'He Had It Coming!’: Stories Of People Who Got What They Deserved

Karma has no menu, you get what you deserve. - Anonymous

In this world of ups and downs, it helps to know that karma is being served up all around us. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for worse.

Here, Reddit users share their best stories about people who definitely got what they deserved. 

The kids in my neighborhood, including me, liked to toss snowballs at passing cars. One day a guy in a purple pickup truck drove by, and we lit him up with four or five little snowballs.

About two minutes later, the same truck comes back up the road, revving the engine loud. He zooms by, and his arm comes out the window holding a snowball about the size of a soccer ball. Somehow he nailed the neighbor kid right in the chest with that snowball, kid crumpled to the snow from the impact. We heard him laughing as he drove away. Never saw the purple truck again.

Don't throw snowballs at cars. It's more dangerous than it seems, for the drivers. I still feel like a tool when I remember, even though I was only eleven or so.


One morning, I stopped at coffee shop on my way to work for some coffee. It had already been a not so great morning so I wasn't in the best mood. The guy a couple people ahead of me got a large iced coffee (which is 32 oz at this store), and he ended up being parked next to me in the parking lot.

So I'm getting in my car and happen to glance over and notice that he's in his car but his giant coffee is on the roof of his car. So I waved at him and pointed to his roof. He looked at me, and for whatever reason, his reaction was to flip me off. (I don't know if he thought I was making some kind of rude gesture or I was just a weirdo or what).

But I got to watch him pull out of his parking space; his coffee stayed put while he backed out, but as soon as he braked to shift gears, that thing just dumped allllll down his front windshield. It was honestly one of the most gratifying moments of my life.


Met him my freshman year and could tell right away he was a huge prick. He would constantly brag about all the drugs he did and he would call girls the worst names right to their faces. He even spat on one of my good friends who tried to get into his fraternity's party. This kid is also 6'3 220 pounds so unless you're that big there's nothing you can really do. 

Well, just last week he called some girl fat and when she got up in his face he punched her and literally body slammed her friend coming to her aid. The girls went to the police and told them everything. When they went to his house to arrest him there was a drug paraphernalia in plain view, so through reasonable cause they searched his room. They found a ton of drugs of all kinds, so not only is he going to jail for felony assault but also felony drug charges with intent to sell. 

Lesson to be learned? I hope so. 


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I used to rent my sisters house. She moved out with her boyfriend (now husband) and my brother and I rented the house from her.

We were in our early twenties and boys, the place was never going to be immaculate but we certainly didn't trash it. My sister has somewhat unreasonable cleanliness standards however.

She inspects the place one day while we're at work and flips out, kicks us out 2 days before Christmas.

Next tenants absolutely destroyed her house, tore up floor boards, spray painted walls. Destroyed it.

We were messy but never would've done that.


My first year college roommate cheated on each of the three girlfriends he had that year. I'd bet my house that he continued to do this all through college and beyond after I stopped living with him.

Just last week I found out from a mutual acquaintance that he had discovered his fiance had been cheating on him about a month before their wedding.

You had that coming you dick.


A few years ago I was out a pub with some friends for my birthday. A few of them are sitting outside and my best friend coughed. This apparently infuriated a girl sitting nearby and had her boyfriend just start beating the crap of my best friend (female, by the way) and her boyfriend. My best friend is a little scrapper so she can hold her own in a fight if she needs to, but the guy is the one throwing the majority of the punches. 

Police obviously got called, and the guy runs away before they arrive. Police took statements from my friends and start trying to find the guy in order to arrest him, but even after a few weeks they still hadn't found him. Best friend gets a call from the police soon after to say that they had arrested the guy who had beaten up her and her boyfriend. Turns out they hadn't been able to find him because while he was running away from the pub that night he'd tried to jump a high fence, fallen and hit his head resulting in a six week coma.


Me - "Sir, your brake pads are worn done and your rim is worn, there is also a crack in your headtube".

