Husbands Share Their 'I'm Gonna Marry This Girl' Moment

I heard men know the when they've met their wife the moment they lay eyes on her. I wouldn't know this to me true because I'm not a male (or well, married) but if this is true it's beautiful. 

Shout out to all the men that took that leap of faith and followed their hearts (or brains). You're appreciated.

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"We met when I studied abroad. After I came home we Skyped everyday for 9 months and had hour long conversations every day. I could talk to her about anything. And we'd never get bored. She came to visit for 3 months as I finished my undergraduate. 

At the end of those 3 months (which were wonderful) we reluctantly decided it was best to break up and that we just couldn't do this long term because it would never work. We cried and said goodbye at the security checkpoint at the airport. 

I sat in my car in the airport parking lot and balled like a baby. I dried my eyes, walked into the airport booked a one way and sat down in the seat next to her. 

We've been together 6 years now and it was the best decision I've ever made."

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"She went to 'hop' on the bed, miscalculated how springy it was, bounced off and got stuck between the bed and the bedside table. Upside-down, legs flailing in the air. She couldn't free herself, and I was too incapacitated with laughter to help her for a good 5 minutes."

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"She was spending the night at my place and woke up at about 3 am in severe discomfort. Over an hour she started to hurt worse so I took her to the emergency room.

At the E.R, she was screaming in pain but they wouldn't give her any pain medication without first doing a pregnancy test. 

Of course she went to the bathroom while I was registering her, so she didn't have anything to give.

It was while she was in the room in the E.R, miserable in pain and waiting for the pain meds to kick in that I realized I really cared for her and wanted to make our relationship more permanent.

It turned out that she was having a kidney stone and not an alien chest-burster. She struggled with that problem for years until we found the cause.

Bonus: I met her mother for the first time that morning. On one hand I hate the circumstances, but on the other I'm glad I was able to show I could take care of her daughter."

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"We had only been dating for three months, so there was still some awkwardness here and there.

I was working an outrageous amount, and I got a phone call that one of my very good friends had just died in a car accident.
I don't really remember walking there, but instead of my apartment, I ended up at hers. She opened the door to her new boyfriend half-ugly-sobbing.

Instead of being (rightly) weirded out, she listened and cried with me for a couple hours.

The friend who died was the one who had encouraged me (for like six months) to ask my now-wife out. And my friend was never able to see the impact she had. My wife and I have been married for eight years now."

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"I lost my car in a parking garage after I bungled the night by forgetting my wallet on a fairly expensive Italian dinner date.

I was embarrassed and mortified.

I just wanted to cut my losses and get home. I was really trying to impress her and literally anything that could go wrong did.

To cap the night off I forgot where I parked my car because I was flustered from everything that had gone wrong.

After 20 minutes or so of me running around this parking garage, going level to level, running hand in hand. I could feel her glare and annoyance on the back of my neck. It was growing. I could feel her quietly thinking, 'well, this was the worst date I've ever been on.'

The humiliation finally overcame me and I finally stopped and turned around.

Maybe to apologize profusely, I didn't know then and I still don't know. I was just preparing myself for that look on her face.

And she was smiling.

She started to laugh - not at me but with me. Almost inviting me to laugh with her about my poor luck.

A large wave of relief washed over the dreadful evening.

We stood there on level 2 of the Newport on the Levee parking garage just laughing.

I knew at that precise moment that I wanted to marry her.

Six years later, we are married with two kids.

When we gave our vows, we both unknowingly had written of that exact night in Newport and that exact moment.

I think perhaps for me, I had fallen in love before, but with her...I never wanted to fall in love again.

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"I was working on commercial fishing vessels at the time and couldn't watch the NHL playoffs so she watched the games and texted me updates a couple times a night about who scored and won etc. 

She learned the rules of hockey for me. That was the moment...and she got pregnant."

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"We were playing Trivial Pursuit with friends, and were in a team together. The question we got was, 'Who was the 26th President of the United States?' I figured it was my chance to impress her by counting off all the Presidents in order to count to the 26th, so I started. She jumped right in with me, and got up to Teddy Roosevelt faster than I did.

It was the perfect realization that her 'nerdiness' and personality matched up perfectly with mine.

When we got married, we had a picture of Teddy Roosevelt on our table at the reception."

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"When I realized this was the first woman I could look in the eyes and not feel like we had a awkward silence. We just stare at each other like it was the last thing we would ever see.

P.S. I'm not married but will be asking her this January and I already got the ring. Wish me luck."

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"When I was 16, an insanely hot girl messaged me on Myspace because we had mutual friends and she thought I was cute. We hit it off, started dating, and a few months later I left her in Texas to go on a trip with my family to see my grandparents in Indiana.

It was the first time wed been apart for more than a day or two since wed been together, and the separation was brutal for a pair of teenage love birds. We spent almost every night of that trip talking on the phone until 3 or 4 am, laughing, telling each other secrets and sharing our hopes and fears for the future.

She was brilliant - talking to her simultaneously felt like I was going on a big adventure and Id found my way home all at the same time. That was the first time Id ever felt like every minute spent away from her was a complete waste of time, and that feeling never really went away.

Weve been together 12 years now, and just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.

Sometimes you get it right on the first try, folks."

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"When she said 'its been 8 years, if you dont marry me Im leaving. '

It's been 20 years now."

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"When I imagined what it would be like to not have my then-girlfriend around. It was an eye opener. I suddenly realized how precious she had become to me. It made me see how much I loved her, and how great we worked together. We've been married almost 8 years and are going strong!"

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"Her boss messaged me to tell me she knew when my girlfriend (at the time) was texting me, opposed to anyone else, because she would be smiling.

Then her mother told me the same thing a few days later."

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"Being with her was (and has been, going on 20 years in 2018) effortless. There was no drama, no having to explain my jokes or my references. She was as nerdy as I was (and am). It just occurred to me that we should marry.

So, I started saying in conversation, 'When we get married...'

Almost 20 years later we've been married almost 18 years. We're still very passionately in love, and it just keeps getting better."

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"My girl's a real looker and I know she is way out of my league.

Some years back some other girl turned around to her on a night out and said 'What are you doing with him?'

She responded, 'I love him.'

And she got wifed."

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"As told to me by my husband...

We hadn't been dating for very long and he had gotten sick, so I raided the pantry and brought him every sort of sick food imaginable: ramen, chicken soup, saltine crackers, gatorade. The whole works. Apparently no girlfriend had ever done that for him before and he realized that we were legit.

Little did he know that I had ulterior motives and was hoping I'd get some for being a nice girlfriend, but alas, he was too sick. 

We did cuddle and watch movies though, so that was nice."

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"It was our first road trip together. We stopped for food and I ordered multiple cheeseburgers. I was driving and without being asked she unwrapped and handed me my burger. As soon as one was done she had another one ready. I realized then that some people are genuinely considerate and kind. Also the first time she called someone a scumbag."

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"She was driving us back from a great camping trip with friends. My mind was wandering and I thought, "You know, I wish I could do rad stuff like this with her forever." Then I thought, "That sounds like a marriage... HEY!"

I looked over at her, she glanced at me and smiled back.

I then put together a plan; I ask her to live with me in 6 months when her lease was up, after a year if it was still going good I'd ask her to marry me.

I did exactly that. We've been married 4 years and now have an 8 month old."

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