Here Are 30 Things You Need To Know About Wolverine Before Watching Logan.

Wolverine is one of Marvel's classic characters, and has appeared in many comics, video games, and movies.

With 'Logan' coming right around the corner, here are 30 awesome facts about the beast himself. Check them out!

30. Rockstar lifestyle

Wolverine is known to be a heavy drinker and smoker in the comic book universe. Due to his healing factor, the effects of heaving drinking and tobacco usage don't affect him like they would other people.

29. Hugh Jackman is way too tall to be Wolverine.

In the comic books, Wolverine only reaches 5'3'', but Hugh Jackman is much taller than that at 6'2''. The filming crew had to shoot Jackman at various angles to make him appear shorter. They also gave James Marsden (who plays Cyclops) boots so that he would appear much taller than Wolverine.

28. 'Logan' isn't Wolverine's real name.

Wolverine always went by Logan, thinking it was his actual name. However, in the 'Origins' comics, it's revealed that his real name is James Howlett.

'Logan' came from Wolverine's half-brother named Dog Logan. When Wolverine went on the run with his friend Rose, he started going by Logan.

27. Many big names were attached to the 'X-Men' movies.

Before Brian Singer got the 'X-Men' movies off the ground, director James Cameron almost directed an 'X-Men' film, meeting with Stan Lee and even creating concept art for it.

At some point, Bob Hoskins, Russel Crowe, and Dougray Scott were all considered to play Wolverine in X-Men films. Bob Hoskins was the personal choice of James Cameron for the aforementioned X-Men movie.

26. An unusual first appearance.

Wolverine's first appearance in a comic book was not in an X-Men comic, but actually in a 1974 issue of: (Continued)

In a 1974 issue of The Incredible Hulk. He was in costume the entire time and little backstory was revealed about the new character. Before he was unmasked and had his backstory revealed, they had actually planned for Wolverine to be a teenager.

25. A vicious monster.

Wolverine is one of the more gruesome characters of the 'X-Men' universe. He has killed hundreds of other characters to get his job done, even going as far to kill Jean Grey, who many fans consider the love of his life.

24. His claws are made of adamatium, as are his bones.

He has even been reduced right down to his adamatium skeleton and grown back.

23. How can you kill someone who can't be killed?

There were rumors that Marvel wanted to kill off Wolverine, but the biggest problem is that Wolverine couldn't really be killed with his healing factor. Marvel writers fixed this by taking away his healing ability, leading to the creation of the series Death of Wolverine.

In this series, he saves several test subjects by breaking open a container of adamantium in its rare liquid form. The adamantium covered him from head to toe, and as the adamantium began to cool it hardened leaving Wolverine unable to move or breathe, suffocating him.

22. Wolverine is...old.

Wolverine is around 135 years old, as revealed in the Origins series.

21. Wolverine gets around...

On top of being a prominent member of the X-Men and X-Force, Wolverine has been a member of the Avengers and even the Fantastic Four. The only other character to be on the same four teams was...


The only other character to be on the same four teams was Storm.

20. Hugh Jackman has appeared as his character in more 'X-Men' movies than any other actor

Hugh Jackman holds the record for most appearances as a character in Marvel Studio films, with seven as of X-Men: Apocalypse. Robert Downey Jr. following closely behind with his credits as Tony Stark/Iron Man.

19. Wolverine murdered all the X-Men.

In the 'Old Man Logan' storyline, the X-Men mansion is invaded by many villains, and Wolverine defends it by slaughtering all of them. Only afterwards did Wolverine realize that the whole assault was actually an illusion created by Mysterio and the 'villains' that attacked him were actually his fellow X-Men. He then swore to never use his claws again.

18. Almost all of Wolverine's children are dead.

He has had a least 6 children, 5 of which he was tricked into killing in the Red Right Hand storyline. Also Daken, whom he has killed but has been bought back to life.

17. Wolverine's modern appearance is based off Clint Eastwood.

Frank Miller was a big influence on why Wolverine was changed from his teenager appearance into the more grizzled hero we now know. He drew inspiration from Clint Eastwood's appearance, something which could be felt in the The Wolverine, released in 2013. It was also the Sin City scribe who came up with the now iconic, "I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice."

