How Dare You! The Most Insensitive Things That People Have Been Told.

Most people try to be nice during social situations. I know I do. But sometimes, people can say things that are just so wildly offensive that they could send even the most relaxed person into a fit of rage.

Askreddit users shared their encounters with some of the most insensitive people on the planet. Prepare to feel some irrational, unchecked rage.

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I was an awkward kid in high school, so when we were learning dancing in PE, you can imagine my discomfort. We were split up into boys and girls groups and made two circles to practice dancing, the girls were in the inner circle and would rotate. 

This one girl I danced with got to me and said: "Man, I can't wait to get back to the hot guys"... Gee thanks a lot.


When asked if I had kids, and I said no, they said, "you'll regret it".

We're infertile. We'd love to have kids.


My successful sister once asked me how much I make a year. I stupidly obliged. She then replies with a hearty laugh followed by, "I think I pay more than that in taxes". 

It gets silent and everybody stares at her. It was my birthday dinner with family at a very crowded restaurant. Haven't talked to her much since.


When I was in 5th-grade math. My math teacher was teaching my class about symmetry. She pointed a student out saying "Look at (insert name here), he is a great example of an asymmetrical face."

Everyone in class grew quiet after that.


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A friend said to me "Why do you have to be such a drama queen?". 

This was after I said I wouldn't go out because I felt horrible due to the chemo a few days before.


At 16, I was a passenger in a car that spun out of control and crashed into a tree because the driver was trying to show off. I was in a wheel chair for six months and got a decent settlement after the accident. Sometime after the crash, the driver says to me, "If it weren't for me you wouldn't even have that money. Give me some so I can buy a guitar."

Another during that period was a random classmate who came up to me after I finally returned to school and said, "Yeah, we were worried that it was the other guy with your name. When we found out it was you we all felt a lot better. How are you feeling?"


"It's okay. God gave you (serious major illness) because He knew you could handle it."

Reallllly wanted to kick them and say "It's okay, God knew you could handle that."


I lost my brother to suicide, and whilst I was still having a difficult time dealing with it, my cousin who I've only seen a few times in my life time decided to explain to me, through her religious lens, just what happened to him. 

It started with "So he's dead now and his body is in the ground and will stay in the ground till God decides if he is worthy, but because of the circumstances of his death, he won't be found worthy.."


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I haven't really written any kind of story or poem since I got a short story published in Reader's Digest my senior year in high school, showed my mom the magazine, and she said something along the lines of "WHAT moron would publish you?" When I realized she wasn't just making a harsh joke, I started to hate her and have never gotten over it.


My nine-year-old nephew said to me today, "Nobody even likes you."


That I'm lucky that my husband died. If he was still alive, we might have gotten a divorce at some point and would have had a huge fight for custody of my daughter...

I was 23, he was 23, our daughter was 19 months old


Don't know if this was the worst, but the one that always stuck with me was when I got my exam results and my dad told me that I didn't deserve those because I didn't work hard enough. Took me another 15 years to realize that I hated my dad.


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"It's been a month! You need to get over it!" Said my ex. 

He was annoyed I was still mourning the death of my father.


When I was in Kindergarten there was a boy in my class who sat next to me. He would pull up at the corners of his eyes and whisper, "Ching, Chong, China girl." I would always tell him to stop. I would tell him I was Vietnamese and Cuban, not Chinese. I was so young that I didn't understand why it was so bothersome, I just knew that it felt really mean, particularly in the way that he said it.

In Phys Ed. we would run laps, and one day he trailed me the whole time asking me to say something in Chinese. When I broke down and started crying his response was,

"You look even more Chinese when you cry."

I finally told my mother (she is Hispanic) and her response was, "You do look Chinita." I love my mother, but she really didn't understand where I was coming from at that point in my life, and quite honestly, neither did I. It wasn't until high school that I was really able to pinpoint the source of my discomfort.


"Wash your face."

Wow, never thought about that. Thanks, mate. My acne is cured. Who needs dermatologists?


In a drunken minor argument after a concert last night I told the woman I've been seeing that "I understand why you've been divorced twice now". It was true, but the meanest thing I've ever said out loud. I feel terrible.


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I'm in a graduate program for psychology. As you might guess, there aren't a ton of male students in my program. For an assignment, I was asked to run a mock counseling session for another classmate in the program. This session is videotaped and then discussed in class. The "client" is asked to talk about something real, so the entire class is asked to be respectful and nonjudgmental to what the client is saying. As it would happen my "client" happened to be the only other guy in the class. During our session, he happened to tear up while describing a particularly painful event.

Right as the session concludes and we've walked back into the class the professor yells "See class, men really do have feelings!"

I was pretty embarrassed. But the rest of the class was a wonderful combination of mortified and livid.


My husband was an alcoholic and my sister bought him alcohol for our Christmas party at my mom's one year. I tried to get him to leave the bottle there (about half full) rather than take it with us and she got angry and said, "God, I can see why he drinks having to live with you."


"You're so quiet you might as well not be here". Did not help the crippling social anxiety.


"I was depressed once too but then I just thought that it's pointless being down all of the time."


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My son was born with brain damage. The extent of it, though, was not so clear at first.

He also had some orthopedic problems. The orthopedic surgeon and his resident came to see him when we were still in the hospital.

I said to them, "Do you think it will be necessary to eventually have orthopedic surgery for his issues?"

The resident said "It depends. If there's nothing upstairs, it's probably not worth it."

Nothing upstairs?? Is that the medical term?? I mean you're talking to the father of a two-day old brain damaged infant.


"Maybe when you're stronger you can stop being bipolar... I did"


My mom used to tell me that I'd be a pretty girl if I could just lose ten pounds. I don't think she understood the implications that would have on twelve-year-old me.


In a communications class, we had to debate controversial topics. We were assigned a side; either pro or con. It was relatively fine until we got to child adoption.

I had told the class I had experience in adoption but not to what degree. I didn't tell them I gave up my child for adoption years ago. This girl states how people who give up kids for adoption are selfish and bad people and shouldn't be allowed to have any more kids and she would tell them to their face until they felt terrible and resent themselves for it. I raised my hand and told her to go ahead and say it to my face.

The silence and resentment on her face was glorious.



"It wasn't me!"

There's not much you can do when the righteous fist of the law comes down on you. Call it a mix-up, or call it a mistake, if someone's pegged you at the scene of a crime there's not much you can do but trust the justice system to prove you innocent. However, that's a gamble, and just because you've been given a "not guilty" doesn't mean the effects won't follow you for the rest of your life.

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