a silver two door car, I want to say Ford. He popped me a message to say he was waiting outside, and after checking my hair and make up one last time I said goodbye to my parents, telling them I was heading out with friends, and left.

I got into Jon's car and noticed that he looked exactly like his photo the tall dark and handsome type. He had pale skin with dark hair and dark eyes. He looked a little older in person but he made up for it with a snappy fashion sense. He looked cool, and cute.

He was incredibly kind, and his body language and smile totally put me at ease. Yes, it's really stupid to go on a date from Craigslist, but surprisingly this guy was normal. We chatted for a while as he started driving away from my home town, towards the highway. He wanted to drive us into the city to go to dinner, which wasn't too far around a 25 minute journey. Jon started to reveal more details about himself to me on this journey he told me he was embarrassed to tell me he lived with his mother, that I might think bad of him for not having his own place at his age. Jon got closer and closer to the highway and I can't tell you what it was, I won't make it up because I don't remember, but it wasn't anything remotely creepy, I just felt put off by him. (Continued)

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You know where you're on a date with someone and you're not sure and then they tell you something that's you're biggest turn off? It was that kind of situation. Again, he didn't say anything too creepy, just... off putting. As we're getting closer and closer to the turn off I tell this perfectly nice guy I'm really sorry, I don't feel like going to dinner any more, I'm not feeling well.

Jons initial reaction was sympathy.

What's wrong? Are you OK? Is it my driving?!

I told him I just didn't feel well. Jon then KEPT asking me, What did I say? What did I do?!

I told him it's not him, it's me, I wanted to go home because I felt ill.

Then he said, OK, let me just drive around for a little bit before I take you back, I don't want to end the evening like this. I knew that without him driving me home I'd have to walk over an hour, maybe more, so I told him that driving for a bit sounded like a fine idea. But, instead of him turning around and going back towards mine, he veered off and started heading to the town I knew he lived in.

I should mention it was pitch black out and the town where Jon lived was surrounded by dense wood. This isn't even worth mentioning if you take the highway and proper turn offs to get there, but he decided he wanted to go via the back roads because it's more scenic, despite the fact I couldn't see a thing.

Jon had gone from being incredibly talkative to almost completely silent. He kept driving further into the wooded area. A few times I'd ask him questions about himself to break the awkward silence. At one point I put my hand on his knee, affectionately, trying to regain the friendly, flirty banter we'd had earlier. He blanked me for the most part, occasionally answering in soft grunts or nods. It was like he was having a tantrum.

Jon pulled into the parking lot for the forest. It was around 9pm so naturally it was totally empty. He slowly kept driving, looking around for other cars and then parked himself up right at the end, close to the woods. There was nobody else in the parking lot and I hadn't even seen us pass other cars to get there. (Continued)

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For 10 minutes he just sat there, staring into the darkness ahead. Which was... disturbing. I think I managed to make small talk for maybe 5 minutes, which is a long time when someone isn't talking back. Then I joined him in his silence. I was afraid of appearing fake, I didn't want him to think I was scared.

So some time of silence goes past and abruptly Jon gets out of the car, closes the door and locks the car. I was too scared to do anything, I was essentially stuck inside. His lights were on so I could sort of see ahead. In front of the car was a field that maybe went on for about 20 feet (so really a patch of grass) and then beyond that were trees and dense forest. To the left was the rest of the car park and exit at the far end and to the immediate right was more forest with a small path.

Jon disappeared into the forest ahead.

I tried the handle on the door. Wouldn't open.

I began to rationalize this. Maybe he accidentally locked the door? I was telling myself if he really wanted to do something he'd have stayed in the car.

With no sight of Jon I decided I needed to call someone. I looked around for my phone and I couldn't find it. This was an old, silver pay-as-you-go flip phone. I was confused that I couldn't find it because I had put it right next to me in the cup holder. After looking for it for a good few minutes I became sure he had taken it. Mind you, I didn't want to start rooting around his car, knowing he might be watching me. I didn't want him to catch on I was freaking out.

At that point I started looking for my phone with only my eyes, instead of making it obvious. I was petrified this guy was watching me panic in the darkness. My eyes were darting all around the floor. Nothing.

I looked up and squinted into the field and forest ahead. I saw him.

