Horrified People Share The Most Destructive And Inconsiderate Thing A Guest Has Done In Their Home.

At the very least, we expect one thing from our house guests - namely, to respect the space that isn't theirs. Unfortunately, not everyone got the memo. Here, horrified people share the most destructive and inconsiderate thing a guest has ever done in their home.


1. The silent assassin.

Our 6-year-old daughter had a neighborhood friend over, who lived just down the street. She had some sort of accident in our bathroom, and asked through the door if we could get her mother. We called the mom who came right over. She was in there a little bit, came out, got the kids jacket and said she was taking her home.

We went into the bathroom after she left, and there was diarrhea all over the toilet and floor of the bathroom. The mom left without cleaning it up or saying anything about it.

Who does that?? You don't ask for paper towels, cleaning products, and apologizing profusely?


2. How dare he...

Light up a darned cigarette in my living room. He was a friend of a friend and I had never met him before. Somehow he thought, "Hey, this is clean smelling living room so let me light up my crapstick!"



3. A bull in a china shop.

The really offensive incident was at a birthday party, which for some reason was held at my own house. This guy I didn't even invite comes over and, in the course of a 1-hour visit, clogs my toilet with a monster crap, spills his drink on my rug, and hits on my other friend's underage sister.


4. Just call me Cinderella.

At my 18th birthday party at my house this one girl who I already was not fond of got horrendously drunk. She was sitting right outside my bedroom which is on the second story, on my balcony. I was in my bedroom searching for something when she suddenly burst in through to my room from the balcony, clutching her mouth. I quickly escorted her to he bathroom, trying to ignore the smell.

Once I pushed her into the bathroom I immediately closed the door, assuming she would direct herself to the toilet. At this point I was not completely sober so didn't take note of much except the bathroom situation. Once the girl stumbles out I cautiously made my way into the bathroom as I too had to pee, only to find that she had projectile vomited in not just one direction, but many.

The shower, sink, bath, walls, mirror and door were smeared with her awful half digested curry and Baileys. In my mind she must have entered the bathroom, stood smack bang in the middle and just started spinning uncontrollably until her stomach was empty and the walls were plastered.

I had to get down and scrub for the next hour and a half by myself as the party continued downstairs. To top it off I finally made my way down and rejoined my friends only to find the dance floor had been evacuated because vomit was dripping through the cracks in the balcony and onto peoples heads.


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5. Beyond repair.

My birthday is In October, and for my 11th birthday I got a huge Lego Ferris wheel set, it had a motor and it would spin and it was super cool to 11 year old me.

Come Thanksgiving weekend, I find this is the perfect time to build it, seeing as I have a long weekend. I finish the base, and I finish the wheel itself. All I had to do know was install the motor and finish the supports. And I decide to go to bed.

I wake up on Thanksgiving day, and cannot finish because my parents want me to help around the house. We have our guests come over and they bring their 4-year-old son. Now me, being a smart child picked up the wheel and base and raise it to a spot where only I or an adult could reach.

We all mingle in the basement with other kids and the child kept looking at the wheel and asking to play with it. I said no, and tried to give him other things to play with.

We all eat and my family is cleaning up while the company goes back to mingling. I finish washing and go into the basement. I see the kid tearing apart the Ferris wheel, it is simply destroyed beyond repair. How did he get it? It was too high for him to reach, how does that happen?

My older cousin (about 28) gave it to him without asking me, when I explicitly said, "It's up there so it doesn't break".

She said, "It's just a toy and you shouldn't cry about because you can fix it".

I never did fix it, and the pieces are still in my basement.


6. Oh, and by the way...

My aunt brought over her children and left them with us for the day. After she picked them up, she called my mom to let her know that her kids have lice, btw.


7. At least he redeemed himself.

The Destructive Part: My roommate and I had a party at our apartment and one of the guests threw up in the sink and clogged it.

The Good Guy Part: He proceeded to take apart the pipes, clean them out, and put them back together.


8. Cat-astrophic.

I had a friend staying with me and my boyfriend.

I told her no smoking in the apartment, and especially not to open the window in her room as there wasn't a screen on it (was waiting for the landlord to get one - we had just moved in).

She stayed for a couple days and left. About two hours after she was gone, I realized I hadn't seen my kitten for a while. I went searching to see if she was sleeping somewhere random. I opened the door to the guest room - and saw the window open.

My 9-week-old kitten got out. And fell two stories, into some bushes.

I never saw her again. I lived in a very populated part of the city so I'm assuming someone saw her and picked her up and kept her, despite the number of missing kitten signs I put up around my neighborhood.

Forever pissed off.


