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Guys Reveal Their Favorite Guilty Pleasure Chick Flicks

Grab your tissues boys...

Some movies are just great... pure and simple! Women can enjoy action films like 'Rambo,' and men can weep at something as gorgeous as 'The Notebook.' And there is nothing wrong with men loving, quote unquote, 'Chick Flicks.' Flicks are flicks. if you like a movie, you like it. Life is far too difficult to worry about one's cinematic judgement.

Redditor u/sp00ked_yuh wanted the boys out there to fess up about their favorite movie experiences... Guys of reddit, what's your guilty pleasure chick flick that you secretly love?

Let Heath teach you! 


10 Things I Hate About You. When my little sister turned 16 I gave it to her saying "This will teach you everything you need to know." Reverse_Waterfall

Can confirm totally man crushed on Heath Ledger. K4ntum

Girls Rule! 

Crazy Stupid Love is a really fun and funny movie,

Legally Blonde, b/c Elle Woods is heroic.

She's the Man was funny. number9muses

Hey Emma!! 

Easy A. I will watch that on TV 10 out of 10 times. Emma stone is a god damn American treasure. HeyyJosh

10/10 would watch a sitcom of the family with Olive just coming and going. They stole every scene they were in. vash3g

Anne and Julie is all you need! 

The Princess Diaries. Don't judge me, Anne Hathaway is gorgeous. zerbey

Anne Hathaway is gorgeous.

Can confirm. I don't get the hate for her. damn_yank

That's All....


Devil Wears Prada. That movie cracks me up and inspires me, but I'll still groan if my wife chooses to watch it. SillySuchkaSame

I dig it. I think the music adds a lot of emotion to that movie. Erm... Or something.... StromThurman

We've got ESPN....

I'd say "Mean Girls," but it's not really a guilty pleasure, it's more of a "proudly admitted and well-known" pleasure of mine. F**king LOVE Mean Girls. So damn funny. So damn quotable. 100% should be seen as a classic

If we're going for truly guilty pleasure, though? Eat, Pray, Love. el_pobbster

Sing Out! 

Pitch Perfect! kukukele

I watch this whenever it's on. My wife can't stand it and ridiculed me nonstop until I change it or turn it off. Secretly I think she is jealous cause she can't sing. pm_me_ur_fav_gif

And Kate Hudson loves you!

How to lose a guy in 10 days is trash and I love it! Talaris122

...came here to look for this exact response....because I knew it would be here. a2dubnut

This movie!!! 

Love, Actually is a pretty fun movie. It tugs on all the right heartstrings. GrilledStuffedDragon

I've always found the storyline about the guy played by Rick from The Walking Dead pretty weird. Otherwise great movie. K4ntum

I Do! 


Bridesmaids! purplecombatmissile

This a legitimately good comedy. I wouldn't categorize it as a guilty pleasure. BjornBeetleBorg


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