Hotel Employees Share The Creepiest Event They Experienced On The Job.


This article is based on the AskReddit question "Hotel staff of Reddit, what is the creepiest, weirdest, most unexplained event that you've experienced on the job?"

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1. The dark event room

I'm a set up manager at a hotel for big events. I was double checking all the rooms before I went home for the day and I went into one of the event rooms and flicked on the lights. I kid you not but there was an adult naked man in the dark. He flinched when I turned the lights on and it scared me. I sort of yelled "What are you doing?

Turns out he was swimming and needed a place to change. Instead of just going to his room like a normal person would, he chose a dark event room.


2. Pythons need bath time, too!

My dad used to work in a hotel. A few years ago, he hears a scream from a maid as she's cleaning one of the rooms. He runs in, and there's a giant python just chilling in the bathtub. This thing is apparently like four feet long.

They tried to track down the couple who had just checked out of the room, but the number they'd given the front desk wasn't working. Eventually animal control showed up and took the snake.

That poor maid was terrified to clean the bathrooms for awhile.


3. This lift is obviously full

Got into a lift from the top floor to head down. Lift stopped at 4th floor, door opened, saw people outside standing still, making no attempt to come in despite me being alone inside and there was room for them. The automatic lift door then closed and before it was completely shut, I heard someone outside said "Why is the lift so full of people?


4. Just stay in one room, mister!

We have this guy who always has hookers. Not than surprising since we are a brand that promotes a party lifestyle. But recently the dude came down and asked me to give him a different room, was super vague about his reasoning: the room "wasn't cleaned well enough. So whatever, I do it and about 30 minutes later we get a call down from the original room which in our system comes up as vacant, from a woman attempting to order room service. So essentially this guy had sex with one lady, and then switched rooms, got a new hooker and left the first one in the original room. My supervisor had to interrupt his back to back session for some explanation and he just had his tail between his legs.


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5. Mysterious footprints

Worked in a motel when I was 17-18. I was at the front desk not working when the housekeeping guy called me to check something out in a room that was being cleaned. I go up there and the housekeeping guy is standing in the middle pointing up to the ceiling.

There was a set of bare foot prints on the ceiling which is at least 10 ft high. Bare. Not shoes or slippers and only in the middle and no where else. There's no way he jumped that high upside down and no prints on the walls either.

Also he left a single bullet on the bed.


6. Strange but delicious!

I cleaned hotels at the end of each week at a family camp one summer. They had large communal kitchens on each floor so people could bring their own food if they wanted. At the end of one camp week, someone left a full, unopened, LARGE jar of Nutella in the kitchen. That day, I gained a brand new free jar of Nutella and a very heavy sense of confusion for why someone would do such a thing.


7. Creepy old man and stockings

I work at a mid tier popular hotel in the south on the 3-11pm shift. About a month and a half ago I get a call from an older man working at the Hanes company, trying to check on a reservation. Apparently the reservation didn't pop up in our system, so he then starts asking me if it's okay if guests who stay at the hotel can get packages shipped to them during their stay. Sure whatever, we will sign for them too. He then slides in "Oh worst case scenario you guys will end up with 300 pairs of stockings. That was it... or so I thought. Proceed to two weeks ago around 9pm. The phone rings and it's the Hanes man again. But this time he sounds a little off. Super soft voice with almost shallow breathing. He's checking on the reservation again, which still isn't there. As I try to offer to make the reservation he cuts me off to tell me that the package of stockings will be coming in. In then even more shallow breathing, in the creepiest softest voice asks, "Do you wear thigh highs? I still can't shake the tone of voice, I hung up so quick and locked the doors.


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8. The feeling of being watched

Right here at work a few nights ago during night shift. I was typing up an email to a customer and saw something out of the corner of my eye. I ignored it for a moment, and kept working. Then it sunk in: It was a person just staring at me through the window. As I turned my head they slowly walked out of my view towards the parking lot. So I went outside to confront them and they were gone. Not a soul in sight for miles. I couldn't shake the feeling I was being watched the rest of the night.


9. What was this naked man thinking?

I'm a housekeeper. I've walked in on a few people having sex or being naked, but they are usually pretty embarrassed. But this one time when I had just started, I knocked on the door to clean this guy's room, he opened it just a peek so he could see who was at the door. I thought, he must be in a towel or something, he's gonna tell me to come back later or go away. Well he did, once he saw it was me, but not before flinging the door open the rest of the way, revealing he was butt naked.


10. The spirit of the pigeon lady needs a home

My co-worker was an adorable little old Asian man who was very hard to understand. He was the housekeeper on weekends so I would work with him most of the time. He was the weirdest thing at the hotel, but I'm sure it was a cultural thing for him.

What I could understand from him and from stories from co-workers is that he very much believed in spirits. He claimed to have banished an evil spirit from the kitchen. And he also claimed that the third floor was haunted by a woman.

The weirdest thing he did was: One day in the winter, he brought a pigeon into the hotel. It was snowing outside and the hotel was moderately busy that night. But he kept this pigeon with him the entire time, and the damn thing never wanted to fly away, would just walk around with him or stay on his cleaning cart. The reason he kept it close is because he said it was a woman in its past life and she was cold and lonely. So he took it in and cared for her/it. It lasted that weekend then I think our general manager made him get rid of it or stop bringing it into the hotel. According to my co-workers, he brought it home.


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11. The death of this man will remain a mystery

I was a hotel manager at a larger hotel. Someone dialed 9-1-1 from a room. It tells us which room it is, so we go to the room to make sure things are fine (7/10 they were trying to dial room 911, 2/10 it is a kid playing on the phone). I go up and our security guard was doing CPR on a naked old guy and his wife was crying. The paramedics show up and ask for her to leave the room, I get the woman out of the room and try to talk with her to help her out. The paramedics failed to revive the guy and he passed away, so the police show up and start to talk with her and ask her what was going on for their report. She whispered something into the officers ear and he said OK and wrote it down... I never saw what he wrote or heard what she said. I still have no idea to this day what exactly had happened.