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9. Thanks, Grams.

During a family Christmas get-together a great many years ago, my grandmother would not stop feeding my dog handouts from her plate. Again and again, we told her to knock it off. Again and again, grams would take cheese cubes and other small snack items and drop it on the floor where it could be swallowed whole in a microsecond.

This is a small dog, too (we're talkin' 10-ish pounds), so the ratio of people food to dog is fairly high. We then had to deal with my dog's diarrhea and massive bloating. Thanks a lot, Grandma.


10. Remember to eat your leafy greens!

My friends (at the time, all teenage males) were hanging in my basement playing video games and basically chilling. My mom cut up some vegetables and laid out a nice platter, which is such a mom thing to do, teenage males have no interest in such things as sliced vegetables for snacks. So they started throwing all these vegetables at each other instead.


11. You're messing with my flow, dude!

We were having a party at our house and one of the guests got a little out of hand. He started breaking beer bottles on the floor and dancing in the shards of glass in his bare feet.

The dance floor cleared and a circle formed around him, watching as he began rolling around on the floor cutting himself on the glass. One of my housemates started yelling at him to get out and he turned to her and said, "Stop censoring my art!"


12. Can't fool me.

A family friend brings this sketchy girlfriend to a Christmas party. Next day, I realize my new leather boots were missing and in their place was a pair of banged up shoes. That sketchy girlfriend stole my boots. They weren't even the same sized.

I don't understand being invited to someone's house then stealing their stuff.


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13. Gotta catch 'em all.

I had a bunch of Pokemon stickers on my room's wall as a kid.

Had a "friend" come over, and after his dad picked him up and went home I noticed my ALL my stickers were gone. My mom calls the guy's dad, he brings him right back and forces him to give the stickers back and apologize. He snatched them when we weren't looking just before his dad arrived. Stopped being friends with that little fuck after that.


14. Please control your child.

We were having a gathering at our home of people in a local club. One couple brought their daughter, who was about 18 months old at the time. The father is someone with no social skills, and he was apparently raised by wolves.

His daughter picked up one of our heavy coasters and began pounding it on our cherry coffee table. He stood there and watched her do it, did nothing to intervene, and then got angry with me when I took it out of her hand - after my furniture had been permanently scarred about 20 times.

Later that same day, he watched her pick up a large bowl of popcorn and dump it on my carpet. Again, he did nothing - including cleaning it up.


15. Are these humans we're talking about here?

I had a guest (1 of 3) clog my toilet leaving a nice seeping mess in my bathroom. To top it off, guest #2 proceeded to crap in my trashcan due to the toilet being out of service. Both blamed it on guest #3 their 8-year-old daughter.


16. It's always nice to be framed by your own family.

My mother, out of the goodness of her heart, took in her aunt and uncle who since our house was tiny lived in a camper/trailer next to our garage. They had water/sewer hooked up, could shower/do laundry in our house. They could even cook in their camper. It was a perfect setup really. Then they started to overstep their boundaries.

Without notifying my mom, they brought over a modular round horse pen (think like those dog kennels they sell as individual panels) and brought over a pony who was notoriously a jerk. He bit, kicked, and knocked over the fence panels more than once. The real kicker was that when someone called the township on my mom, they packed up to make the camper look abandoned and just happened to be visiting their children that day.


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17. What in the everliving heck just happened?

One of my friends came over to hang out and play video games one day. We were thirsty and went downstairs to grab something to drink. I got a glass of water and (let's call him Joe) Joe got a glass of red Kool Sid. We return to my room and I set my water on a table, and Joe just sort of balances the Kool Aid on the carpet.

We recently got the house re carpeted so I was slightly wary of this choice of cup placement. Joe assures me that "everything will be fine".

Well, halfway into the first match of Halo: Reach, he rages because he was killed and knocks the glass over.

I quickly get up and ask him to grab a paper towel. Joe starts to yell at me for being a bad friend for being uppity about him spilling. Calls me a jerk and then...leaves.


18. Does this look like a baseball dugout to you?

Had a friend of a friend stay over for a few days. Guy was heavy into chewing tobacco and would sit on the couch spitting into a Dasani bottle. Pretty nasty, but ok for a day or two. After he left for WEEKS afterward we found empty bottles hidden around our apartment full of chaw-spit.


19. Seriously, though...who does that?

Someone made my father's 9/11 Unit Citation Award disappear. We narrowed it down to a weekend when I had some friends over and I don't think anybody stole it, most likely it fell off the wall and broke and rather than admitting it, threw it out without reading it. BUT WHO THE HECK THROWS AWAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT?!


