Heartbroken People Reveal The Most Ungrateful Thing They've Seen Someone Do

We've all heard the saying, 'Do unto others as you would have them do onto you.' However, just because you do something nice for someone does not necessarily mean they will treat you similarly.

Here, people reveal the most ungrateful thing they've ever seen someone else do.

Around 2:30am on a Friday night (Saturday morning) a friend and I witnessed a pickup truck run a red light and barrel through a white taxi van doing about 50 MPH (+/- 5MPH) no breaks, just CRASH. The white van instantly was spun around a couple of times until it hit against a light pole. My friend and I were in complete shock but were the only ones around so we got out of my truck to go help.

On the way to the van my friend called 911, and a fire started flaring up from inside the crumpled hood. The man inside was bleeding everywhere and obviously very hurt however the drivers door was smashed so much I couldn't open the door and the passenger door was blocked and resting against the light pole. By this time the fire under the hood is starting to engulf the front part of the van and getting very hot. I took my shirt off, wrapped it around my hand and the broke out what was left of the glass on the drivers side door and proceeded to pull the man head first out of the van with the help of my friend and drag him about 30 feet away to a grassy area by an office building. About 2 minutes later the entire front portion of the van is in flames. Another minute later the fire department showed and put it out. I gave my information and such to the police officers. The man I pulled from the van thanked me over and over again. I thought I had done my good deed for the day... 1 week later I am served papers stating I caused physical and emotional damage/distress to the man and he was suing me for $100,000. 

1 awesome Public defender, 3 witnesses, and 4 days in court later he lost the case.


My older sister Amanda is EXTREMELY spoiled. My dad practically worships the ground she stands on. I used to help my mom at the restaurant every day from when I was 5-8 years old. Because I was so young, people would give me tips throughout the day. When my moms shift ended, she would walk me next door to the bank and I would deposit my earnings. By the time I was 8 I had a little over 800$ saved up. May came around and my sister was going to to turn 17. For her birthday she wanted a crap tons of hair styling stuff and makeup. Well my father had other plans... He convinced me into letting him "borrow" my $800+ and combined it with his $500. He then went out and bought a cheap car for $1000 and used the other $300ish for seat covers, new tires, a new stereo, etc. May 5th... We gave my sister the car and she threw the biggest fit ever! She wanted nothing to do with the car. So she sold it for $700. Dad got his 500 back, Amanda got 200 to spend on hair stuff and I got nothing back.


A guy working at a chain retailer was checking people's bags outside the door when a little kid knocked down a promotion sign. 

The guy stopped what he was doing, rush over and fixed the sign. When he smiled at the mother, thinking she'll say sorry for her kid's mistake or say thank you at least. Well, she just stared coldly at him and walked away with her pram. Poor guy.


A couple years ago a friend and I were driving across the country in a big moving truck full of my mom's furniture. We had been on the road for about 18 hours on the 2nd to last day of the trip and stopped at a rest stop to stretch our legs and use the bathroom.

Sitting at the rest stop late at night was an entire family, mom, dad & 2 young kids and their car which was obviously broken or otherwise not working. Feeling like I should try and help I asked the father what was wrong and he told me they had run out of gas and just needed to get to the next town which was about 40 miles away. I couldn't leave the rest stop with that family stranded so my friend and I got back in the truck and drove the 40ish miles to the next town, bought gas & a can and drove all the way back in our huge moving truck.

The whole trip back and forth took us about an hour and a half. Well, the family was still there waiting and I hopped out to give them the gas they needed so badly. I handed the can to the father and he looked at me and said "I would rather have the money". This caught me off guard as money wouldn't help them get anywhere. It was then that it dawned on me that he never wanted gas to begin with and probably had some in the car. He was just fishing for cash and using his kids as the bait. I felt really bad for the mom as she was just looking at me the whole time with this expression of "I'm so so sorry". I was at a loss for words since the dad didn't even want the gas we had just drivin' for over an hour to get for them. I just set the gas can on the ground, got back in the truck and left feeling like a giant idiot.


My Mom bought my sister numerous laptops, iPhones, and cameras on the condition that she'd take care of them, but every item got broken in a month or two. 

I bought her a $900 digital SLR she knows I've been coveting for years, because my sister claimed she was going to take a photography course at school. She got the camera, complained that she didn't get any other presents, used it for a day and then let it sit around for 6 months. She uses it now for pictures on her Tumblr, and she told my mom she never intended to take a photography course. She can only use the camera on auto.

