‘He Runs Into The Wall Every Time.’ People Reveal The Dumbest Thing Their Pet Has Ever Done.

We love our pets. But sometimes, our loveable furry friends will do something so stupid that it leaves us scratching our heads wondering, "How have they survived this long!?"

Here, people share the dumbest things their pet has ever done.

1/28. Dog heard my stomach growl and growled back.


2/28. My greyhound can't/won't push open a door that's already partway open. He will stick his head through and look at me, waiting for me to open it for him. He will wait and wait forever. Sometimes I'll look up and he'll just be standing there at the door, and I'll wonder how long he's been standing there. It's so sad.


3/28. My dog has a blanket that he brings everywhere. He will try to jump on my bed while carrying his blanket. Trips over blanket and falls on the ground. Every single night.


4/28. So I woke up in the middle of the night to my two dogs barking at a cat that had gotten into the house. They'd managed to trap the poor thing in a corner, so I lock the dogs outside and herd the cat out the front door before letting the dogs back in... The idiots ran right back to the corner and kept on barking.

To this day they still don't completely trust that corner.


5/28. I was scratching my dog's head the other day, and he zoned out and pressed his throat up against my leg. He then let out a VERY loud burp through his compressed esophagus and scared himself. I couldn't stop laughing, and he must've thought I was yelling at him, because he just kept pacing with this pathetic look until I stopped. He may have been embarrassed, but I was laughing really loudly, so I think I was scaring him too.


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6/28. One of my cats is a wonderful idiot. He can only learn to do something if he's seen our other cat do it at least 50 times first. For example, he seemed to think that a 2-ft high baby gate had made a doorway completely impassible, despite the fact that he can easily jump 5 feet in the air if he wants. The first time he saw our other cat on the other side of it, he tried to walk through the gate instead of jumping over it, and crashed into the clear plastic.


7/28. I have a pretty big dog. Every single time he walks down the stairs he forgets to look up when he gets to the bottom and bangs his chin on the floor. Then he looks around with this shocked look as if he has not done it a million times before.


8/28. Well, my late lamented cat Buzz did a few dumb things. He chased a Swan. It chased him back, caught him by the leg and gave me a hefty vet bill. He fell out of my bedroom window. Twice. Once I could excuse but after the second time, it was easier to just keep the window closed. He sniffed a lit candle. I was right there, I saw him approaching it, but I never thought for a second he would sniff it.

How wrong was I?


9/28. My cat wanted to go out, so I was going to open the window. At the second my hand touch the handle, the cat must have thought "Ho, he touched the window, it's open now !", and he jumped.


Then my cat sat silently on the sofa and didn't move for the next 2 hours.


10/28. We had a really stupid dog when I was growing up that would get out of the house periodically. She loved to run, so catching her once she was out was tough.

My boyfriend (now husband) came over one day and my mom was panicked because the dog had gotten out. She asked him to help catch her. Now he knew the dog had a reputation for being really stupid (she had once hit a full-out point for a sprinkler).

He chased her for a few blocks, but every time he would get close, she would move 10 feet away, sit down and dog-laugh at him. So, he turned around and started walking backward toward her. He said he could see her reflected in his sunglasses, tilting her head one way and then the other, trying to figure out what was going on. As soon as he got to her, reached right down and grabbed her collar.

Such an airhead.


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11/28. My cat jumped into my neighbours' balcony, entered their kitchen, beat up the dog and ate their lasagne. Had to pay them for the damage. I couldn't stay angry at him for too long though, he looked so fat and happy, then he vomited under my chair on my birthday.


12/28. Once, my gerbil got stuck in an infinite loop. I was feeding her sunflower seeds out of my hand, and she was grabbing them to hoard for later. She'd pick up three, reach for a fourth and drop one of the first three. Then she'd notice the one she just dropped, go for it and drop one of the seeds she was holding. Then she'd notice that one... and so on ad infinitum.


