Happily Single People Reveal The Moment They Knew Their Ex Wasn't Right For Them.

We've all dated someone in the past who maybe wasn't perfectly right for us, but then there are the people who really stand out, and the moment we realized can be explained in one precise moment.

Here are some of people's craziest stories about an ex.

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1/15. I had my ex pull a knife on me while she was topless, once. Still can't tell if she was actually threatening me or trying to be funny. Surprisingly the relationship didn't end there.


2/15. I was in high school and met this guy in German class. We hit it off and started dating. We dated for about 6 months and he kept pressuring me to have sex and I wasn't ready (I was about 15) so I broke it off with him.

He proceeds to stalk me at school, following me to classes, he calls my house constantly, shows up at my work. He calls every Sunday around 3pm, saying he is going to OD on pills and kill himself (my dad got on the phone and put and end to that). To top it off he stalks me to a class again and hands me a letter. I go into class and start to read it, and its this letter about how he is going to kill me and my guy friend because he thinks we are together, and how he is going to blow up the school and stalk me forever. The kicker is that the note had blood all over it! I turned the note into the office, and he is suspended.

Fast forward going on 10 years later, I still get messages that he is in love with me and will never let me go.


3/15. Dated a girl in college that ended up dumping me. Four months later, we got back together. After a few months, I realized that she was not for me and that I didn't have to take it, so I dumped her as nicely as possible, which she seemed okay with. It was long-distance, so it really wasn't meant to be.


A week after what I thought was a mutual break up between us, she and her older brother start threatening me. She tells me she's going to drive 4 hours to find me and cut my penis off because "If she can't have it, nobody should be able to." Her brother also starts calling and threatening the same thing.

Her roommate at the time called me up on a whim, finding my number somewhere on the fridge to warn me that she was absolutely psychotic and said she was going to find me and had a gun and a knife. We both notified the authorities and sure enough, they found her about halfway to where I lived. She ratted her brother out, and he was found within 20 miles of where I lived with a gun.

Her reasoning was that within the four months we were broken up she said I never bought her christmas or valentine's gifts. And also she felt her birthday gift was inadequate once we got back together. Needless to say, her brother is serving hard time for firing at a police officer last year.


4/15. Once a guy broke up with me because I wouldn't become a nudist with him, and he couldn't be with someone who "didn't support his lifestyle."

I guess I was just too clothes-minded...


5/15. I was having doubts about him, and was discussing it over texts with a guy-friend of mine. Admittedly, I should have talked to the bf about it instead, but that's not the point.

BF went through my phone, then accused me of cheating with my friend. He went berserk. Made a huge production out of packing up his stuff and leaving (we'd only been together 2 months. There wasn't that much stuff). After leaving, he stood on my porch for a few moments collecting his thoughts, evidently changed his mind, and begged to be let back in. I refused, and he sobbed and scratched at my door for the next 2 hours like an emo zombie.

Days later, he demanded to have my microwave (he'd given it to me as a surprise gift when I was out of town - originally it belonged to a friend of his). I left it on my porch for him, to avoid confrontation, and watched him take it and toss it in my dumpster.

Against my better judgment, I sent him a "wtf"-type message. I mean, not only was that immature, but it's hugely wasteful. If he was gonna take it back, he could at least use it, or give it away or something. In response, he drove back over, fished it out of the trash, and left it on my porch. After I disinfected it, I put it back in my kitchen.


Then I get ANOTHER message, this time demanding the microwave back on behalf of his "friend." Again, I left it on the porch. Later that day, I watched him throw it in the dumpster.

This time I went to Walmart and just bought a new microwave.


6/15. I have one! It's a friend's, actually.

REALLY attractive girl. My friend starts talking to her. She's interested and invited him over to her place. Her room was cat themed. Cat bed sheets, stuffed animal kitties, cat pictures, cat lampshade, cat tea set... and she was wearing a cat suit complete with clawed gloves. She tries to seduce him, and of course he can't back down now.

He told me she made him purr and meow for her and scratched him and hissed every time he hesitated. He then showed me the scratches.

So we called her cat girl.


7/15. A guy I broke up with when I was 21 started leaving notes and little gifts at the back door to my parents' house. I threw them out, except for a mug that had a ceramic cow at the bottom. I named it "exboyfriend" and would play "Drown the Exboyfriend." A few weeks later I realized I had left a few things at his house and needed/wanted them back. I arrange to go get them and while there making awkward small talk he blurts out, "I was going to lock the door behind you and make you take me back..."


8/15. I am a guy. I was THAT boyfriend once. I was about 18 at the time. I broke up with my high school sweet heart. We lived in a foster home together, when we turned 18, we split and got our own place. When we broke up, I moved out.

I was there to pick up some of my stuff, and her new man was there. I sorta knew him, he was an acquaintance of ours. I thought he was a tool. I was stressed out and sad. When I found out who her new man was, I really felt like being a jerk, I kept it in check. The ice cream truck came by and they went to get ice cream while I was packing.

