Horrified Teachers Share The Creepiest Thing A Student Has Ever Said Or Done.

Has a kid ever said something to you that's given you shudders? Cute as they might be, kids can say and do things that rub us the wrong way. Here, 29 horrified teachers share the creepiest thing a student has ever said or done.

1/29. Every Monday we take a trip to a nearby forest so the kids can run off the energy they've saved up during the weekend. During our walk between the school and there we walk in pairs in a line. This day, on our way back, I end up walking last with this kid who didn't get a walking partner. This particular kid is a very talkative, super cheerful little guy who's rarely down or grouchy.

Anyway, we're walking back to the school and about halfway there he says, out of nowhere: "Hey, Mrs. Teacher?"

"Yeah?" I say, and turn to him.

He stops, looks me in the eye, sporting a disturbing, ear-to-ear grin, and says: "I'm gonna cut your throat", running a finger across his throat, still looking happy as ever.

I kept a close eye on him the rest of the day.


2/29. Former high school teacher here.

A student once made a doll of me, complete with outfit, and carried it around school for a day - until the guidance department got her and told her that wasn't appropriate.

The same student e-mailed me at my personal e-mail address years later on the day she turned 18 to let me know it was her birthday.


3/29. This happened to one of my male coworkers in an elementary after-school program. Coworker was holding a tin of chocolate chip cookies for a party we were having later that day. A third grade girl (who up until then was my favorite student) asked him for a cookie and he said, "No, these are for later." She then said, "Give me a cookie or I'm gonna tell everyone you touched me in my privates."


4/29. I'm a preschool teacher in the 3-4 year old room. The other day after putting a child in "thinking time," which is essentially a time out, I went over to talk to him about what he had done.

Me: "Thomas, can you talk to me and tell me why you are on a thinking time?"

Thomas: (staring forward, not meeting my eyes): "No, and I'll come to your house and kill you if you make me."

I stood there completely shocked. Then, he stood up, looked me straight in the eye, and laughed maniacally for a minute before hugging me and sitting back down.


5/29. I'm a teacher's aid for a 3-year-old program at a small school, and this is one of the freakiest experiences of all my two years being there:

This child was given the assignment to draw his family. He was all smiles and giggles while doing it, and drew his family in color...except for one figure, which was taller than the rest and colored in black.

When i asked him who that figure was, the smile disappeared from his face and he became silent and would just stare down at his lap.

I asked about his family. Apparently he just has a brother and both his parents living at home which would account for four figures. The black figure was the fifth.


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6/29. Me and my brother volunteered as part of the Big Brother Big Sister thing, and on my brother's birthday his "little brother" gave him a card that opened up and sang, it was supposed to be a picture of a bunch of people inside yelling surprise, but for every person the little brother had cut out pictures of his own head and glued them on. It looked really creepy.


7/29. I work at a school in the Middle East that attracts a lot of privileged kids from the region. The other day, a boy came running up to me looking huffy, and he said that another kid had been hitting him. He finished his complaint with the following gem: "Sir, I'm not his maid, he can't just hit me whenever he wants."


8/29. One of my students told another teacher that she was dating a boy from a different class. She mentioned where he went to school, who some of his friends were, the area he lived in, the route he took home, etc. Later the teacher ran into the boy and teased him about his "girlfriend." The kid looked absolutely horrified. They weren't actually dating. She was just sort of stalking him.


9/29. My photography teacher was telling us about weird students he'd taught in the past. The best story featured a 17-18 year old lad who had decided to look at poverty for his photography coursework, to do this he went to a block of high-rise flats. Apparently when he handed in his book containing all his photo's in the teacher was surprised to find it was very damp. The teacher asked why it was wet and he replied matter of factly, "I urinated all over my book, so the smell would match that of the tower block."


10/29. I teach English in Japan. The day before I was due to fly home to have bone surgery, a student who rarely tries to speak English to me came to me out of nowhere.

With no expression, she walked up to me and said in perfect English:

"You are going to die."


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11/29. Had a student last year that was different.. he didn't get along with other kids and kept mostly to himself. We communicated well when he was in the mood to interact. One day, at dismissal, I walked my students to their busses and he suddenly stopped and yelled, "It's going to be SO funny when that baby dies!" It creeped me the heck out, but I asked him, "Sweetheart, what are you talking about??"

And he responded, "That baby in your family!!" I put him on his bus and let him go home. The next morning, I got a call at work from my sister telling me that she had had a miscarriage. I don't talk about my family in detail to my students and I know I never mentioned my sister or her baby to that student. Maybe it was just a weird coincidence but it still gives me the heebie jeebies when I think about it.


12/29. I was a kindergarten supervisor, which meant I took a class of kinders to recess, lunch, and rest time. I had one student, whose mom had already passed away, repeatedly drew and played the creepiest story about a dad killing a mom and threatening to kill the little boy if he didn't stop crying. I reported this, and finally did some digging. The boys mom passed in a car accident. I have no idea what that other stuff was about.


13/29. I was substitute teaching a class of "challenging" students in a junior high. There was a kid who was escorted from class to class that I was warned about. He came in, sat down and said nothing the entire class. As he left, he said to me "I wanted to hurt you, but the little man told me not to."


14/29. I'm a grad student TA.

I had a student in one of my discussion sections, very smart guy, ex-military, about 10 years older than the rest of the class. This is a freshman-level class, so he's also older than me. He was always the one to participate most in discussion, always playing devil's advocate (in a good way), basically the perfect student.

Only bad thing: he had a habit of putting his pocket knife on the table and stroking it during class. He tended to sit within a couple of seats of me, so this was more than a little unsettling.