For Easter I spent a couple hundred dollars buying her tons of Hunger Games stuff and random stuff for an Easter basket because I stupidly wanted to do something nice (I'd just pick up random stuff over the course of a few months that I thought she'd like). She was upset that my mom wouldn't be doing baskets anymore because she's 15. She threw a tantrum after she opened everything because Easter was boring now since we wouldn't hide Easter eggs for her or hide plastic ones filled with money like her friend's parent's did. She was 15 for heaven's sake!

I haven't gotten her a thing since that time. I bought my mom a MacBook Air to pay her back for years of caring for me, and my sister threw the biggest tantrum ever. She clawed at my mom's face and tried to steal her car because it wasn't fair that my mom got something nice for the first time EVER. Literally, ever. My sister has since "accidentally" broken her laptop hoping I'd buy her one too. Not going to happen. Ever.


The guy before me had pulled out what looked like $400 and then walked away without taking the cash. I didn't realize what had happened at first, so by the time I put two and two together he was out of the store.

I grab the money, run after him and catch him in the parking lot. I hand him the cash and guess what? He violently grabs the money from me and starts talking crap about me for trying to steal his money. He starts getting in my face when his friend mentions he was $400 down before he ever met me, then I come along and he's back to even, ending with "What the heck is wrong with you?"

The guy did not even thank me.


My friend performed the Heimlich maneuver on a choking teenager. She was in distress, flailing around and struggling, which made it difficult to do it properly. He accidentally fractured her rib. 

The paramedic and the manager both praised him for his efforts, but the girl's parents went mad. They tried to sue him for the rib. Thank god for the Good Samaritan law, apparently that's state-based and most states have it.


I work at a pet store. A few months ago, we had a Scarlet Macaw up for sale. I was weighing her in the front of the store, since we have to track their growth when we get them at the store.

Little kid and her grandfather come in the store while I'm doing this. The little girl, who looks about 10 years old (old enough to know better), RUNS towards the bird. This is already not good. It took me a good 10 minutes to coax the poor bird out of her cage to get weighed. She's a very timid bird, and she's slow to trust people.

So the little girl is running at me, with a very large bird on my arm, spooks the bird who jumps off of my arm and luckily lands on the register counter which is where the scale is anyway.

As politely as I could, I asked the girl to please take a few steps back because the bird is very afraid right now. That she is very shy around new people, and that the girl can watch, but just keep her distance.

She was ok with that for about 10 seconds. After I weighed the bird, I got her to step back up onto my arm, and told the little girl I had to take her back to her cage now and give her some treats for being a good bird while she got weighed.

This did not go over well. The little girl followed me back to the cage, and kept asking if she could pet the bird.

In case you don't know much about birds, this is a scarlet macaw. They have VERY large and VERY strong beaks. If they feel threatened enough, they will defend themselves with that beak, and I have no doubt that they could 

easily take a finger off if they wanted to.

So she asks if she can pet it. I told her no, I'm sorry, but she doesn't like strangers touching her, and she might try to bite you, I don't want you to get hurt. Wrong thing to say apparently.


She started throwing a temper tantrum, and I just ignored her at this point, since the macaw was starting to bite ME now on the arm (I still have bruises from this), and I just wanted to get her in the cage and get the girl as far away as possible.

And this whole time, her grandfather was just standing there watching. He didn't say anything. Just let her carry on. So I get the bird back in the cage, and she's now on the other side of the cage, sticking her fingers in the cage. Again, I ask her to back up, the bird can lunge and bite her very easily.

So she backs up. Thank god, I was thinking to myself. Maybe she'll go look at the hamsters or something else now. Nope.

She goes up to her grandfather and literally screams at him, "BUY ME THAT BIRD! I WANT THAT BIRD! BUY IT FOR ME!!!"

He just looked at me, and asked how much it was. My jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

First off, I tell him, that bird is $2000. Plus the cost of the cage, plus food, substrate, etc. Second off, they can live quite a long time. On average in captivity they can get up to 50 years old, and sometimes longer. This is not something you buy because a ten year old girl is demanding you buy it for her.

I actually had to stand there and talk him out of buying this bird for about ten minutes. At least I could figure out where this girl got her attitude from. He was about to buy a screaming ten year old a $2000 bird without a second thought. Good lord. I lost some of my faith in humanity that day.

Luckily, they walked out of the store after that, and she did not leave quietly. She was kicking and screaming the whole way out of the store.


As I was walking out of the grocery store, I saw this lady struggling with what looked like a couple heavy bags full of groceries. I walk over and ask if she needs any help, and she turns to me, looks up with eyes narrowed and says, "Not from you, back off Mr. ungrateful!"

I was so confused, I just walked away. Who was REALLY being ungrateful in that situation??


