‘He Just Changes The Light Bulbs.’ People Share The Most Ridiculous Things You Can Actually Do To Make Money.

When you're a kid, it seems like there are only a few options for career paths when you grow up. Doctor, firefighter, police officer, and veterinarian are among those children mention when asked the fateful question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" However, when we do grow up, we come to realize just how many different jobs are actually out there.

Here, people reveal the most ridiculous jobs that people actually get paid for.

1/29. I had a job at a Soda company. My job was to monitor the defect bins. Cans come off the line, dented, half full, etc. and are automatically kicked out into seperate bins. My job was to open the cans, pour soda on the floor, and throw away the can. I was a soda pourer.


2/29. I work at an investment bank and we have a VP without a college degree. A couple of my buddies hired him as an analyst solely because he was a drug dealer and they wanted to be able to purchase drugs conveniently at work. We didn't expect him to actually do anything, but he slowly learned how to do everything and actually ended up getting promoted to VP by one of the senior directors. We all think it's hilarious.


3/29. Importing cheap furniture from India, paint the in a way that looks Indian to Europeans, but nobody in India would call Indian and sell them for a ton of money. A friend of mine dropped out of arts college to do it.


4/29. My uncle used to work in a psych ward as a security guy. He did the overnights, his supervisor told him "Sleep your shift away. If something happens that wakes you up, get me ASAP."

He basically got paid to sleep for 8 hours.


5/29. I know a guy who did this with rugs from the middle east. He was in the Army and while over seas (can't remember the country, sorry) he would buy these things for MAYBE a couple hundred on the high end, bring them here and they'd sell for thousands of dollars. He has a couple rugs that sold for $10,000+. So, he takes that money and buys a few thousand dollars worth of rugs (instead of like $300) buys a shit ton, sends them home, wife sells them while he's spraying bullets. Comes home. He's now retired at like 40 years old.


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6/29. A guy I know from college makes his full-time living (with excellent benefits) changing light bulbs at a city museum and art gallery - he's not the curator; just the guy in charge of lighting.


7/29. My brother in law is a professional jouster. He works for a company that travels to renaissance fairs, and he owns his own custom suit of armor.


8/29. Sometimes, I go to places where a bunch of people are sitting in chairs all facing the same direction. I'll stand in front of them, sometimes with a microphone and tell them stories about things that happened to me. Sometimes they laugh and the guy who owns the chairs will give me incredibly small amounts of money.


9/29. I work at the local science center playing a character called "Indiana Bones." I get paid to dress up, talk to kids about dinosaurs, and play make-believe in front of a pre-recorded video.


10/29. A lot of the other ridiculous jobs I've had happened while I was in the military. For a few years I was stationed at Quantico, where they manufacture shiny new Marine Officers. There were entire platoons full of Lieutenants, and when they pooped in the woods, one of the jobs enlisted men (me) had to take turns doing was disposing of their poop. With fire.

The ground was frozen, so we constructed makeshift toilets from old ammo crates and metal tubs. When they were close to full, (story continued on the next page...).

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When they were close to full, someone would dump kerosene into the tubs, light a match and stir until it was nothing but ash. They never put stirring a flaming pot of officer crap on the recruiting posters.

Another thing they did at Quantico was attend etiquette classes. These guys and gals would eventually have to hobnob with generals and congressmen, but surprisingly few of them knew about cloth napkins or which fork to use first. There's even a huge banquet for each class, with hundreds of tuxedo clad guests, silver candelabras and cigars. As a young corporal, it was my job to lead them through this maze of thank you cards and proper salutes. I wonder if any of them ever recognized me as the guy who stirred their turds.


11/29. I am friends with someone that is a personal assistant for the WIFE of a CEO of a company. The company employs her and she is the assistant to the wife who doesn't work for the company.

The lady doesn't work, but apparently needs someone to do minor normal tasks for her and drive her around. She's on-call for her 24/7, but has never received a call after 9pm in the last 4 years. She does maybe 3 hours of actual work each day and then hangs out with the lady for the rest of the time. They let her use their Miami Beach condo for 2 weeks a year for free too.

I'm glad she knows how lucky this job is otherwise it'd annoy me a whole lot more.