20. Outta my way!

To set things up for context, I currently live with, help take care of, and pay rent to my grandmother. I work from 9am to 6pm every single day without fail. I also work every third Saturday.

One of my uncles likes to hang out at my and my grandmothers house for no other reason than to be a mooch. He has his own house AND apartment, yet every other day he will actually sleep at our house, eat the food my grandma cooks, and uses the Internet I pay for.

Usually I just put up with it.

The one thing that drives me crazy is that he takes FOREVER to move his car. This is not usually an issue since he usually parks in the street. Not this day, this day he parked directly behind my pickup. I got up about an hour before work and noticed his car in the driveway and asked him to move it.

I showered, got dressed, had breakfast and got in my truck by 8:40am (it only takes me ten minutes to get to work 5 miles away).

After going in and asking him twice HE DID NOT MOVE HIS CAR FOR 20 MINUTES on top of that he would not give me the damn keys so I could move it myself.

I just about snapped on him that day.


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21. Deal with your own crap.

My old neighbor came knocking on the door because she was locked out and needed to use the restroom. I let her in of course. Ten minutes later she says thank you and leaves.

I go about my business, until I walk by the guest bath. It smelled. It smelled like the worst thing in the world. I lean in to turn the fan on...when I see it. The lid was still up and there laid the most massive crap I've ever seen. I tried to flush and it started to over flow. Luckily the plunger was nearby and I was able to settle that terrible issue.


22. I would've lost it.

When I was about 12 or so, my family invited our neighbors over to dinner. After dinner, my younger brother and their two children went upstairs to play. I stayed downstairs to finish cleaning up.

An hour or so later, my brother comes downstairs and tells me I might want to go check my room. I get up there and the two kids are sitting in the middle of my room with my brand new violin COMPLETELY BROKEN IN HALF. I've never raged so hard in my life.

Their parents did nothing. I'm still pissed.


23. Destruction mode: activated.

My buddy, lets call him "Jimbo" gets engaged. His in-laws decide to throw the couple a party at their house. And then his in-laws keep feeding him drinks. They make him a gift of a couple bottles of Patron, and then even his future mother in-law starts calling him out for being a wimp and not going shot-for-shot with her.

The party is mostly friends and family of Jimbo's fiance, but the few of us who were buddies with Jimbo knew this was a bad idea. Jimbo is one of those drunks that blacks out easily, but is still about 80% functional.

Sure enough he soon becomes this lumbering machine of destruction, fully mobile but with no sense of judgement, logic or morality.

After he knocks some decoration on the floor breaking it. His fiance starts crying. Jimbo knows something is wrong, but he can't figure out what it is. So he goes to the newly remodeled bathroom and starts yelling at himself in the mirror. Then he just punches a hole in the wall. It was pretty amazing, you could pick out the outline of his knuckles in the sheet rock.

So the guys decide we need to do something, but he's quite a bit stronger than any of us, and in his state any attempt to move him via physical force would end in a fight, and he is no longer conscious enough to be reasoned with in any way.

Eventually I drag him out to the front lawn, so he can't break anything more in the house, or frighten more of the in-laws. He grabs a fistful of my button up shirt and I sort of have him in a headlock, basically holding him in place and holding him up. And he keeps saying, "I don't want to have to hurt you man, I don't want to hurt you" And I can tell he's tensing for a punch.

But we sit like that for what seemed like 10 minutes. Eventually he decides to just go for it, and with his free hand takes a swing at me, which I dodge. But his other hand rips half of my shirt off my body. Luckily after this he just fell over and passed out on the lawn.

At this point I stood there holding the pieces of my shirt together and watched all of his future in-laws file out past him awkwardly on their way home.

Jimbo doesn't drink hard alcohol anymore.


24. Oh no you didn't.

We had just purchased a new house. New as in never lived in before. This was a first for us. Bright, clean carpets, but no lawn yet. Just dirt and sand.

Cue a pop-in visit from some people we had met at church. I hate the pop-in to begin with, so that was -1 right there. But as they are prepping to leave, their oldest kid, who was around 12, was the first to get his shoes on. He went outside and was running around in the mud that was our front yard at the time.

Well, it took his parents and younger siblings too long to get ready I guess. He came back in the front door, got himself a running start on the hardwood floor and leaped into the air into our living room. I come around the corner from the kitchen just in time to see him in midair with these muddy shoes headed right for my bright clean carpet.

I screamed, "NOoooooo!" just like in the movies as he came down with his muddy right foot and slid across my carpet, leaving a huge mud stain on my brand new carpet. I've hated the whole family ever since. None of them ever realized why I was so pissed off.



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