Grocery Store Employees Reveal What We Should Know Before Our Next Shopping Trip

Double coupons aren't going to help out here.

There are certain informative facts in life we maybe don't want to know; information that makes you think... "I'd rather you not tell me that!" Of course that type of information is the most important and we should be aware so we're prepared. For instance, food shopping, we all have to do it. Whether we're physically doing it or paying fresh direct, we all rummage for our home sustenance. And recently some grocery store employees felt we should be made aware of a few things, from shopping with more smarts to what places to just skip all together.

Redditor u/Member-Chewbacca wanted everyone to be prepared before the sojourn for groceries by asking.... Grocery store workers of reddit, what is something you know that we probably shouldn't know?

Lettuce Kills...


Your green leaf lettuce was full of spiders and various other insects before we cleaned them. Pretty sure we got all of them. MiikeCan

I need medical assistance. MrFrazzleFace

Wash more than your produce... 

You really need to clean the lids of cans before you open them. Truly. damelavenganza

This right here is super important, and not many people realize just how dangerous this can be, after Hurricane Maria, lots of people got sick cuz of rat/mouse pee thing due to uncleaned cans. Zundernietzsche

Such a Waste.... 

I used to work in a produce section of a grocery store back in the day. So much of the food gets thrown out as soon as it's no longer aesthetically in its prime. gpecho19

Freshness vs. appearance can be tough. Rotten food is usually ugly, but ugly food isn't necessarily rotten. I'll pass on the strawberries that have mold in the bottom, but a wonky looking sweet potato can still make some good fries. gpecho19

Hand Jobs....

We touch everything. Everything. All the cans, bottles, jugs, jars, snacks - everything you see stocked on the shelves has had at least 5 people touch it already. And we don't wash them. That's your job. Literally had a dude complain that I picked up his soda to bag it by the neck. Like, this is how I pick up every soda bottle? What do you think happens? They just float up to the shelf magically? Mr_Archer1216

Enjoy your grab....


As cashiers, we were trained not to stop shoplifters. We could literally watch you carry something out of the store, and we couldn't run after you or tell you to stop. ferociousBirdThing

Meat is off the Diet! 

I worked in the meat department at a higher end grocery store.

The marinated meat was meat that was old, but not bad. Old meat that was about to go bad was mixed in with the ground meat, either sold as is or made into sausage. It was suggested we tell customers the "best" option was what was going to go bad soon or what we had plenty of so we didn't run out.

None of these things are bad or wrong. It is how we minimize food waste, and how we minimize wasting the meat provided by ending a life. ullric

We've Been Swindled! 

Buy the store brand/off brand basics, (milk, eggs, flour etc) It's literally the same exact thing from the same exact place as the more expensive brand name stuff. When I worked at a grocery store, we would occasionally get products with a label from from another store mixed in with our stuff. Also quite a bit of store brand/brand name stuff is made at the same facilities (with differences in recipes) This is not always the case but it happens more often than you think. Shay_da_la

Save the Kids... 

Do not buy pic'n'mix. Those sweets have had so many grubby hands rifling through them, flies landing on them when kids didn't close the lids, probably sneezes on them... just don't do it. tragicworldrecord

The Bread and Butter... 

The single most profitable items in the grocery store is a bag of ice, and a loaf of bread from a bakery. Ice can have a 100% mark up, and bakery bread can be 90% mark up. People just don't understand where grocery stores make their money. ChiSoxguy01

So serve tequila with fish....


A good portion of whitefish fillets (maybe 40%) came to us with at least one worm curled up in them. We did our best to notice them and remove them, but some go unnoticed. That's just a product of living in the wild.

Also we talk about you after you leave if you were rude. Arr0wmanc3r


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