He Didn't Want To Buy His Daughter A Gift For School. But Was In Tears When She Said This.

Last night, my wife and I were in the mall picking up some Christmas cards with my toddler son and kindergartner daughter when...

Daughter - "Dad, I need to go to Build-A-Bear for the donation."

Me - "What donation?"

Daughter - "At school, they are collecting bears for donation."

Me - "Okay, we'll drop by Target and get a cheap one."

Daughter - "No, it has to be a good one from Build-A-Bear."

Me - "Fine, we'll go and see if they have any sales, but I'm not spending a lot of money."

We get to Build-A-Bear and pick out the smallest, cheapest teddy bear. I told her that we wouldn't get the bear an outfit.

Me - "What is this donation anyways?"

Daughter - "We are taking teddy bears to the kids who will spend Christmas in the hospital and who won't get to have Christmas toys. It's really important and I really, really want to get a teddy bear for them. You don't even have to spend money. I'll pay for it. You can take it out of my piggy bank."

While trying my hardest not to cry, I turned around and exchanged the cheap bear for a normal sized/priced teddy bear. My daughter gleefully helped build the bear with the staffperson.

Daughter - "Okay, we're ready. You said no outfit."

Me - "Sweetheart, grab any outfit you want. We'll get it."

As we check out, my daughter took my credit card and paid.

Daughter - "I need to swipe it because I'm going to give my dad money from my piggy bank for it. It's for the kids in the hospital."

Again, daddy tears. I told my daughter it was $10, but it was quite a bit more. She was really insistent on paying the $10, so I'll let her do it.

It should give her a more tangible sense of accomplishment. I'll probably find a way to give/reward her the $10 back.

I've never been so proud of her.

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