12. The tale of drunken man riding a scooter

I used to work night audit at a Comfort Inn. Usually pretty boring. The only weird thing I experienced was there was one night a guy came to the desk just kind of chatting me up. Kind of drunk so I'm like, whatever. Eventually he wanders off and not an hour passes and he rides a scooter (like a rascal) right out of the lobby (The lobby is locked but if you had a keycard you could slide it to unlock and come back in.)

Again, drunk. I shrug him off as just being weird. Time passes and suddenly the cops are there. They approach me, asking questions about the guest in the room, who happened to be drunken rascal man. I can provide them info from the computer and give them his description, video surveillance of the lobby. Thats all I can offer. I find out later the room is covered in blood, but thats all I was ever told. The drunk guy was never wounded, so...


13. The runaway man

I've worked as a front desk employee for over a year now. Story time!

On a slower night I was working the front desk by myself and we didn't have any housekeeping/houseman working that night so I was completely alone aside from the guests in the hotel (i'm a 5'5 120lb girl by the way, this will matter in a minute.)

A big burly dude walks in and I can tell immediately that he has some form of mental handicap. I ask him if there's anything I can help him with and he says I need to call the cops, now. I start panicking. I ask him if its an emergency and he says he just needs the cops here, he's ran away from home.

Thus far he hadn't seemed threatening so I do call the police, but I call the non-emergency number (they usually respond pretty quickly.) He puts his hand out like he would like to speak to the operator, so I hand him the phone. I couldn't hear the operator but I assumed she asked him what the problem was. He proceeds to answer with "I ran away from home and Im suicidal. And very homicidal."


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I'm of course trying to keep the situation calm, I give the operator the address and the dude waits in the lobby STARING AT ME until I secretly call our security company to send someone out, who then escorts him off property. Cops showed up about 30 mins later and never bothered to find the guy.


14. The newspaper room

I worked at a hotel that was owned by a college. The rooms inside the courtyard were rented out to customers but the outer rooms were meant for long term stays and college kids. There was an old man that lived in the very front of the hotel (had for decades). He was a germaphobe and was terrified of spiders. He would come down at night and talk to me. For some reason I was super interested in everything he had to say, mostly cause it was boring at slow at night but he knew a lot of history about the city we live in. One night he came down to the lobby and was in tears. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that there was a spider in his room could I get rid of it for him? Normally, the only people allowed in his room were the housekeepers when they changed his sheets so I had no idea what I was in store for. I opened the door to see that every inch of his room was covered in old newspapers. He had plastered them on the walls, the tables, the sinks, chairs everywhere. There were stacks and stacks of newspapers everywhere.

I found the spider it the bathroom and killed it. Just as I was about to flush he was like NO!!! I asked him what is wrong? He didnt want me to flush it because it might crawl back in. So I took this mushed spider in a tissue and out the room. He was a sweet old man but it just really creeped me out seeing his room covered in newspapers.


15. The naked pilots and flight attendants

So back in the mid-80s I was stationed in Hawaii. I needed some extra cash so I picked up a gig working security at a hotel. This particular hotel had a smaller hotel next to it that was owned by one of the major airlines. We basically provided check-in and check-out services for them, but I never really did much for them in terms of security other than chase off the occasional drunk guy trying to follow the flight attendants into the hotel.

One night I got a call asking me to come up to one of the higher floors of the hotel to try and quiet things down. These floors were typically where the pilots stayed and had bigger rooms and usually were the ones without much issue.

The elevators opened to two butt-naked pilots chasing five naked flight attendants around the hall. The entire group were trashed and there were signs that there was probably some drug use in the rooms. On seeing me, one of the pilots told me to get out of my clothes.


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I politely declined and told them that they were going to have to keep it down because we were getting complaints. The pilot saluted, herded the women into his room and closed the door.

Not sure what happened but there weren't any more noise complaints. The weird part was for the next 3 months I had the job I would routinely see the pilots and the flight attendants in question. All acted as if nothing happened, and I never had another complaint.


16. Calling 911 by accident

I used to work in a small twenty room hotel built from an old mansion. So yeah, super creepy from the right perspective. I've heard old ghost stories, but never saw anything supernatural. Rather, the creepy stuff came from guests. One time, a lovely couple checked in. Although the guy was way older than the woman, they were friendly and enthusiastic. Later that night, about midnight (keep in mind, that at that time, I am the hotel's only employee on staff), my switchboard tells me that their room had dialed 911. Since the guy was old, I was afraid he had a heart attack or something. I go to their room, and knock on the door. It takes a while, but the door opens a bit. It is PITCH BLACK in their room.

Like, they closed the curtains, and turned on no lights. I can't see the guy at all, but I hear the mans voice, and it's a cackled whisper out of a horror movie. "YEEEEESSSSS?".

Me: "Excuse me sir, is everything ok? I saw that you dialed 911."


Me: "I'm XX, the guy who checked you in. You dialed 911, is everything ok?"

HIM: "We don't (giggles creepily) have a phone.

Me: "Yes you do, and you called 911 from it, is everything ok?"

HIM: "OH, we have (giggles) meant to call 411, (giggles) SOORRRRRYYYY.

He closes the door. I go back to my desk fearing something insane is going on. The next day, the two of them come downstairs, super happy, acting completely normal again. It was just weird. Now I'm pretty sure I have an explanation for the guy's behavior (drugs). But damn if that wasn't creepy.




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