Customer - "I just need the puncture fixed"

Me - "OK, sure, it's not safe to ride though"

Customer - "It's been fine for years"

I proceed to fix puncture. Customer rides away and not even 5 meters from the door the rim collapses under the pressure and he goes over the handlebars. 

It's been fine for years though, right?


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I came back to a restaurant one day a week I use to be head chef at after I left the industry. They were short-staffed and willing to pay me an absurd hourly rate.

First day back, the new head chef (who didn't know I had worked there before) literally SCREAMED at me and told me, "YOU. BOSSY GIRLS LIKE YOU ARE WHY I TREAT WOMEN LIKE CRAP."

The restaurant owner happened to be dining at the bar when this happened. He was promptly fired. I hope he's miserable. Haha.


One of my former bosses. He was a hotel manager for a corporate company, worked off salary and never had to clock in. Dude was dumb as rocks. If you were new and had a question, he'd literally only say "look at the manuals." Never, ever anything else. 

He was present maybe 2 hours of his entire week. He never came in, somehow never got caught after 10 years working there.

Well, dude got canned 3 days after I quit. It all caught up to him eventually.


Was driving home slowly during the aftermath of a major ice storm - Dallas/Forth Worth doesn't have salt trucks or plows, so there was a thick layer of ice on all the highways (which are mostly elevated, so they take ages to thaw if the temp stays low). Guy in a sports car blows past me and a bunch of other people just trying to stay on the road; he's changing lanes really fast and speeding up and generally being a jerk on a dangerous road.

Couple miles later, dude's car is spun out, still upright, and stuck in an icy ditch. He was fine, standing next to the (also fine) car super mad, so I'm glad he wasn't hurt...but man, did he deserve to end up in a ditch for driving like that.


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My friend was dating a guy, and she told me he had a 500hp mustang. I went for a ride with him. He later totalled that one (doing 40mph. in the rain. with traction control off. with drag radials), and got a newer one with 700hp. I turned down a ride in it, and talked my buddy out of it. The dude had skills, but nothing resembling judgement (ie. passing traffic at 140 mph with 3 passengers).

As of Friday, that's now his 700hp coffin.


I came from a pretty large school that was very competitive about academics. I finished 51 out of 650, and I was very happy with that.

The valedictorian (who I barely knew) said to me the week of graduation that she didn't know how she didn't have more competition, high school is so easy. Then said "Like take you for example, you're pretty smart but you set yourself back in life by not trying to be valedictorian. Like, you couldn't get into an ivy league with your rank, and my valedictorian title got me in everywhere".

On top of that, my best friend was getting paid to write essays for people and I knew Ms. Pompous Valedictorian bought many from her.

I mostly forgot about this girl and moved on with my life. I graduated college, moved back to our home town and got a good paying job.

The first weekend back I ran into her. She works as a cashier at Target. You bet I went through her line to say "hi".

I sincerely wish her all the success in the world now. But it was also good to see reality found her.


My ex boyfriend was an army vet, who had a PTSD diagnosis. Now, I am not going to challenge the fact that he had PTSD. I'm no psychiatrist. What I do challenge is the fact that he used PTSD as an excuse for every bad action that he has done. This is made even worse by the fact that he would brag to all of his friends about how he doesn't have to work, because "all I have to do is just act like I'm crazy, and they give me money."

He stabbed a guy, and twisted the story to sound like it was self defence. He did prison time for it.

Then a few years later, claims that he got treatment, he's better now. He gets a DUI, after crashing the car, causing damage and injuries and then fleeing the scene. His mom is in the car and she begs and pleads with the officer to not arrest him because "he's a disabled veteran!"

One day we were having an argument. Now, let me say I do not condone abuse no matter how mad you are, but we were arguing and he called me a name, and I lost it and I smacked him hard. Things escalated even more quickly from there, we never spoke again.

Weeks go by, months go by. He's telling everyone that I beat the crap out of him on a regular basis, and that he was too embarrassed to tell anyone because supposedly, he didn't think it made him "manly" to be beaten up by a girl. Now, I never not took responsibility for hitting him; but the stories that were being told to friends and his family members about how I would beat him up every day and he was so scared to stand up to me, it was all just a bunch of lies he concocted.

