Horrified Customers Share The Most Blatant Lie A Salesperson Has Told Them When Trying To Make A Sale.

Some people will say anything to try and make a sale. Gotta get that commission! Here, 30 people share the most blatant lie a salesperson has told them when trying to make a sale.

1/30. "This is as big as he's going to get," said the lady at the animal shelter about a 20 lb. puppy. He's now 70 lbs and taking up half the couch.


2/30. Single female test driving a new car. It's within my price range, but otherwise I just don't care for the car. During the test drive, I mention that the car seems to be making a grinding sound whenever I make a right turn.

Salesman says, "Honey that's just the car warming up."

Even after saying that, he thought he had a chance at selling me this car. Offered to let me take it home for the weekend, chased me as I was pulling out of the lot in my old car. Never went back, obviously.


3/30. A lady at the supermarket tried to sign me up for a pyramid scheme. She gave me a lot of pseudo-compliments, but when she said she loved my shoes, I just walked away. I was wearing Crocs.


4/30. At a market in Mexico.

Me:What is this made out of? Wool?

Salesperson: Yes, of course.

Me: Because I'm allergic to wool.

Salesperson: It's not wool.


5/30. I occasionally get semi-official looking mailings with a little plastic vial. It presents itself as a company hired by the city to do water quality testing. If you send it back, they'll try and sell you a house water filter.

I filled it with cooking coconut oil - the kind formulated to remain liquid at room temp - which is quite clear. (continued)

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When they came to 'discuss the results with me' I asked if there was anything unusual in the test, and they told me about how these specific mineral levels were elevated and I totally needed a water filter.


6/30. Not me, but my mom. One morning when I was still sleeping, her iPhone updated and was on the 'Hello' screen. She doesn't know much about technology, so she thought it was broken and brought it to the AT&T store. They told her it WAS broken and convinced her to get a new phone and start a new contract.

When I found out, I was pissed. I turned her phone on and it worked! We went back up there and I spoke to the manager and told him what happened... He said we'd have to pay a restocking fee. He didn't care at all and chalked it up to being just a misunderstanding. We ended up filing a complaint with corporate to get it refunded.


7/30. I was waiting tables when I was in college and I just so happened to wait on an army recruiter. He told me that nothing would make my dad more proud of me than if I joined the army.

Nothing against anyone that goes into the army, but my dad was drafted. I was finishing up a finance degree and I had a job lined up. Nothing would have pissed him off more than if I joined the army.


8/30. I once asked a car salesman if the car I just test drove came with a warranty. He picked up the phone on his desk, pushed some buttons and said, "Hey, does that one come with a warranty? OK, cool, thanks." He then hung up, turned to me and said "Yeah, it comes with a warranty." His phone was unplugged.


9/30. "I guarantee you will not get into debt with this credit card!" I tried to explain that debt is the integral function of the card, he didn't get it.


10/30. I had a guy sit down across from me once at a Starbucks. Seemed like a nice enough dude so I didn't care. He then pulls out his backpack full of 'products', one of which was some kind of energy drink. (continued)

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He told me I should buy it because the scientists that created it had figured out a way to infuse a second oxygen atom into an H2O molecule, thereby giving your body more oxygen when you drink it and making you better at sports or something. So I was like, they created hydrogen peroxide? Wow cool man. Can't wait to try that.


11/30. I was invited out to a "job interview" one time. The first part of it was an "orientation" in a rented warehouse district office, where they spent the first half an hour or more explaining with a slide show how they were not a pyramid scheme and what they were doing was totally legal.

"Yup. thanks, bye. don't call me again."


12/30. We were looking for a new stove. Wandering around the store, my wife saw this beautiful AGA stove. About $8000. We were looking at it because it was so cool looking. Sales guy starts pushing it on us and my wife replies that it won't work at our house because we don't have natural gas.

Sales guy then tells my wife in the most condescending tone ever that, "Everybody has gas at their house, ma'am."

We live in the middle of nowhere. We do not have gas available. The guy continued to argue with my wife until I confirmed what she said.

We bought our new stove somewhere else.


13/30. A salesperson was telling my mum and me about a gin that has a wonderful infusion of lemongrass and peppercorn, which we then sampled and said, "It's nice, but I can't taste the lemongrass or for that matter the peppercorn." Salesperson said, "Oh, yeah, don't worry about that - the flavours are meant to be hidden."

Literally what is the point of it then?


14/30. A guy was trying to get me to sign his petition for GMO labeling in my college town. I asked him what he defined as "GMO" and he started off with, "Well it's when you split an atom from one thing..."


15/30. Someone tried to sell me some expensive 'Orogold' facial cleanser which apparently contains gold particles which penetrate the skin and cause changes to the electrons in the skin, making it brighter. He looked visibly panicked when I told him I was working on a degree in biochemistry. Bear in mind these were visible flecks, not even nanoparticles or anything of the like which might have been slightly more plausible.

It was pure snake oil.

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He also demonstrated the product's 'exfoliating power' on the back of my hand, which appeared to slough off a load of skin and leave it very soft. Turns out it just had a PVA-glue sort of stuff in it, causing the cleanser to pill and accumulate resembling dead skin. Plain old glycerin made the skin feel 'soft'. Such trickery, I'm sure other people would have fallen for it.


