Horrified Homeowners Share The Worst Thing A Guest Has Done In Their Home.

When you let people come into your home, whether it be for dinner, a party, or to crash while they're going through a divorce, you're opening yourself up for a nightmare. Now most friends are courteous and while they may not do things EXACTLY the way you want them, they'll apologize and move on. But then there are the other people...

People on Reddit were asked: "What's the worst thing a houseguest has done in your home?" These are some of the best answers.

My family and I were going on a trip and we told a family friend he could crash at our house while we were gone but he would have to take care of things and pay for his own food and such. Halfway through trip we get a call from the police. Apparently he threw a huge party which trashed the house, then proceeded to take one of our cars and drive it through the front of the house, totalling the car and collapsing most of the front wall.

This was last week. We had to cut our trip short and come home to deal with this. We are currently in the process of pressing charges.


My brother's girlfriend took a two hour shower with the shower curtain outside of the tub and flooded our upstairs bathroom. The water eventually started pouring out from the light fixtures in our kitchen.


He let my indoor cat out while I was at work. When I was upset, searching, putting up fliers and going door to door he legitimately tried to comfort me by saying my cat likely got eaten by coyotes already... so why look? Cat never came back... still hurts.


Back in my married days my "best friend" fell on some hard times after having his appendix removed. My wife and I decided that he could stay with us until he could find a job as his mom had just moved across the state and he had no other family.

At the time I worked 56hr shifts, so I was gone from Sunday night to Wednesday afternoon, and my wife was a nursing student who worked at the same place I did a few hours a day. He stayed with us for 5 months, and I got him a job with the company my wife and I worked for. Things were great the entire time. He paid rent, he kept his room clean, and I always had someone to watch football and drink beer with.

Then one day I caught my wife in a lie, and when the truth came out I learned that she was having sex with a co-worker. She decided that rather than trying to salvage our marriage she wanted to end it. Thank God my friend was there for me, giving me a shoulder to cry on, and someone to share the big empty house with after she moved in with the other guy.

A couple months after she left we went on a roadtrip to the city and after a few bars decided to go to a strip club. It wasn't long before he got us kicked out. As we drove away he began throwing things out of the sunroof of my car and I asked him to either knock it off or walk the next 10 blocks to our motel. He was pissed, but he opted to get out of the car and walk for whatever reason. I continued to drive (stupidly pretty buzzed) but arrived without causing an accident.

As I loaded my stuff into my motel room I heard a crash and saw him smash my driver side window and break off my side view mirror. I immediately called the police to report it, and they showed up just as he was returning from the Applebees across the street that he had been kicked out of for being too drunk. He began screaming obscenities at me, and telling the police that I had just been driving intoxicated. The officers told him that he needed to stop screaming, or that he'd be arrested for public intoxication. He stopped immediately. I could see a wave of calm pass through him when he looked me in the eye and with a completely sober and unemotional voice said, "Michael, I've been screwing your wife for months now, and you're too stupid to even realize it." The officers immediately smashed his face into the trunk of the cop car and cuffed him. One of them actually asked if I was going to be alright because he could see I was pretty shaken up.

After that I never talked to him again. When he got back to town the locks were changed and his stuff was in the front yard. A couple of years later he actually started dating my ex-wife, and through hearing from friends and reading available court records online it seems their relationship ended with her in the hospital severely beaten and him in jail for a long time. I would never wish that on someone, but it definitely felt like the universe evened itself out.


He removed his poop from the toilet, wrapped it in toilet paper, and put it in the trashcan.


Brother made copies of my house keys, came into my house when I was visiting our dad in the nursing home, dug through our unborn daughter's crib to find my safe, broke into the safe, stole ALL of my dad's oxycontin, then proceeded to blame my 8 month pregnant wife, saying that she took 70 80MG oxycontins without me noticing....


When I was young, a kid from down the street was round my house. We were messing about in my room, he saw my Digimon cards and started going through them. We then went outside to play. While kicking a ball about on my drive a load of Digimon cards fell out of his pocket. I went over to look at them, of course they were mine. I looked at him, his face was red, obviously embarrassed. I calmly picked up all the cards, without a word and took them inside my house. Went back out to play, like nothing ever happened. Thinking back on it now, WHO STEALS DIGIMON CARDS! THEY WEREN'T EVEN POPULAR!


Stole my little sister's Nintendo DS. He was a great friend up until then. Would eat dinner with our family every other day too. Real painful backstab for middle school me.


I was throwing a birthday party for my daughter at our house and we have a septic system. Well rule #1 of a septic is you don't flush anything other than toilet paper. EVER. Well during the party i guess a bunch of people started flushing baby wipes down the toilet. Long story short, our septic started backing up in the middle of the party and after that it all turned to crap.