So now I look like a woman who just goes around beating up her boyfriends. He told one of our close mutual friends that he wouldn't report my endless strings of abuse to the cops because "they won't care because she has a vagina"

Fast forward a couple more years. A local news page posted his mugshot. The comments were littered with "LOL florida man" comments.

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The guy got into an idiotic argument with a friend, where he ended up brandishing a knife and chasing his friend with it. It was on camera, there were witnesses. Then when the cops tried to arrest him, he punched officers in the face, broke out of handcuffs, had to have more cops on the scene to subdue him, ended up getting tazed twice, whacked with a baton, and then hobbled. Then had to have his mugshot posted on Facebook for thousands of people to ridicule.

Turns out, he tried to use PTSD as an excuse, again. And the prosecutor told him flat out that none of his behavior is consistent with PTSD, but rather, being a generally bad human being.

This is his third felony. This is the second time he is doing time over a violent crime involving knives and assaulting officers, and then saying he didn't do anything wrong.

I kicked myself over the one hit. You have no idea how much guilt I had over that, and I swore I'd never do that again.

Meanwhile, he's in prison for yet another violent crime that he refuses to see his role in.


In the mid-2000's, my sister passed away from cancer. The entire school knew about it because she had been able to attend the school for a few weeks. She had to stop shortly after, but everyone knew we were siblings. Anyways, I had this bully that tormented me fairly often, mostly stupid kid stuff. The day after, he told me in the lunch line "I'm glad your sister died." That was the first, and only, time I punched someone first. I broke his nose and got a 10-day vacation courtesy of zero-tolerance.


One of my friend/coworkers kids was being super mean to the animals (we train horses and take people for trail rides as well as have a crap load of farm animals) he was chasing the older horses and the chickens with a stick and they were all kinda just putting up with it. 

Now my horse and the milk cow were chilling together in the corner and he tried to hit the cow with a stick and oh boy neither of them were having any of that. My horse swung his head at the little jerk and showed him his teeth (he would never actually bite or touch him but he knows how to look scary as all get out when he wants) and the cow butted the kid into the dirt while my horse had him distracted. Guess what? He has a lot more respect for the animals now. And has stopped trying to hit them with sticks. For those of you wondering why we didn't make him stop, we figured he'd hear it better from a 1000lb animal.


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When my friends and I dumped bottles of glue into this other kids snow boots in 6th grade because earlier that day he nailed me in the face with an ice ball and laughed at me while my face bled. His boots were completely ruined and he couldn't go outside for a while. 

I don't remember the teachers doing anything about it because we didn't have security cameras at the time and the kid was a piece of crap so they probably didn't care.


My friend (I'll call him Zeke for convenience) and I will go to this old dock from time to time, just to hang out and talk because the area was beautiful and theres an old building where an event sight used to be. So we just dig through the massive lost and found or spray paint some hip cool art yo (memes mostly).

Well one time Zeke brought a friend who was on snapchat or something on Zeke's phone the whole time yelling about some stupid breakup, like screaming.

He got aggressive because we told him to chill.

Well... Zeke wanted his phone back, but the friend refused to give it, cause that friend was a jerk.

The friend proceeded to drop than catch his phone over the 30 feet deep water

I grabbed the phone and calmly said how that was stupid.

The friend whipped out his own phone (but he preferred Zeke's?? Im still not sure)

And said "watch this."

He dropped the phone. Missed the catch. And it sunk into the pure brown water, descending quicker than the kid could open his mouth to scream.


During the fall my friends neighbourhood would put bags of leaves out on the curb for a pick up. These punk kids would always drive over the bags making a big mess in the street. So one day he takes a stack of cinder blocks and hides them in the bags. He said he could fit 8 blocks in each bag, then fill up the rest of the bag with leaves. Kids drive by, aim for the bags, BOOM big damage to their cars. He said they stopped that silly behaviour.


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