I delivered a pizza to this apartment complex. The total was $18 something and she handed me a $20 rolled up and told me to keep the change. I turned around and started walking down the stairs back to the parking lot while unrolling the $20 to put in my wad of cash when I find a $100 wrapped up inside of the $20. Immediately I turned around and went back, knocked and said "I don't think you meant to include this inside the twenty." as I extended my hand towards her with the $100 bill in it.

She instantly started screaming at me about how she didn't give me no hundred dollar tip and that I'm lucky she doesn't call the police. Slammed the door, then called to my pizza shop to complain.

I told the manager the whole story, she was put on the do-not-answer list.


I have two nephews aged 14 and 12 and they have every game console out there. So thinking I was going to be the coolest aunt ever, I bought them 4 of the latest games, and they were over $50 each. I don't see them often, I wanted to do something special, $250 is a lot of money in my budget. 

O well, they took one look at the games, said "these suck", threw them against the wall and broke the cases. I picked them up, took them back to the store but they refused to take 3 of them back due to the damage. I ended up selling them at the mall to one of those game stores, got almost nothing for them.

Lesson learned. Never again.


So last year I'm sitting outside the a fast food chain and this young girl around 15 or 16 is walking out the door. As she was coming out two older women, around late sixties/early seventies, where coming in, one in a wheelchair. 

The young girl steps aside and holds the door open for the two ladies and even compliments one of them on their hair. As they are about to part ways the women say "thank you", but right before the door shut all the way one of them whispered (but not really) "what a hussy."

The girl looked shocked and then started tearing up.


After getting close to $500 in gifts for Christmas, my sister tore down the tree, kicked other people's gifts, started yelling and crying, because she didn't see a Wii among her presents (this was when they were really hard to find). We actually did get her a Wii, she just didn't get to it yet. I even had to take on a second holiday job at an online gaming store to get it.

She was a 24 year old med student at the time.


Today is my niece's birthday and she just went to college so I thought I'd get her a laptop for her birthday. Now, I am a student myself but I still want to give her something special. So I searched for a great used laptop , and I found one really cool and latest one. I sold my PSP and some other things so I could afford it.

Now there we were at the dinner table opening presents. She opened mine and has this grim look at her face. "This is it? I thought you'd buy me a brand new one"

"You know I can't afford it. It's the best I can do."

"I want a brand new one, not this. This is the worst present ever!"

She then shoved the laptop and box across the table and it fell down the floor.

I picked it up, and walked out. My cousin tried to stop me, I just said "I would never give her anything again."

She even had the nerve to call back and ask for the laptop. Apparently her parents punished her for her behavior and she will now have to buy her own things. No hand-outs or gifts.


When I was younger I worked at a Blockbuster. I was the night shift manager and one night I was working by myself when a customer walks up and hands me a woman's wallet, says he found it on the ground.

I peeked inside it to find an ID/membership card so I could look up her account/phone number. Sure enough she had been in the store about 30 minutes earlier so I gave her a call. She seemed pleased on the phone and said she would be right in.

Store policy for something like that was to lock the item in the safe until the customer arrives. I did so and went about my business. About an hour later the woman comes in and asks for her wallet. I tell her it's going to be 15 minutes as the safe was timed and ask her to wait. This was apparently unacceptable and she asked if I could get it faster than that. Told her no and continued helping other customers while she waited.

Once the safe beeped I grabbed her wallet and hand it to her, I had to put the line of customers on hold while I did this because I wanted her out of the store ASAP since she had spent the last 15 minutes fuming and standing right next to my register.

As soon as I hand her the wallet she says "my money better be in here" I explained that I honestly had no idea as I didn't open it all the way as her membership card was on an outer flap.

After handing it to her I asked for the next customer in line to step up and basically tried ignoring her.

She starts screaming "MY MONEY IS GONE, YOU STOLE MY MONEY!" I ask the customer I'm helping to wait a second and 

explain to her the way the wallet was handed to me, and reiterated that I had not personally opened the wallet any further than the first flap.

She starts screaming again saying there was over 200 dollars in it and that she was calling the police. I shrug and tell her to go ahead. At this point I'm completely satisfied to ignore her. She walks to the back of the store and whips out her cell phone. I continue helping the line as customers are looking back at the woman as she is loudly calling the police. Most of the customers are like "what an idiot" etc. I just shrug and smile.

After the line was cleared the lady comes back to the register and tells me, with a super smug look, the police are on the way. "Ok." I say and give her a "I don't care" shrug and ignore her while checking in movies. About an hour later a cop finally enters the store (she waited right next to my register the entire time) and she starts waving at him and pointing at me at the same time.