16/30. A door-to-door salesman from an ISP in the UK. Told me if I switched my ADSL to them, it'd be way faster. I asked how he knew what provider I had now and he said he didn't know who I was using, he just knew his company was the fastest. When I said it would be the same copper going to the same exchange and asked how they could provide a higher speed, he got pretty aggressive. He really didn't do any homework for that job.


17/30. Bought a washing machine. The assistant was easily 17 or 18, wearing a badge saying "I'm in training" and tried to get me to buy insurance with a grim warning that his washing machine danced across the room until fixed.

He didn't know to remove the restraining bolts at the back.


18/30. About six years ago I was shopping for a new bed at a furniture store. The salesman was trying to show me one of the more expensive mattresses they had. It was a nice mattress, though, but his sales pitch really annoyed me:

Him: "It comes with a 10-year guarantee!"

Me: "Wow, so if it loses springiness or tears or something I can bring it back for a refund or store credit or what?"

Him: "If it fails within the first 30 days, sure. We have a 30-day return policy."

Me: "Then what's the 10-year guarantee?"

Him: "We guarantee that it will last 10 years!"

Me: "But if it fails sooner, there's nothing you'll do?"

Him: "It won't, because we guarantee it'll last 10 years. We have a 10-year guarantee!"

Me: "Do you have a brochure to describe your guarantee policy in writing?"

Him: "It isn't a policy. We guarantee it!"

Me: "Ok, thanks for your time. I'll pass."


19/30. Hurry! The car is scheduled to be transferred to another dealer unless you put down a down-payment!


20/30. Once, my dad and I were driving past a used trailer lot, and we were surprised to see what looked like the beat-up camper trailer we'd gotten rid of a while back. We pulled into the lot, and inspected the trailer. By George, it was our old trailer! (continued)

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It had a few very identifiable scuffs and bruises, including one wheel with mis-matched screws and bolts, after my dad and uncle Jerry-rigged it when the hub cap came loose, from driving cross country.

My dad and I were laughing about how funny it was that the old trailer had wound up here, when the salesman approached us. The salesman reiterated several times that this was a "brand new trailer, never been used. Some guy bought it and just kept it in his garage, never used it at all."


21/30. I used to go to this tire shop in the run down part of town, because they had the best prices on good tires. So I call ahead and ask how much for a set of tires in the size I needed? $200. Great! I'll be right down. I get there, and meet one of their workers and tell him I need a set of tires in my size. He looks at me and says "$400." So I say,"Dude, I called ahead, they're $200." He then takes a short walk around the shop in full view. He's not talking to anyone, he's not looking at prices, he just does a circuit around the shop. When he gets back to me he says,"Yep you're right $200." While I did buy the tires, I didn't go back.


22/30. When I was buying my first laptop, I asked what games it can run, he said any game on max settings.


23/30. Took my car in for an oil change, to the dealership I bought it from. Service guy comes to me and says they noticed during the change the treads on my tires were really worn. So they were going to put some new ones on for me. The thing is, I had bought a new set that previous week and they were already on my wheels.

Told him my tires would not be touched, or the BBB and my attorney would be called that afternoon. No one said a word to me the entire time I paid my bill.


24/30. Live in Southern California. So most of the yards are brown and dying. Guys drive around town selling bags of "fertilizer" to make your lawn green again. They showed up at my house one day and tried to shame me to buy some. My dad worked for a local city nearby, in the parks department for 39 years. Let's just say he taught me some lawncare tips and treatment.

So I just let the guy talk for awhile. I finally bust out and tell him to tell me what's in the fertilizer and how to apply. He kept talking nonsense. I get tired and ask him what percent of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are in the fertilizer. He tells me with a straight face, it doesn't matter and I should listen to him. I tell him look, all you're carrying is some soil, mixed with manure and grass seeds. He looks pissed and walks away, cursing.


25/30. Several years ago, I went to Gamestop to buy a DS game (Mario vs Donkey Kong 2, if you're wondering) and while he's in the process of ringing me up, he starts the whole "Would you like to preorder so-and-so (I can't remember what game it was)?" pitch.

I tell him no thanks, and I'd just like my game and I'll be on my way.

But then he says something absolutely ridiculous. (continued)

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"Well, I'm sure you're going to want that game, since it's the hottest new title coming out this year, and you'll definitely want to preorder it! See, the US government is cracking down on video games and starting in a few weeks, if you don't preorder your games, you won't be able to buy them because we won't be allowed to sell them off the shelves!"

I laughed at him and walked out.


26/30. Someone at a household appliance store tried to sell me an expensive HDMI cable saying that I would need it to display high definition content on my TV and that the cheaper ones could only do standard definition.


27/30. A timeshare salesman once told me and my wife, "You can trust me, I used to sell used cars."


28/30. Not exactly a sale but, I called Comcast to tell them I was switching to a gigabit service for a cheaper price. The rep told me I should stick with them because they were "more reliable" and "the competitor only advertises UP TO a gig, so there's no guarantee it'll be faster".


29/30. While shopping for a used car, the salesman says the whole "someone test drove this today and said they were coming back for it. They really liked it..."

Get in the car, and it doesn't turn over. Not even a little. Needed a whole new battery.


30/30. An army recruiter told me there would be girls lining up to have sex with me every Friday night.



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