He let my new very old, very deaf foster dog out of the gate on purpose and the dog took off up the street. He just stood there smirking while I grabbed my shoes and keys and after I shouted at him for being a moron, he told me that it was for the best and maybe I should focus my time on other things. I eventually caught up to the terrified and exhausted dog and brought her back home. Told guest to pack his bags and leave.


I had a houseguest every two weeks who stayed the whole weekend. He did not one but many little annoying things every time. First of all: he left a huge mess. Since this was a recurring thing, he was supposed to make his bed on the couch (he was too lazy to set up the futon) so he was aware about the conditions of his stay.

One day I had to clean up the bed (he used a sleeping bag, didn't pack it, tore down the coating of the couch which he didn't setup properly again), throw away his garbage (soda bottles, snack wrappings, a band-aid) right after he "had to rush to the train which was about to leave" after laying there an hour awake.

He took a spectacle case of mine and an umbrella which he never brought back nor acknowledged he took in the first place.

He would also always use everything up (I have long hair and somehow he manages to empty my shampoo bottle 4 times faster than me, same with toothpaste, of course he never brought his own), especially food/drinks. We bought a 1 liter bottle of cola for 3 people, everyone gets a glass for dinner, he takes a 0,5 liter glass for his "portion".

The most annoying thing was how he would just enter my room after (sometimes) knocking and me saying "don't come in" to use my computer to "look at when the train leaves". Everytime I got up to see what he was doing he really quickly closed something and sat in front of the desktop doing nothing. One time I saw that he went through private files that I had. Unbelievable.


I once had a guest shave his entire beard at a party. It was the first time me or my roommate met him. He had a beard, and then went and used my roommates razor to shave it off.


Friends of a relative stayed the night at our place with their kids while we were out of town. We asked if the children wet the bed so we could put plastic sheets down. They were confident the kids wouldn't wet the bed so we let it be. We come home to find 2 of the beds (new mattresses) soaked in piss - not even stripped or changed. The kids had wet the bed in the night, moved to another bed and wet again. 3 weeks later we found used diapers under one of the beds. Never said thank you, never said sorry.


Stole some of my underwear. Also stole my xbox 360 and sold it for drug money.


I had a really spoiled princess-type friend who always expected me to cater to her when she would come visit (I didn't really want her to visit, but she'd just announce she was coming and I dealt with it).

One morning she texted me to wake me up, saying "Can you please get up and make me breakfast?"

I wish I could say that was the last straw, but it wasn't until she pitched a fit that I didn't make her a bridesmaid and boycotted my wedding that I finally called it quits.


When no one was looking he went through the liquor cabinet, found an unopened bottle of caramel vodka, and downed the whole lot. He then placed the bottle back in the cupboard as though nothing had happened before proceeding to the bathroom where he vomited on everything except in the toilet. He didn't clean any of it up, but before leaving did use my significant other's toothbrush.


Had people over after my mom's funeral. My aunt offered to head over early to get snacks prepped. When we got there, she had stolen my mom's jewelry, painkillers and for some reason her wedding dress. We were too numb to do anything about it.


My father-in-law refuses to close the shower curtain and floods our bathroom every day, every visit. We even bought and installed a curved shower rod to give him more room (although the tub is not small nor is he overly large). Lost my cool about it and now my mother-in-law camps by the door to clean up the mess immediately after he showers so she can pretend he closes it now.


Had a party when I was about 15, more jelly and ice cream than shots and going wild as we were fairly sheltered. Somebody brought along their friend, who looked a similar age to us (quite short) but he was actually 23 at the time. He brought along a bottle of vodka and proceeded to drink 3/4 of it within a couple of hours, we're talking 7pm here. Nobody else at the party was drinking at all, just chilling and playing MTG. He proceeded to ignore the two different bathrooms and went into the kitchen, where my parents were trying to avoid cramping my style, and vomited into the kitchen sink all over the plates, and then left without saying anything or helping to clear up.

The following day, he went on Facebook and made a number of very cruel personal comments about me. When I rang him in tears to tell him to take it down and that he should apologise for the mess he'd made of the kitchen (which I'd had to clean up) he recorded the conversation, uploaded it to Youtube and then made great efforts to distribute it on Reddit and across Facebook. No idea why his embarrassment at being a drunken idiot evolved into being a bully, but it's been 10 years and I still avoid him if I bump into him in the street.


I once had a party at my mums flat while she was gone (with her permission). One of my less close friends begged me to let her invite her boyfriend and I agreed. Well, the boyfriend puked on my mum's balcony and never told anyone. It was also January so we discovered the puke two months later when it started to melt. I asked around and was told it was him by two people who saw him puke. I have no idea why they didn't let me know then.