13/28. Had a golden retriever some years back who, despite his sense of smell being multitudes stronger and more keen than you or I, walked up to a bucket of bleach water and simply began drinking. He had plenty of clean water to drink, and instead chose to drink the poison. He was fine, of course. Dogs that stupid are basically invincible.

God, I really do miss him.


14/28. I had a cat who would go out and torment the magpies who would in turn beat the crap out of her. We'd hear her screaming outside wanting to be let in to be saved.

My current cat decided to sneak out the front door that I hadn't closed properly. I was in the kitchen and heard the magpies making a huge scene. I popped my head out the front door and the gang of magpies had my cat pinned against the trash can and were yanking his fur out. Needless to say, he's stayed away from the front door ever since.


15/28. My kitten almost killed himself once a day for the first five days I had him.

He seemed to have a death wish. His behavior was incredibly impulsive and he had no concept of self preservation. The first day, he jumped on to the lid of my open banjo case, which wobbled then slammed shut, locking him inside and nearly amputating the tip of his tail. I mean by mere millimeters he missed it. Luckily I was there to witness or else he may have been locked away for who knows how long.

The next day he climbed up the inside of a table lamp, clasping the bulb, then shoved his head out through the small opening at the top which immediately got stuck. The lamp of course tumbled off the table, falling about 3 feet, and landing him right on his head on the hardwood floor.

The third day he was in the bathroom with me, and took a running jump into (story continued on the next page...).

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The third day he was in the bathroom with me, and took a running jump into the FLUSHING TOILET. He was 8 weeks old and tiny, and I just barely caught him by his back legs. He was in an expertly crafted Olympic dive position, perfectly streamlined as if to make himself as small as possible... He literally would've been flushed away.

On the fourth day took a carefully planned running jump off the top of the stairs. He sat there, thought about it, posed ready for it, then ran as fast as he could. He tumbled head over heels 2 or 3 times down the flight and landed on his head, again.

The last heart-palpitation inducing incident on the fifth day was when I brought him over to my parents house. My mom was giving me some food from their freezer, which was from one of those fancy fridges with a pull out freezer on the bottom. She rolls it out, gives me the stuff, then shoves it closed. A minute later I realize my kitten is missing, and we here desperate meows coming from the fridge. Somehow in the 10 seconds that she had the freezer drawer rolled out, he had crawled UNDERNEATH the drawer, and finagled himself into the space between the freezer and the fridge itself. I had to reach up underneath the drawer and pull him out through the small space, that's kind of like how the door in a vending machine works. Once you open the drawer, that space is blocked- if that makes sense. So I had to jam my hand in there and was wildly trying to grab him. I ended up yanking him out by one of his front legs which was not fun for either of us.

He was ice cold.

This was all within the first five days.


16/28. I had a cat that would often chase it's tail, from time to time it would actually catch it's tail, bite it and then scream out in pain.


17/28. Dog poops in yard. Seconds later, he comes to eat his meal. Eats far too fast. Goes back to yard and vomits everywhere ON THE POOP. Proceeds to eat everything.

Have a nice day.


18/28. My cat has a tendency to open up drawers and then manage to find a way to close it while inside. Problem is he won't admit defeat and start meowing for help so I need to eventually go on a cat hunt when I realize things are too quiet in my place.


19/28. My dog once sneezed, waking himself up, and proceeded to bark at himself for a solid ten minutes before going back to sleep.


20/28. When I was young, we had an adorable, loveable, but extremely dumb standard poodle. One day, my dog saw my mum pulling into the driveway at our house from one level up. He got very excited so he ran out on to the deck at full speed. Now, at this point we had just redone our deck so there were no railings on it. This dumb dog did not slow down at all, ran right off the deck at full speed and dropped 15 feet to the cement driveway. We all freaked out and were so afraid that he broke something, but he bounced right up and ran to my mum to lick her face. I miss that dumb dog, he was my stupid baby brother and I loved him so much.