15/29. One child came into school with their usual favourite Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver. Naturally, the LSA (teaching support) took it off them and said they could have it at the end of the day, and pocketed it.

Later the day the teacher noticed the class was smelling a little odd, so casually wandered the class to see if they could identify the possible pooped child. No avail.

So the LSA went to lunch, following the usual sandwich and snacks the smell was still apparent - so... They checked their pocket. Low and behold the sonic-screwdriver had, lodged inside, bits of poop. Following a lot of gagging and washing, the LSA returned to the class and confronted the child.

Turns out - the child had used to it literally poke poop. stir it around and such. The kicker is the poop wasn't even the child's - just some he found in the toilets. Delightful.


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16/29. When I was a summer camp counsellor, our group of kids was getting ready to leave the building, but this one kid was sitting away from everyone else. I went up to him asked him what was wrong, and he said "I'm angry". I asked him what he was angry about, and he leans really close to me, and whispers, "The owls have dead eyes.


17/29. We would periodically find dead seagulls in the back field of our school (possibly killed by neighborhood cats, or whatever) and this one girl decided one day to put one on her head and chase the other kids around the schoolyard with it. I'm talking a dead seagull that had been ripped open and had bloody guts all over it.


18/29. When I was in 5th grade we had a buddy system with 1st graders. One time we had to go to recess with them, and I let my buddy out of my sight for a second. I found her in a deserted corner eating dirt. When I asked her why she was doing it, she turned to me, growled, and said, "On my planet we eat dirt."


19/29. I'm a young teacher at a university (22), and, as such, a few of my students are actually older than me. It's not usually a problem, but one student in particular was pretty hostile to me in class and enjoyed trying to contradict me (baselessly, I might add) in front of the rest of the class whenever he could.

A few weeks ago, I went out to run a few quick errands. It was the weekend, so I wasn't dressed up, just wearing yoga pants and tank top. As I passed by the outdoor smoking patio of a local bar, I hear some guy catcall me. "Hey, baby, come have a drink." I keep my head down and keep walking, but he keeps going, and the guy he was with eventually joins in, "C'mon, bring that tight butt back here." I wheel around because I recognize the voice and see my problem student. I watch the recognition dawn on his face as he pulls his hat down and flees back into the bar.

That Monday was awkward.


20/29. I had this one kid in my class.

And I can't tell you exactly what he did. He didn't do anything. He just sat silently and stared. He never smiled. He never talked to the other students. He never talked to me. He just looked at everyone with this... look.


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21/29. On the first day of school he played the "tell me two truths and one lie" icebreaker. One student gave him this:

  1. My face is blue
  2. I like to play video games
  3. I once scaled a fish alive and watched it die.

22/29. One of my middle-schoolers once asked me if I would save my fingernail clippings for him the next time I cut my nails. When I asked him why, he said he wanted to tape them to the ends of his fingers.


23/29. I had a student who was a hoarder. He was one of those kids that we all remember who had the backpack that was filled with everything for every class. It looked like this kid carried around a small grocery cart on his back.

One day, I'm walking him to his locker to look for an assignment that I knew that I had given him before and I smell this nasty smell- big surprise- it's his locker. Open it to find 89 cartons of chocolate milk stacked inside. That's not all- on the floor he had a pretty large mason jar filled with what looked like dead bugs. I asked him why he had so much milk in his locker and he said stone faced "To dip the bugs in."


24/29. When discussing what students want to do during their summer breaks, a student spent a good fifteen minutes telling us how he would like to go into the woods with a friend on a really long hike until the other person was totally turned around and lost, and then walk away, leaving them. He then detailed the many terrible things that could happen to his friend if he did so.


25/29. I regularly had students look me up on social media. I was the young teacher and I spent a lot of time with kids in small groups (being new got me slapped with a bunch of volunteer duties for homework help and lunch detention). I was pretty confident that my settings were private enough and that I never gave anything away about my personal life despite a constant barrage of questions. In fact, it became a running gag with a few students who would incessantly pester me with questions hoping to get some small detail about my life.

Near the end of my second year, I had my car broken into while it was parked in my driveway at home. Nothing of value was stolen besides a really nice Supersonics snapback that I kept in the car. The next Monday I went into school and there was one of my homework help kids, wearing the snapback. It turns out he had gotten an older friend with a car to follow me home after I left school and later that night broke into my car, took the hat, and (though I didn't know it at the time) spent about an hour sneaking around and looking through the windows at my girlfriend and I having a very boring Friday night.

Charges were filed and the kid got suspended and transferred to another school but I moved out of that house as soon as the lease ended.


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26/29. Middle schoolers took selfies on my porch, then showed me the next day. My car was in the driveway in the pictures.


27/29. One of my students talked about how he handcuffed his sister to their mom's bed and she didn't get free until their mom came home and found her.


28/29. English teacher in Japan here. I was talking to one of my girls who was always a practical joker. I asked her about her mother, and she said, "My mother is in heaven".

I started to say oh my God, I'm sorry, and what not, and she stopped me, laughing, and said "Im joking! My mother is in hell.

She laughed, I hesitantly laughed, then she started waving goodbye to the ground. I thought she had such a weird sense of humor.

Yep, found out her mother really died a few months earlier.


29/29. A couple weeks ago I had a kid that was in the middle of a meltdown.. Screaming, crying, rolling around on a mat. All of a sudden he stops, sits up, points to the corner of the ceiling and says, "It's hiding in the classroom." Then rolled back over and laid completely still. Just a tad unsettling.


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