Years ago I had a big party (which was a weekly occurrence) and these three goofs went into the (tiny) bathroom to do some lines. Well they got all hyped up and ripped our sink off the wall.


We hosted a married couple at our house for a weekend. Both days they were there, in the middle of the afternoon, they would take a shower. Together, for like an hour. You could hear... the noises. It was so awkward and they did it both times while we were home.

I'm fine with sexytime, just maybe be a little more discrete?


When I was in college, a friend of a friend fell on hard times and we happened to have a spare bedroom, and we let her stay there for a couple months. She would shower at most once a month, and didn't use soap or shampoo when doing so. She did not wash her clothes at all, they were all just kept in a large unwashed pile and she wore them over and over again. Eventually my dad and I put all of her clothes in two trash bags and put them in the garage, and he told her she could bring them back into the house after she washed them.

It was a month after she left until you could enter that room without gagging.


Somewhere along the way, someone threw away one of my forks. Now I have seven forks and eight of everything else.

I want to find out who this person is and make him/her sit in a room segregating M&Ms; for me for the rest of their life.


I was having a house party years ago. A pair of girls went into the bathroom together. Not uncommon. Well, one of them decided to pee in my sink and accidentally dropped a loaf. They come out laughing and telling everyone someone must have pooped in my sink. I was literally the last person in that bathroom before them. I even watched them walk in. And I don't remember pooping in my own sink. After confronting them, they got pissed off and left. Didn't even bother cleaning the turd out of my sink.


I had a friend who had some kind of messed up urethra. It made him have multiple streams when he peed. But he REFUSED to sit down and pee, because 'that's for women'. He apparently also refused to clean up after himself.

Every time he left my house, without fail, I'd have to use a mop to clean up after him. I called him out on it, and he laughed like I should be laughing with him. We weren't friends long.


My uncle and his two sons moved in with my family.

The youngest son is a chill kid. He works and pays rent to my mom. Nothing wrong with him.

My Uncle though, takes his older son's disability money to pay for his and the eldest's rent instead of his own money. He treats my mom horribly (my dad -his brother- let's him because he is also awful).

The oldest son has mental health issues. He starts stealing items from around the house to pay for his drug addiction (including 2 high end keyboards), attempts to sneak into my sisters room while she sleeps. He also attempts to break into the neighbors house, but gets caught on the second try. He set fire to our back yard and finally gets picked up by cops and is sent with his mother so he can finally be properly medicated and taken care of.

It's been a miserable year folks.


My wife's cousin plopped her big, crusty feet on our coffee table and sprayed them down with an anti-fungal spray.

And then when we're having our (very small) wedding reception at our house she sat there and asked very loudly if ours was a shotgun wedding because she thought she noticed a bump on my wife.

And then a few years later she was sitting on our couch farting up a storm when she suddenly had to get up and rush to the bathroom. I just happened to look up and to my horror saw a black streak running down her behind. We had to get new couch cushions.


I had a Girlfriend of a good friend pass out on my couch... she puked herself overnight. I assume she woke up in a panic and cleaned it up, however she didn't realize the puke had seeped down between the sections of my couch into an air return vent for our heater. Only after the entire house smelled like puke did she fess up and tell us what happened. Pretty nasty, crusty clean-up.


My roommate had a friend who was akin to Lennie in Of Mice and Men, just not a smart guy, super slow, no idea how he made it through his teen years at this point. This guy is over all the time and constantly doing stupid things, mostly while doing drugs or just not thinking ahead of time. Well, I had a cat that was sort of pushed on me by someone else because they couldn't look after it, so somehow after saying I would just look after it for 2 weeks, I end up just keeping the cat because the girl who said it was temporary was a liar. This cat is growing up nicely but it is strictly an indoor cat. We are next to a major roadway, it wasn't a great part of town, and I just didn't want the cat going out anyways. So this dummy that is my roommates friend, ends up getting high on mushrooms and starts trying to tell me how it was horrible to cut the cat's balls off. I am like what are you talking about? We had to get the cat fixed. He then proceeds to let the cat out later that night saying he was free from the evil tyranny of my grasp or something. Guess what, the cat got run over.


We were housing a few homeless kids (14, 16, and 17). Their mom was a meth addict and stopped coming around to see them after awhile. Well anyways, the youngest (female) would frequently just leave used tampons on the floor. I was 14 at the time and couldn't invite friends over anymore because the 16 year old (male) would hit on all my friends, try to touch them, and would try to cuddle with them while they were sleeping. The youngest left after a couple months, because she didn't like our house rules and missed her mom. The oldest left after we found out she was lying about attending online schooling and was frequently shoplifting and stealing people's things around the house. The 16 year old boy ended up staying the longest (1 year) and ended getting kicked out because we got in an argument and he ended up trying to choke me. Good Times.



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