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21/28. We erected a small fence in the middle of the garden so our tortoises stay in the half that we have checked and know there are no holes in the fence. One of them decided to try and climb said small fence and ended up flipping itself onto its back. Then another wanders up and does exactly the same thing.

It's a miracle they are still alive, dumb cuties.


22/28. My cat picked a fight with a badger mom and her two cubs. When I saw what was going on, I went out to give my cat some backup. The badger started to growl and came at us. I grabbed the cat and hurried back inside.


23/28. I have a very dumb black lab / pit bull mix. He has a block for a head, as is typical for pits. One day he ran to our bay window to bark at the mailman, but misjudged the distance and broke the window with his head. It was hilarious (once I ensured he wasn't hurt).


24/28. Over the years, I've had a number of different animals (Horses, cows, dogs, cats, a rabbit once for a few days), but the most gloriously stupid animal I've ever had was a horse named Beau. Beau was an extremely nice horse. He was extremely easy to work with, and was solid minded and never once attempted to buck, even as a 3-year old (more on that later). However, Beau was not what we could call a very imaginative animal. In fact, he had a running list of things that he was well known for, such as:

Getting his head stuck in a fence, by sticking it through to eat his neighbors hay. He was unable to remove his head from the fence until he was helped.

Getting stuck behind a gate. An open gate. It had swung towards him, and he couldn't figure out how to go around.

At one point, Beau decided to jump into a lake for a swim on a hot day. However, he mistimed the jump, and instead of splashing down, he fell face first into the water. He repeated this 3 more times until he got it right.

Beau was terrified of cows. We raise cattle, but we had plenty of cowhorses, so this wasn't really an issue (at first.) It became a problem, however, when he decided he had bonded to a newborn calf that we were bottle feeding. He wouldn't leave the calf's side, but when we would turn the calf out with the other cows as it got older, he'd stand, terrified, essentially OVER the calf as it grew, not realizing that the animal he had bonded with was the same thing he was scared of.

A personal favorite, Beau didn't understand how to buck until he was 6 years old. Not that he didn't want to, he didn't know how. The very first time he did, he was running around a pen, and out of nowhere kicked up. He IMMEDIATELY stopped, and stared at his own ass for a good 5 minutes, with a bewildered expression on his face. He then promptly bucked for the next half hour, with one of the most joyous expressions I've ever seen on a horse's face.


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25/28. Taz: A 110 lb Black Lab cross, well known for his happy nature, total cowardice, and lack of ability to avoid parked cars.

Taz enjoyed chasing rabbits. Taz was apparently convinced that skunks were also rabbits. He would then whimper and demand to be petted when he got sprayed. Every summer. For 15 years

He also enjoyed running as fast as he could. He wasn't able to run and look at other things however. It was not advised to yell at Taz when he was running out of the pasture, as he was prone to running into things. To date: He ran into the barn 3 times, 4 parked cars, a tractor, another dog, and my mom, knocking her off her feet.


26/28. One time my dog (puppy then) ran outside, stopped in the middle of the road, and stared at an approaching car wagging his tail. When the car hit it's brakes my dog rolled over like it wanted a belly rub or something.


27/28. We were in the middle of remodelling our house and went out of town for the weekend. Got back and couldn't find the cat. I realized I had left a ladder leaned against a wall right below an air duct and saw claw marks around the open duct. I instantly assumed I would be fishing a dead cat out of the wall and succumbed to my fail by slumping down against the wall, trying to figure out how to explain to my wife and 3 year old that I stupidly led our beloved cat to his doom. About that time, the little jerk pokes his head out of the duct and meows at me, wanting me to help him out.


28/28. Stood by the food bowl. Farted, then growled at what she though was another dog behind her. Then when she saw her reflection in the water she jumped and hid in her basket. That was many years ago, and she is just as senile now.



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