"I Called Her An Oompa Loompa" 25 Of The Best 'How We Met' Stories.

Romantic comedy movies are all fine and dandy, but the greatest love stories are the ones that happen every single day that we never get to hear about. They can be simple, they can be outlandish, but they are all awesome and heartwarming.

Below are the best 'How we met' stories, as told on AskReddit. Check them out! A source to even more can be found on the last page.

My wife works at a gas station, I'd go in just to see her, I don't know how much money I spent to see them beautiful blue eyes. We would flirt back and forth and one day she was on my list of suggested friends on Facebook. I added her and sent her a message. We started hanging out and the rest is history. Her eyes tricked me though, they were contacts.


We worked at a fast food chain together when I was in high school. The first day we worked together, she stayed an hour late so she could smoke a joint with me. The next day we worked together, she came up and hip bumped me at the frosty machine and said, "Hey there sexy!"

That was 19 years ago, and we're still together. We have an amazing son and I love my life.


Tenth grade, she became my seatmate because my original seatmate was down with chicken pox. I told a joke, something about tsunamis, and surprisingly, she laughed. The rest is history.


Due to poor grades in school my mother made me volunteer at a local after school program. My would-be girlfriend was also volunteering there. Eight years later and we're still together and in love.


I went to one of my works nights out at a local bowling place. I kept glancing over at this gorgeous girl over in the other lane and occasionally noticing her glancing back. After about half an hour of debating with myself I decided to just go over and speak to her, because what's the worst that can happen right? 

So I walk over and start speaking to her usual flirty stuff and I feel we hit it off nicely, so confidently I walk back to my lane and continue the night as normal and end up home. A sudden fear hits the back of my head that I didn't give her my name, number or any means of contacting me... I blew it! So I go to sleep, and wake up the next morning to discover a Facebook friend request from the girl, so I obviously accept and message her the usual formalities and then ask the glaring question: How did you get my name? 

Her reply was "You yelled, 'That's how (insert my full name) does it!' after getting a strike". I've never both hated and loved myself so much for that moment, but it worked out, we've been together in a long distance relationship for two years and it's safe to say I'm in love.


I was hiking up the mountain with a group of friends. He was hiking alone with his Saint Bernard. Seeing as I am a fellow big dog lover and owner, I ran up to pet his dog. I said, "He's still a puppy isn't he?" He responded, "yeah, how'd you know that?" I said, "his hips are still taller than his shoulders." Small talk and then we part ways to continue our climbs. He continues down. We continue up. My friend asks me why I didn't ask him out. About five minutes later I turn around and race after him. I somehow catch him and gracefully suggest a dog date. He immediately says yes and asks for my number. Every year we spend our anniversary on the same hike. Thankfully the dogs fell in love as fast as we did too!


I said: "What are you doing here"

She said: "I'm looking for the ECON 101 room"

I told her: "You can't leave for the next 8 hours due to contamination policy"

Pretty nice not having to wait on my incubated E. Coli alone. Normally pretty shy around girls so talking about my work made it a whole lot easier to ask her out for a movie.


In a class of 700 students, I saw this girl sitting quietly on her own. For some reason from across the room she fascinated me. The next day I started seeing her in all of my classes. Not exactly impossible, general requirement courses for the same degree and our timetables matched up.

I finally said screw it and introduced myself when I found her taking the same bus home from university. It was a short conversation about nothing, she got off before I did. Next day I saw her in the cafeteria, walked up and out of the blue told her she was coming to eat lunch with me and my friends.

To this day, she doesn't remember the brief conversation on the bus and swears the first time I ever talked to her was when I told her she was eating lunch with us. Married for a little over a year, together for five by now.


It was my first day working on my very first movie set.

I was the on set costumer (basically anything to do with actor's clothing was my job).

It was a kids movie so obviously there were a lot of kid actors running around. As I walked to set for the first time from the trailers one of the kids pointed to a man I had never met and said to me, "that guy loves you" loud enough for both of us to hear.

I was mortified.

But I looked at him and smiled and said, "apparently you love me". He said, "I guess I do".

We celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary in August.


I am actually marrying her today after 7 years of being together but we first met at work in a restaurant. I was a sous chef at the time and she was the hostess.

We had an open line kitchen and the hostess desk was about 10 yards or so away. To get her attention when it was slow I would throw random small things at her across the line.

But the day I fell in love with her it had snowed and she had come over to my place for the first time. We ended up having a snowball fight and wrestling in the snow. Afterwards to get warm we snuggled inside and I knew in my heart I loved this goofy, gorgeous woman.


She fell into my lap at a Christmas party. Literally! I was sitting on a couch; she came in, tripped over something and landed on my lap. Not sure what was said after that, but we had a date two weeks later; got married six months later and had 38 wonderful years until she died last year.


Friend set me up with her because he wanted to hang out with me and his Girlfriend at the time but I didn't want no third wheel bullcrap.

Getting married to her next year.