16. Wolverine's bad-ass look was...a mistake.

The original costume did not have the cowl, but Gil Kane, who was drawing the cover, accidentally drew the cowl on the cover. It was decided that Kanes version looked so good that they would keep it.

15. Wolverine digs the redheads.

We all know that Wolverine has a thing for redheads. The obsession started with Rose, Jean Grey, and in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, even Mary-Jane Watson, which happened when Spider-Man and Wolverine had switched bodies.

This is alluded to when they were finally switched back, the 15 year old redhead asked Peter, "That thing you tried to do this morning, can we not do that till were older?"

14. He can survive it all...even death!

Wolverine has been shot, stabbed, set on fire, even split in half by the Hulk, yet he always comes back to life. In one notable comic, however, Wolverine comes back from actual death.

13. A new Wolverine was once born from a drop of blood.

Wolverine and his comrades are fighting to gain control of a powerful alien gem in order to demonstrate the potential of the human race. Alien warriors are hunting Wolverine and, after catching up to him, they completely obliterate him until there's nothing left...except for a drop of blood.

Said drop of blood lands on the aforementioned gem, which prompts a completely new Wolverine to be born from it.

12. Removing Wolverine's healing factor added character depth.

One of Wolverine's defining traits has always been the fact that he can heal from any wound. It means he's survived being shot, stabbed, and even blown up.

However, a recent storyline took away his healing factor permanently, resulting in Wolverine becoming steadily more scarred and beaten up as time went on. He also approached battles with a much more vulnerable viewpoint, making the character deeper.

11. When Wolverine killed Jean reluctantly.

Propelling towards the sun on Asteroid M, Jean asks Wolverine to kill her so she doesn't have to suffer burning up in the sun. He reluctantly stabs and kills her.

Seconds before they reach the sun, the Phoenix Force manifests within Jean and saves them both.

10. Wolverine and Sabertooth might not be mutants at all.

In the Universe X series it was suggested the both Wolverine and Sabertooth were of a completely different species of human, not mutants at all but a type of evolved canine offshoot of humanity.

9. Wolverine didn't know his past.

Everything in Wolverine's life before he went under the Weapon X Program is a complete blur to him. He didn't regain his memories of his past until the crossover event 'House of M'.

8. Sabretooth's face is based off Wolverine artwork.

Artist John Byrne had made a sketch of what Wolverine would look like underneath the mask, without knowing that Dave Cockrum had actually already revealed Wolverine's face in a previous issue. Byrne's sketch was then used for the face of Sabretooth.

7. Wolverine's origins were a secret for over 40 years.

Despite having appeared in comics for over 40 years, Wolverine's backstory and origin wasn't fully revealed until 2001 when the Origins series was released.

6. Wolverine has two favorite hockey teams.

Comics writer Paul Cornell held a contest on Twitter asking fans to decide which hockey teams Wolverine should be a fan of. The winners were announced on Paul Cornell's blog, and in issue nine of Wolverine. You can spot a Calgary Flames banner and a Montreal Canadiens banner.

5. Wolverine has been performed by Steve Blum more than any other actor.

Wolverine has appeared in countless cartoons, video games, and films. He has been voiced by a number of talented voice actors. The voice actor who's voiced Wolverine the most is Steve Blum, who has voiced Wolverine in over 20 projects.

4. Wolverine had a 50/50 chance of surviving as a character.

When the new team of X-Men was introduced with Wolverine, readers found the characters Thunderbird and Wolverine to be too similar with their short tempers. The writers were essentially forced to kill off either Thunderbird and Wolverine, and it ultimately ended up being Thunderbird.

3. Wolverine was a straight-forward creation.

Marvel's then-editor-in-chief, Roy Thomas, asked writer Len Wein to create a character specifically named "Wolverine" who is Canadian, small in stature, and has a wolverine's fierce temper.

2. Batman and Wolverine combined sounds scary...

Most people don't know that in a crossover issue with DC Comics, Logan was melded together with Batman to create 'Logan Wayne'. In this universe, it was Logan who witnessed the murder of his parents, then moved to Canada and became like Wolverine.

1. Wolverine had a homosexual relationship in another dimension.

In another dimension, Wolverine had a homosexual relationship with the famous Marvel character Hercules.

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