12/29. My job I think is pretty ridiculous. I look over and take care of around 70 sled dogs.


13/29. My buddy has his own startup called Cyrano. He ghostwrites personal ads, responses and texts for lonely guys. For his premium package, he'll feed you lines into your bluetooth earpiece while you're out on an actual date.


14/29. An acquaintance of mine does sex-chat for a living.

No cam, no voice, just chat. Like... Just texting via an IM interface on an adult site.

She's dirty rich, but has no time for any relationships - friends or partners. She spends most of her money on clothes and expensive tech (phones, cars etc.)


15/29. My best friend has been" unemployed" for about the last year but he makes more money than I do selling magic the gathering cards like playing the stock market; he buys low and then sells the cards once they jump up in value and he has started like a "self help" clan in Clash of Clans. He streams 5 nights a week and will do 1 on 1 help with building bases and critiquing attacks that people in the clan send him. His system is that for a $10 donation on Twitch he'll do 2 10 minute critiques, either of your base or your attack and make suggestions. He does this for hours a day/night and makes really good money.


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16/29. I know someone who writes the 'funny' comments between TV shows telling people what's coming up next, for a particular channel. For example 'and up next, it's going to be a whale of a night in Extreme Fishing Live' or whatever. He makes more money than I currently do.


17/29. My friend's full time job is running a 20-20 cricket competition. He plays in a handful of teams and basically drinks beer and plays all week.


18/29. I used to have a job where I would scan breasts into a computer all day everyday. Digitizing a mammography film storage library.

19/29. I worked with a guy who hosts a "porn" website. All the videos are just attractive women getting slime poured on top of them. They are even wearing clothes while this happens. He would take vacations and film different aspiring models doing this. He pulls in around 5 grand a month for doing this.


20/29. I know a guy who works for some branch of the Louisiana government. His job is to literally drive around the marshes in a boat and destroy an invasive species of cactus. He developed his own method of doing this which entails him seeing the cactus, using a compound bow to 'tag' the cactus, then he torches it with a blowtorch.

He's tried a few times to convince his boss to buy him a flame thrower so he doesn't have to leave the boat but so far he's been unsuccessful in that.


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21/29. My friend used to carve the molds for dildos. And he also cast famous porn stars crotches for a series of toys sold as replicas.


22/29. I get paid to live censor various high risk live TV and radio shows. It's only a contract or two a year, but I'm only one of two people in my country that can do it.


23/29. I have a friend who used to render and animate Minecraft Porn for $50 per finished minute of animation. It's weird and gross, but $100 is $100.


24/29. My kindergarten hired several ladies to wait at the restroom and wipe off kids' mess after they pooped. That's their only job; nothing else.


25/29. An old friends dad made a huge amount of money re-selling paper cups.

I was invited to his beach front property for a ride on his boat when he told me this. He apparently got brought in as an independent contractor (aka terrible commission only gig) for a paper products company. He then turned around and landed a deal to supply every McDonald's franchise in 3 states with their cups. A few years later he did the same thing for Wendy's. By the time his contract expired he had made enough money to retire.


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26/29. Worked a factory job for a while. There was a guy on the second shift who liked straightforward repetitive tasks.

He was a trifle tapper.

He'd stand on the production line at the point where the sealed trifles came out of the cold room and into the packing area and, with his gloved hand, tap the top of each trifle firmly to check the seal was good.

We'd had some problems with the heat sealing machine - tubs would look sealed but not be airtight and the product would spoil in transit. It was cheaper to pay the guy to tap away at minimum wage than it was to replace the machine, I guess.

And he was happy enough.


27/29. My friend's brother is a fairly successful Youtuber. It's an odd job if you think about it, regardless of how used to it we are now.


28/29. I had a friend who wrote porn reviews for a living.


29/29. A close friend of mine has recently told me they were drunkenly writing sci-fi on reddit, and people started throwing money at them for it. It's nothing major, but it's growing into enough to cover their gas and coffee money.

I didn't believe them, but eventually pulled the ol'reddit-username creep. They weren't lying and it's actually not bad once you get past the first few chapters.

Oddly proud of them.



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