Guys Share Their Most Important Piece Of 'Bro Code'.

There are many sly and unnamed things that go under the radar between men, and then there are certain rules that you simply never break.

Here are men sharing their favorite piece of "Bro Code".

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1/38. If your best friend dies, you delete their internet history.


2/38. Every man knows The Nod

Up for acknowledgement, down for respect.


3/38. Ever see a guy doing the ol' upper leg shuffle with a weird, intent expression on his face?

Yeah, he's unsticking his scrotum from his thigh.

We all know it's happening, but we suddenly become blind as a bat when it is. Honestly, even when you get the odd guy out that full-on digs his hands down there for some manual adjustment, we all suddenly don't see anything.


4/38. If I don't make fun of you, we're not really friends.


5/38. If you're in a conversation where girls are talking about one of your friends, not even close, and you know he likes one of them or one of their friends, you drop "good bombs" basically subtly mention good things about him in a non bromance way.


6/38. The cocky loudmouth is often the most insecure guy in the room. Real confidence is subtle, stable and calm.

When we're friendly to the people we actually want to date, it's often because we're looking for more than sex, and actually like who you are. It's not some deceptive practice intended to fool you into sex one night.


Looks are over rated. Yeah, we like to ogle, but how a person walks, moves, carries themselves and responds to us and others will mean the difference between one night stand and growing old together.

When we work in groups for long hours, we mess with and prank each other; it's a form of camaraderie. If you're the only woman amongst a group of guys, and they start to poke fun at you, it's often a form of initiation. This is highly counter-intuitive for some women. Just roll with it and you'll soon be one of the gang.

Related to the above, every guy has a line. There are just some places you don't go with them, and as long as you stay out of that realm, you can say whatever you want without really pissing us off.

Also related, very few things in our lives push our buttons like the people we love. Saying or doing mean things hurts more than it does from anyone else. Small comments can be crippling. When we're in love, we'll move mountains for you. If you want us to change, use love instead of pain.


7/38. Chill out. It's really not such a big deal.

This statement applies to pretty much everything.


8/38. If I don't text you back, then I'm not mad at you or playing any mind games - I've probably forgot about the text because I'm playing video games

If we are talking about a friend "behind their back" chances are they know what we are saying about them because we also say it to their face.

And you HAVE to buy a drink for one of your friends when at a bar.


9/38. If a guy is engaged in conversation with a prospective partner, don't interrupt or try to piggy back. Find your own.

Thou shalt not c---block.


10/38. If you beat around the bush with things, dropping only small subtle hints toward us, it will not work. You must be direct. We are simple creatures, and we love confidence.


11/38. We need guy time. We don't want you to hang out with us every time we're doing something.


12/38. The three commandments of the urinal:

1 Thou shall not take a stall next to another man.

2 Thou shall not glance at another man's piece.


Thou shall not make conversation whilst the yellow river flow-eth, unless with a close companion.

(This is what separates us from the animals.)


13/38. Most guys have 2 types of crushes.

-Damn they're sexy, I want to bang them.

-Damn they're perfect, I want to spend my life with them.


14/38. Don't ditch your friends for your SO. Let them know you're going to hangout with your SO, don't make up some lie just so you can go hangout with them.


15/38. Word is bond. If I told the dude I'd do it, I'mma do it.


16/38. Usually guys try not to involve others in problem solving unless they can't figure it out themselves. So when a fellow guy comes to you with a problem it is considered an honor to help said guy fix the problem. (Unless it is quite apparent that the guy didn't try in the first place. Then he's just lazy.) If the two are good friends usually the one being asked for help is code-bound to make fun of the first dude for not being able to do it himself.


17/38. You do not date your best friend's ex, even if they say they'd be okay with it. You simply do not do it, it will destroy your friendship.


18/38. Never take your buddy's last beer without asking, ever.


19/38. Men desire need respect -

Most of the time even more than love.

This is true both in private and out with friends. You may love him to death but if you continue to belittle him, he'll be gone.


When guys disagree with each other, they might raise their voices but after a while, most likley, they will decide to just "drop it." It is a sign of mutual respect. This is because they both know if they take it any further it will come to blows. When the fella stops talking to you in an argument, he's doing it out of respect for you, (even though you would rather the argument go on) and he's practicing self control. This is the way he has been trained. He's not shutting you out because he is refusing to share his feelings.


20/38. While it's acceptable to have sexual relations with someone that your friend slept with (eskimo brothers), it is abhorrent to have sex with anyone your good friend had/has an actual relationship with.


21/38. "Piss shivers" I don't understand them. But a lot of men get them.


22/38. If there's something that can be done by throwing it or tossing it, we'll do that instead of carrying it to the trashcan or garbage etc. This can end up getting competitive.


23/38. Bros don't let bros skip leg day.


24/38. It's instinct, we don't really know the code, we live it.


25/38. When you visit another man's home and you are offered a beer, do not ever complain about the brand. If you know your host's preferred choice of beer is something you absolutely detest, then BYOB or keep quiet.


On a related note, he who shows up to a good friend's party without either alcohol or money for alcohol, is a bad bad man and should be made to feel shame. The only exception is if the party is being thrown in your honor.


26/38. There are three things you never disrespect. A man's partner, his car, or his choice of drink.


27/38. We've masturbated to a lot more of you than I think you realize.


28/38. If we say that things are "fine", we mean it.


29/38. We could have a full blown fight & fall out one night, then wake up the next morning and be best friends again.

I just can't hold grudges against people, even my parents or siblings when they piss me off & I want to hold a grudge, I just can't! I wake up the next morning and everything is fine.


30/38. An eyebrow raise and a glance to the side can get more information across to a friend in a couple of seconds than is possible in a few minutes of talking.


31/38. Rule 1: Not to tell girls about guy code things they don't know about, even if they ask on the internet.


32/38. Unplug my controller from the console, and I'll slash you.


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33/38. Don't explode the fist bump. Just don't do it.


34/38. We mean what we say. No agendas or hidden meanings.


35/38. We will play "wingman" for our fellow guys and it can be disturbing how we can get people to back off our friends or have them more interested in them. They think they know about the "wingman" ways, but they don't.


36/38. Paint Balling is the ONLY combat scenario in which a guys balls are not off limits.

When a guy wants to do something stupid, first you try to talk him out of it. If they still want to do it, you film it.


37/38. If you see a bro out with his SO shopping and is miserable, you give him the nod of understanding as this will assure him that there are others out there who know his pain.


38/38. Never talk crap about other guys to try and get with someone. If you don't have enough value to pull on your own without tearing someone else down, you deserve to go home alone. That's some social leper pariah amateur-hour bull right there.



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