Hopeful People Admit What They Really Want To See In Their Lifetimes

Hopeful People Admit What They Really Want To See In Their Lifetimes

Let's be honest here, life is hard and sometimes your world just sucks. Flat out. On those days, the thing that keeps us going is very often hope. When we're angry, when we're tired, when nothing makes sense anymore - that's when we need hope the most. It's not always for something major, like world peace. Sometimes we just hope for shorter lines or fresh coffee - but it's hope nonetheless. Coffee hope may be the most important hope of all.

One Reddit user asked:

What is something you hope to see in your lifetime?

The answers kind of inspired us. So we picked some of our favorites here for you. So go ahead and put on some inspirational music, read through these, and take on the world with all this renewed hope!

Remember, rebellions are built on hope!

Nuclear - But The Good Kind

I'd like to see the emergence of nuclear fusion as a viable source of energy. I'm not sure if it would ever be able to be as successful and efficient as some people claim, but I hope it will be one day. The idea of harnessing power from the fusion of atoms is amazing, let alone the different methods of doing so.

Putting Money Over Medicine Has To End

Legal liability of big pharma.

Stop The Ringing

A cure for tinnitus would be amazing. I've had it in my right ear for over 6 years now. Ex-girlfriend blew up a bottle rocket right next to my ear because she held onto it thinking it was a roman candle...

Honestly haven't been the same since. I can't sleep worth anything most nights and I have to have a fan or white noise machine otherwise the ringing never drowns out and just keeps me awake and drives me crazy. I wish I could go back in time and prevent it from happening, because it really has impacted my life much more than I ever thought it would.

Mars is Cool And All... But Europa

I want to know what is below the ice on one of Jupiter's moons, Europa. Like they need to get a submersible down there somehow. Get me a video of that.

I have to know, it's the biggest mystery to me. Everything there is perfect, if there's life outside of Earth, it's there.

Yeah like, Mars is cool, but can we please just toss a nice little nuclear probe with an ice-melter and a camera over to Europa pleeeeaaase?

I think the biggest concern they have is that they don't want to contaminate the environment under the ice if there is life down there. It's be a shame if we sent a probe and found space mermaids and they all die from some earth virus.

Cheap Organs

Organ cloning. Inexpensive organ printing. Synthetic organ creation from molds and stem cells is very close to production. Restoration/reparation of organs is something I'm more excited about.

The Thirst Is Real... Literally

100% of the world population with sustainable access to clean drinking water.

Back The The Future Of The Past

The past had all these great ideas about how cool the future would be. It's not. I want Back to the Future hover boards. And hover scooters. I'm useless on a skateboard but Marty's hover board was a scooter before he pulled the handlebars off. I think I'll hurt myself less on a scooter. They managed it with magnets and a magnetic rail back in 2015 but you didn't have free movement it was more like a roller coaster that you can fall off of.

A Third Party President

I would love to see the death of the two-party system in the US. It's gone on for far too long. But I doubt that will happen. During the last election, I asked a bunch of folks - if you already know how you're going to vote, why are you bothering to watch the debates? Won't it just pointlessly make you mad?

American politics these days is either a spectator sport or outrage porn. Neither of these are healthy for society.

Did You Know There Are Places That Don't Do It?

The end of daylight savings insanity. Don't change the clocks, change the f*cking schedules.

"I want to go to work later because it's dark. Go in at nine? That's crazy! Let's be reasonable and just change the whole clock instead."

Get It Together

Peace on Earth. We've been trending towards it for some time now. Hopefully by the time I'm dead we've gotten our sh*t together, and even if we're not one government, at least nobody's fighting.

We Know What Tylenol Costs

Hospital price gouging to end in the US.

Tylenol does not cost $160 for a couple pills and I do not need a $100 "discount".

Give it to me at cost + a small bit of profit, the way other civilized countries do.

Virtual Reality

A true immersive vrmmo, It would need both the true immersive VR where instead of a screen in front of your eyes your mind gets put into the vr world, and basically a real AI to run the game.

I have been reading a couple of webnovels with this concept and the possibilities are endless.

You could almost literally make it a second world for humanity. You would be in the real world when you are awake and in the VR world when you sleep. Also we would need something that negates the need for sleep.

The "Meh" Barrier Reef

I had always wanted to see the great barrier reef.. but it's too late :(

The reef is bleaching and dying out due to the acidity of the water. There is a few segments that are hanging in there still. Some parts are growing back, but the damage to recover from is extensive and due to climate change each strong El Ninõ cycle, such as 97-98 and 2015-16, we are seeing more and more bleaching. It won't be long that we will see a season completely destroy the reef if current trends continue.

You can still see it. It's just not so great anymore.


USA legalizing marijuana on a federal level. As someone with a butt load of depression and anxiety who's on prescription meds, marijuana helps so much to just calm my mind down. Not to mention, I'd consider alcohol to be way more harmful, and it's perfectly legal. I can't wait for the day I can walk into a dispensary in my state.

I'd say 2050 at best. When congress is run by aging millennials who don't want to take opiates for pain.

Go Speed Racer

Reasonably high speed travel via ground transportation /underground transportation to increase mobility between countries. Something which would make the concept of large densely populated cities obsolete and encourage scattered habitation where people and nature can live in harmony.

Musk On Mars

Man setting foot on Mars.

You've got 50 years Elon. Don't do me dirty.

The Simple Things In Life

A printer that doesn't f*ck up my print job no matter how meticulously I adjust my settings.

Hoping To Avoid The Likely Future

Cure for Alzheimer's, My mother's mother and father's father had it, and with both my parents in the 50's I think they will probably get it, too. Scary to think I would need to care for them and scarier to think I will probably get it.

This One Hits Us Close To Home Since We Also Lost An Eye

i hope that there's full-eye transplants to be possible so that I get my right eye back.

H/T: Reddit

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