I met the love of my life in Art Appreciation class back in college. We were both 18 years old. We noticed each other from across the auditorium. He started sitting right behind me. Eventually, after talking in class for a while we went for a walk at the mall. It happened to be Halloween, so everybody was in costumes except for us. Very magical and surreal, now that I think about it. We ended up talking in the parking lot for hours. I asked him if he would get in trouble with his parents for being out so late. He nonchalantly said, "Nah." Well, 14 years, two kids, and a house later, he confessed that his mom called the police and reported him missing because it was 2am and he wasn't home yet. Good times.


Both worked at a supermarket. She worked on checkout, I worked the shelves. She was 17 and I was 18. Now 32 and 33. 2 kids and a house together.


We met via some stupid dating app. I'm sure it's since been abandoned, considering it was barely even used during the height of its popularity. It feels like I downloaded a ridiculous off brand bejewelled and actual jewels fell out of my phone.


We met in the community match on Words with Friends. Neither of us had any idea who the other person was but soon realized we had mutual friends in common. Spent the next week messaging back and forth, then decided to meet for coffee the following Saturday. Its been a year and a half since our first date, we now live together and still battle it out over Words with Friends.


We met in high school. Shes pretty short and when we met she was wearing overalls. I thought she looked like a cute little Oompa Loompa. So I looked at her and said Whats up Oompa. She got mad and punched me in the arm.


While traveling in Europe, I met a female version of myself in a bar. She was also American, but she was from the Midwest and I was from the east coast. It was nice to hear another American voice, and the more we talked the more we realized we liked all the same things. We became traveling buddies and decided to have a summer fling, but it quickly became much more than that.

As our time together came close to ending, we had a choice to make, and we both made the same one. I had recently sworn off long distance relationships but I knew that if I didn't stay in touch with this girl I would always wonder what might have been. We dated long distance for the rest of college, seeing each other a couple times a year, relocated to the same city after graduating, and did the only thing you can do when two people start so similar: we grew apart. No hard feelings or drama, we just both realized it was done and we needed to move on.

I'm with another woman now in a relationship, I recognize is much stronger than my fling, but I still think about it, and, as is natural, I wonder what might have been if we had been ten years older instead of young and idealistic college students.


He lived at my landlord's and was moving out, so my landlord suggested I go up and see his room in case I wanted to rent it. But the landlord neglected to tell me that my future boyfriend was still there. I walk in on him in his PJs, in his bed, watching something on the computer. I was terrified I had caught him during 'alone time' and stumbled out apologizing profusely. He got up and came out with this big, open smile and told me it was alright, he was watching Vice, and would I like some tea?

I invited him to a lecture by a Tibetan Buddhist geshe and we both laughed at the same points. Then we got crepes and he was so open and easy to talk to.


Fraternity keg party. That was 23 years ago, and we have been married for almost 18 years.


While at a party with my ex. I was walking from the living room to the kitchen and she fell down the stairs and landed on top of me. We became instant friends and grew closer over the following year.

Then one day we randomly bumped into each other at the City Hall, she had missed her bus so I cancelled my plans for the day and waited with her. She told me she used to have a major crush on me but couldn't do anything because I was in a relationship.

That night I went home and couldn't stop thinking about her, Eventually I split with my then significant other and we got together. We have had many a rocky patch but five years later we are still together and going strong.


I was in line to get drinks at a bookstore coffee shop for me and a female friend. As the line continues, I end up standing behind her. I'd seen her there a few times in the past, but she always had headphones on working on her laptop. Still wearing headphones, still on the laptop. I look over her shoulder, and she's doing math homework. I sum the problem up in my head, and compare it to her answer she's about to submit. I tap her on the shoulder, and when she takes the headphone out, I say "Excuse me, I'm sorry, but what kind of math are you doing? Because I think you're doing it wrong."


I met her in summer of 2011 at a party at our house. We had a mutual friend and she brought her with her.

We became really good friends and hung out a lot. At the time I liked her but never tried anything. I moved in the Fall of 2012 and we lost contact for 3 years.

Fast forward to last year. I get a text from her. We reconnect, start hanging out.

Fast forward to now, we are now planning on moving in together.


My fianc and I met in the first week of college because he was trying to be wing man for one of his friends. He's really cute and is a bad wing man.


I had just broken up with a long term boyfriend in high school and one of my male friends pestered me for days to get out of the house and hang out with him. For days I said no, but finally agreed when he asked me to go to this house party.

I clarified repeatedly we were going as just friends. Just. Friends.

We get to the party as its dying down. The host is there and is just gone. I've never met someone I was more repulsed by in my life.

I get up and walk across the room to get away from my increasingly clingy friend and the host stops me and kisses my hand. I look annoyed, he knows I'm annoyed, and he apologizes and tells me that he's sorry, but I'm just so beautiful that he had to. "What would it take for me to be able to kiss you again?"

Me (trying to get him to go away): "If you let me kick you in the nuts, how about that?"

And he agreed. Quickly takes my hand and kisses it. And I nail him in the goods. It was just so ridiculous I couldn't help but laugh.

We've been together for nearly 11 years now.



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