'I Like The Lady One!' Kids Weigh In On The Presidential Election.

A lot of people are worried that this election is making a negative impression on children everywhere. So why not let the children speak for themselves. Enjoy!


This piece is based on an AskReddit thread. Link on the last page.

1/27. I teach Pre-K and a little girl very seriously informed me that, "Donald Trunk (yes, she said Trunk) was a bad man because he tells people he has lots of good surprises but he's really a big liar."

My other favorite was a little boy who said, "I like the lady one because when she talks real loud her turkey gobble under her chin wiggles."


2/27. Iteach 8th grade. My students are researching the candidates and issuesfor a project. When they found out that Trump is 25 years older than his wife,they actually asked "doesn't that make him a pedophile?" They did notseem to buy my response that he's not, since she's an adult. Apparently, 13year olds think that a 25 year age difference is just too much.


3/27. My nephew and his friend are in grade four. Whenthey are outside playing in the snow, one of the things they like to do isbuild a Trump wall.


4/27. "Why does that man keep grabbing kittens?"



5/27. My daughter (7) watched the first debate. She's picking Hillary because she wore red.


6/27. I runa camp for kids. They changed the game 'sharks and minnows' into 'Trumps vs Mexicans.' Hadto shut that one down.


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7/27. I'm a high school teacher. One kid said Hillary Clinton did nothave much experience in office because she was just a secretary.


8/27. I hada kid say that Hillary was evil and a member of the Suicide Squad. I asked ifhe meant Harley and he insisted that Hillary was too.



9/27. One day over the summer a couple neighborhood boys, maybe around10 years old, came to my office. I have an office dog, so if it's slow they canhang out for a bit. One of them asked me who I was going to vote for. I said Idon't know yet.

Boy 1: "Well I want Trump to win."

Boy 2: "No way! He was to send our friends back toMexico!"

Boy 1: "Oh yeah,nevermind."


10/27. Itravel for work. My 8-year-old son asked me if I have to go to Chicago everagain. I said not right now. He said good because Donald Trump said people getshot while walking down the street there.

My 6-year-old daughter didn't wantHillary to win because my daughter want to be the first girl president but nowshe does want her to win because Donald Trump is mean.


11/27. 6th grade student insisted that I can't vote for Hilary because,and I quote, "She supports SHARIKA law." I'm not sure what Sharikalaw is, but if it's anything like Sharia law... Look out!


12/27. Little boy at school said: "Trump is d*ckless." My friend reared back andasked the student to explain what he meant. (continued...)

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The boy answered something to theeffect "Trump wants to build a wall all around the country and it's d*ckless."Upon digging deeper, my friend realized that the kid meant to say"ridiculous" not "d*ckless."


13/27. I had a good chuckle the other day when a student asked me if DonaldTrump, Blake Obama and Hilary Duff all have to live together in the whitehouse.



14/27. "IfTrump gets elected he's gonna send all the black people back to Africa."


15/27. WhenI had the most recent debate on the TV, my five year old walked in the room. Hetook one look, rolled his eyes, and and said, "Seriously, these guysagain?"



16/27. Myson's classmate said if Trump gets elected he'll be "America's first orangepresident."


17/27. My students are 11-12 so they're on the older side but are stillchildish-minded in many ways. They have definitely made comments about"the wall". But the comment that gave me the most pause anddifficulty was when I was teaching them about personal finance. (continued...)

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Theyhad to create a budget based on hypothetical salary and I was explaining taxbrackets so they could find their take-home income. I told them, roughly, thatthe more you make the more you pay in taxes. One student raised their hand andasked "if Donald Trump is so rich, then how come he doesn't paytaxes?"



18/27. Mynephew said, "Donald Trump hates women and Hillary has secretemails." He used to talk about rainbows and candy corn.


19/27. 90% of the boys at my middle school seem convinced if we electHillary she'll castrate them.

The girls think Trumps daughter is pretty.

God help us.


20/27. I hear middle/high schoolers make fun of Trump and use his namesynonymously with "idiot". He's the butt of most of their jokes.

Snippets I've heard: "Whatever, Trump, I didn't want your Skittlesanyway," "If you weren't being such a Trump we would have let youplay." "Looks like either way we'll have our first femalepresident!"


21/27. I'mnot a teacher, but I help in a school library. One little boy was singing:"Donald Trump, picking his butt, how many fingers did he get stuck?!"I laughed and said: "Shhhhh!"


22/27. My four year old niece to her dad: "Papa, Donald Trump isn't a bad person. He's just makingbad choices."

Then again, she also identifiedhim in a picture of Slimer from Ghostbusters, so...


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23/27. My 8year old says to me the other day in the car, "Mom, I know a millionaire."

Iask, "Oh yeah? Who isthat?"

Hereplies, "KatieMcGinty! She's a millionaire who got rich from special interests and stealingfrom tax payers."

Isaid, "Is that goodor bad?"

Towhich he replied, "itsgood for her I guess, but not for the people she stole from."

All of this was from a 30 second radio commercial he had heardon the bus.

As much as I didn't want to delve into politics with my 8 yearold, I told him that people like Katie McGinty are politicians, and they helpmake laws of the country, similar to the President, but they work with him.

I then told him that a lot of bad people try to get those jobs and they tell a lot of lies to get them because they are very powerful jobs.

I left it with "when you get older, just make sure you do your own research for politicians, and don't just listen to what you hear on the radio, because they like to lie a lot."

His last line was "Why do we let people who lie a lot make our laws?"




24/27. I volunteered to be involved with an activity where elementary school childrencreated superheroes based on the chemical elements.

One kid got Uranium and he decided to make trUmp. He harnessesthe devastation of nuclear weapons to protect his loved ones. He is small andunstable, but uncommonly strong. It even had a very good drawing attached. Thekid described trUmp as infallible and flawless.

It was like something out ofa North Korea documentary.


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25/27. Mypreschool-aged daughter has seen both Trump and Clinton on the news a lot and we have talkedabout them both a little bit to her. When asked who she would vote for shesaid,"I want Hillary to be President but I like Trump a little bit."Why? "Because he yells and screams like I do."


26/27. I have this little boy in my class who we call "The LittleProfessor". He's about 5 now, I think. Talks like a nerd with the whinyvoice, looks like a nerd with glasses and sweater vests, but he's literally thesweetest child ever, and he has the brain to match how he looks.


He's quitepopular among the other kids, so they take what he says as the word of God. Soone day, my coteacher, cackling, comes up to me and tells me to ask him whohe'd vote for if he could. Our conversation goes like this:

Me: So, little professor, who are you voting for?

Him: [stands up and screams] Hillary Clinton!!

Me: And why are you voting for Hillary Clinton?

Him: [still standing and screaming] BECAUSE DONALD TRUMP IS A LIAR.

And then he got the rest of the kids to start running around and singing "Trump is a liar! Trump is a liar! I didn't have the heart to bring it up with mom when she came to get him.


27/27. I'm a college freshman who volunteers at an elementary school twice aweek. You know that Crayola shade, 'Macaroni and Cheese'? I was sifting throughthe 4th grade class' crayon box to organize the colors, only to find that everysingle one of that orange-yellow crayon's label was scribbled out and replacedwith "Trump."



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