So I went out to get ice cream too. I got a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone. It really helped with the sadness. He was holding her right in front of me, I was like "What the heck, a little respect?" He told me that we weren't together anymore and it was ok.

I have no idea what I was thinking, I remember flipping out, I grabbed the ice cream and started rubbing it all over my head and face. I was making kissy noises and saying "Oh EX GF's NAME, I love you soooOOOOoo much" over and over. I don't know why I did that, I think I just wanted to creep them out as much as possible.


Fast forward 9 years later, we still talk to each other. We see each other for the holidays or special events. We talk about the crazy times we had and that story always comes up. She told me she acted really upset by it, as soon as the guy left, she started laughing her butt off.


9/15. In college, an ex-boyfriend of mine reported me missing to campus security and the police because I stopped answering his constant calls and texts. When the police and campus security "found me", they helped me get a restraining order against my ex.


10/15. Once I got a "Happy Valentines Day!" card from my ex that had a little baggie of his 2-inch pubes stuffed inside.


11/15. Dated a girl for less than 3 months, long distance. I was going to college, just out of a 4 year relationship, she was stuck in my hometown. I had been slightly pressured back into the dating game by a friend. We went out on a semi-blind date, hooked up over the break, then classes started again. Obviously not a good grounds for a new relationship, so I come home one weekend to break up with her.

She flipped, kept screaming and asking why. I gave her the exact reasons (eg: I don't want to be in a long distance relationship anymore, and it would be at least 3 years before we could be together. Didn't exactly have strong feelings for her, blah blah). She kept screaming about how "she gave me everything, and I used her and left." Then started begging for a second chance.

At multiple points, I tried to leave. She tried to shove me down the stairs, block the door. This was after an hour long breakup. She then blocked my truck's door. I opened it anyway, and got in. She laid in front of the tire. I backed away.


She texted me the next day asking me why we broke up. I ignored it (obviously, nothing more to say). For the next FOUR MONTHS she called or texted me nearly every day. Finally, the day after I went "facebook official" with a girl at college, she left me a voicemail.

She said that the only reason she was so mad when we broke up, and kept trying to contact me is because she was pregnant with my child.

I then find out that she had been telling co-workers the whole time that she only missed me because of the sex. And her last relationship: The guy broke up with her and she took a mallet to his car.


12/15. I was studying in a different building on campus. My then-boyfriend didnt want to accompany myself and my friends to this building to study, stating that it would be nice for me to spend some time with my friends without him. This building happened to be about 2 blocks from a local pizza place, so around 11pm, we decided to call it a night in studying and grab some pizza. I returned to my dorm around 12am and went to visit my boyfriend. He asked how my night was and I proceeded to tell him he interesting bio homework I did and ended with the story about grabbing pizza. He then began to yell at me for not getting him a slice of pizza. I left because it was stupid- I was getting screamed at over the fact that I didn't bring him back food when I went out with my friends.

Over the next month, he would withhold random stuff from me (sex, things I left in his room, etc) because I didn't bring him pizza that night.


13/15. I had to sleep on the couch because my ex had a dream that I cheated on her.


14/15. My ex and I broke up two years earlier and I moved to a different city. We still kept in touch, as friends, having very occasional conversations on the phone.

Then I had my current girlfriend come out and stay with me for about a week. One night we were in bed together, sound asleep, at 3:00 am when the phone starts ringing, and ringing, and ringing. After about ten rings, my girlfriend finally picks up the phone and, thinking it is someone calling the wrong number, shouts "you have the wrong number, idiot!" and then slams down the phone.

Twenty seconds elapse and then the phone starts ringing again. This time I pick it up and say nothing, preferring just to listen instead. I hear ten seconds of very heavy breathing and then a girl's voice on the other end says "Your boyfriend is cheating on you" and then hangs up. You guessed it, it was the ex girlfriend. Later I confronted her about it and she completely denied that it was her.


15/15. I lived at a gf's place for a while, but since it was too far from work to commute, after a month or two, I'd only stay there on the weekends and I stayed with my folks during the week. One Tuesday, she shows up at my job, standing outside my department looking into the window from the hallway.

Now, this is a facility with a security gate you need to swipe to get through and no one here knows her. No clue how she got in, but she was staring at me through the window for lord knows how long.

I go out slowly in disbelief and realize she is furious. We go into the vacant auditorium next door and she explodes at me about a billion things, very hyper stream of consciousness kind of rant, but the one that kept coming up that I had to repeat back was that she bought groceries earlier that day including cold cuts and said she shouldn't have to buy that and I am using her for them. I always bought everything, but since I wasn't there during the week anymore, she had to go food shopping and when she did, she came to the conclusion apparently that yes, I am using her for deli meats.


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