Jon was standing about 10 feet from the car, on that small field. He was standing, and smiling. It wasn't a friendly smile. He looked freaky. This was not the same guy I got in the car with.

I looked ahead and smiled back. I was still trying to act like his behavior was normal. Like nothing he was doing was scary. (Continued)

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Still smiling, his tongue began to protrude from his mouth, he stuck it out all the way. He began wagging his tongue up and down while maintaining eye contact with me. I felt myself trembling. I was trying to compose myself.

Not taking his eyes off of of me, and with his tongue still out, he started unzipping his pants. He took out his penis and proceeded to urinate in front of me while staring the whole time. This is the point I found it difficult to act like I was in on his behavior. I looked down at the floor, not wanting to watch what was in front of me.

He didn't creep or slink back to the car, instead I hear his thundering steps and then a slam against the window.

I guess at this point I was the luckiest person alive because another car pulled into the parking lot. I don't know what this did to Jon, but immediately he got back into the car and laughed at me, that normal laugh, and said, So what music do you like? I'll put it on while I drive you home!

And he did. He drove me all the way home. When we pulled up to my house I went for the door but it was still locked.

I want you to promise me something...

I asked him what that was.

If you see me, if you ever see me after this, turn the other way. Act like you don't know me. If you see me with my family don't you dare say a word. I don't expect to bump into you but don't say anything.

I agreed. I then asked him Have you seen my phone?

He told me no. I guess my phone was a small sacrifice for surprisingly making it home OK.

When I got in I said goodnight to my parents and went upstairs to my room, and turned on my computer. I wanted to gather as much information about the guy as I could.

Back then I used MSN messenger (like AIM). It logged in automatically whenever I started up my PC. (Continued)

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Now before I get to the final part of this story, it's important you know this: one day before I had been at my best friend's house. We had the kind of friendship where it was like... who could pick on the other the most. It was all good fun and we mostly just ripped on each other and had a laugh. The day before she had changed two contacts in my phone (an old 'prank') replaced the contact Mom with a guy I had been sending sexual texts back and forth with.

I immediately knew she had done this because I saw the previous messages come up, but I didn't change the numbers back at the time, thinking I'd do it later.

So when I logged on to MSN I had a tonne of messages from this guy, and a few from my best friend.

When Jon had locked me in the car he had taken my phone and texted my Mom the following: I'm sorry but I decided to move out, I've met someone. Please don't look for me, I am happy being left alone.

So another thing about that message was it was all written in text speak (swap please for plz for example) and this guy knew I NEVER texted like that. Aside from the message itself, this was a big red flag.

He had texted me back (he showed me on cam) ? before texting again saying I don't think this is you, know where you went, calling the police. This was incredibly quick thinking as he had absolutely no idea where I was.

I think that text saved my life that night, and it explains Jon's sudden change of behavior. If it wasn't the random car that saved me, then was the text.


We tried to find this guy online by name, and by email, couldn't find anything. It seemed everything on him was fake. My best friend pressed me to call the police but I never did because I feared the retribution I'd get from my parents for going on a date with a guy I didn't know. (Continued)

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My friend ended up betraying my trust (I know, she's the smart one) and telling my Mom any way, who still didn't call the police but instead did what I expected and banned me from my PC and going out, while also calling me an idiot.

There is something else too... Turns out this guy's first name WAS Jon, and he did in fact live in the town he said he did.

Around three years later I started going out with a guy from that very town called Chris. We were talking about exes one day and I told him about my creepy encounter. I didn't even get half way through the story before he stopped me and started asking questions about what Jon looked like, how old he looked, how old he said he was etc. Turns out he knew him.

This guy was now in prison for attacking a 14 year old girl and beating her in a nearby park (she survived without long term injury). That was just what he was in prison for though. My friend told me he was well known for being a creep way before that and his friends even called him creepy Jon.

He would go around the nearby parks where he knew the younger girls hung out and he would ask them to get in his car or take their photo. He would always tell them he was a model, too.

My boyfriend at the time first met him when he was 12 because Jon decided to take up skateboarding and tried to make friends with lots of the young boys in the skate park. He couldn't believe I'd actually got in a car with him.

Any way, that's my story about possibly, maybe, nearly being murdered or beaten. If anyone is wondering, yes the guy is still in prison today.


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