I see the cop and roll my eyes and shake my head. He asks her to repeat her story and as she's repeating it he's almost completely ignoring her and watching the football game that we have playing on our DirectTV kiosk. After she gets done he looks at me, rolls his eyes, and asks "did you take the money?"

"Of course not" I say. "I'm sorry there's nothing we can do ma'am" the cop says and leaves the store. As he leaves he holds the door for her and tells her to leave if her business is complete.

I smiled super big, like cheshire cat big, and told her to have a super day as she left.


We were in the middle of auto-body class when this middle-aged woman (guest speaker for some other class) comes strolling in and says, "I need to get my keys out of my car now. I guess I locked them inside." 

My teacher gives her an odd look and says OK. He then proceeded to walk over to her car, fish around with the "slim jim" and pop the lock open. He leans inside and picks up her keys, all the while she is not saying anything. 

Half-jokingly he tells her it will be $20. She laughs and makes a quip about how the teacher must be so desperate for money that he charges extra for what's "part of his job." The best part was when he responded with, "No ma'am. You locking up your keys is not in my job description." He then threw the keys back in, locked the door, shut it, and proceeded back to the class.


I was visiting friends at their farm years ago. My friend from high school and his wife and their daughter who was about 16. The daughter was out saddling her horse when the horse kicked her in the chest. She collapsed her throat and couldn't breathe. 

I performed an emergency tracheotomy saving her life. About two months later I get a letter from a law firm. They changed their mind about how grateful they were and decided to sue me for leaving a scar from the tracheotomy.


My mother's friend threw his daughter a birthday party; this was fairly affluent family so she got a big party with all of her friends, and this girl got a lot of nice stuff. She got dolls, a doll house, various toys, and a freaking horse, with all of the riding gear and the promise of lessons and everything she could ever need for the horse.

This brat got what millions of little girls all over the country dream of, and you know what she did? She Flipped. The. Crap. Out. Why? Because it was the wrong doll house. She got a horse and she threw a huge screaming temper tantrum over the (enormous) doll house.

As one might expect, her father did not take his daughter's obvious lack of appreciation for her privileged lifestyle so well and he cut that crap right there.

He canceled the party right then (the guests still got to eat cake and keep their party favor on top of an apology for his daughter's behavior), packed up all the toys and took them back to the store, he took the horse back, and grounded his spoiled kid.


I helped my work mate move while hungover after far too much tequila. I basically moved all his, his boyfriend's and his roommates stuff all by myself because he was useless. This took me almost 12 hours.

The wanker didn't even buy me a beer, food or anything. Then he fobbed me off when I asked for help to move. On top of that he had the nerve to ask for help when he moved out again.


When we were very young we were very poor. My sister's birthday was coming up, I think she was about 7. There was no money to buy gifts but my mother had a small piece of white satin cloth and a box of tiny little pearl beads. She hand sewed this beautiful little wedding gown for my sisters doll and sat up night after night hand sewing these tiny little beads on the dress. 

When my sister was given it for her birthday she threw it across the room in disgust, saying I don't want that take it back. 

I'll never forget the heartbreak on my mother's face.


My so-called friend "accidentally" threw away the present I gave her. I gifted her a mini kiddie make-up set I spent months saving up for because my allowance was a mere $5 per month (poor family). I didn't know someone else gave the same thing to her earlier. 

When I asked her about it, she said she only wanted one, not two and "accidentally" the one I gave away. Needless to say I'm no longer friends with her anymore.


I used to work for a local car dealership. I was selling the cheapest car on the lot to a dad and his daughter. It was a 2000 Daewoo for $3,000. She was so excited to have her own car and it was the only car her dad could afford to buy her. 

At this same time another salesperson was selling a brand new Eddie Bauer Explorer to a dad for a present to his daughter. As I was presenting the Daewoo to the new owners the daughter of the other dad comes in to see her new Explorer. She starts throwing a fit and yells "I didn't want an explorer, I wanted an Expedition!!!"

I was really proud of the dad of the Explorer when he walked back into the finance office and changed the deal - he corroborated with the guy buying the Daewoo and switched the names! 

So the girl crying over her "Explorer" now had a crappy Daewoo and the girl who was really grateful to have a car ended up with a fully loaded paid of Explorer.

I would never have believed it if I had not been the salesperson.


A co-worker whined that her grandmother gave her a silver necklace for her birthday when "she knows I only ever wear white gold!". 

I laughed and told her that when my grandparents were alive I only ever got a birthday card and that stopped too when I started high school, but the co-worker only got more defensive, trying to get me to sympathise with her situation.


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