Most Unexpected Stories Of How People Met 'The One'

Love happens. And it's the most beautiful feeling in the world. 

If you've found the love of your life already you'll probably relate to one of these stories, if you haven't yet - well, you'll know they can run into you anytime, anywhere, unannounced - just be open, because like in most of these cases, you won't know when your love story would unknowingly begin.

I was visiting my future landlord to check out a room I was planing on renting.

On reaching my landlord suggested I go up and check out the room in case I wanted to rent it. But he forgot to tell me my future boyfriend was still in there. I walk in on him in his PJs, on his bed, watching something on the computer. I was terrified, I had caught him masturbating and stumbled out apologizing profusely. 

He got up and came out with this big, open smile and told me it was alright, he was watching Vice, and asked me If I would like some tea. 

I invited him to a lecture by a Tibetan Buddhist, Geshe, and we both laughed at the same points. Then we got crepes. He was so open and easy to talk to.


I actually met her back in 2003 in High School. I was a weirdo and nerd, and she was defensive and went goth. She was rotten to most, but for some reason was always nice to me. I graduated on good terms with her in 2005, but we never became anything. 

Later I got a rotten girlfriend, and she got an abusive boyfriend (I didn't know at the time). After graduating college in 2009 I caught my ex cheating on me, so we were done. I moved all over the country to find a job, kind of a life experience really. After a year of searching I ended up in my original home town, in the middle of Maine.

One day on Facebook, my goth friend from High School posted about how she was enjoying the new expansion to World of Warcraft at the time. I was shocked and messaged her in disbelief - I didn't know she played games at all. I played World of Warcraft all the time, even though she was Alliance and I was Horde, we still got along.

Well, one day, while we were playing the game, I hear, through the game vent, her boyfriend yelling like crazy, she quickly goes offline. Then she messages me apologizing, saying I shouldn't have heard that. I just reassured her that I'm there for her. Within 4 or 5 months I hear it again, and I am done. 

She already had been thinking about leaving him in the summer. They were both unhappy. The night before my birthday, I told her to pack her stuff, and that I'll be there the next day. She was shocked since driving from Maine to Missouri was going to be a long trip. 24 hours later I'm at the border of Missouri, and on my birthday, also Valentines day, I picked her up. Only to find out that the girl I loved back in High School, really liked me too. But neither of us made a move since we were both really shy. 

We have been together for 5 years now, getting married later this year and have a little girl on the way in August. Quite happy with how things turned out.


I went to one of my work outings at a local bowling place. I kept glancing over at this gorgeous girl standing over by the other lane and occasionally noticed her glancing back. After about half an hour of debating with myself I decided to just go over and speak to her, because what's the worst that can happen right? 

So I walk over and start speaking to her, usual flirty stuff, and I feel we hit it off nicely. I walk back to my lane and continue the night as normal and end up home. A sudden fear struck when I realized that I didn't give her my name, number or any means of contacting me... I blew it! I went to sleep, and, to my surprise, woke up the next morning to discover a Facebook friend request from the girl, so I obviously accepted and messaged her the usual formalities and then ask the glaring question: How did you get my name? Her reply was, "You yelled that's how (insert my full name) does it you mofos" after getting a strike. I both hated and loved myself so much for doing that. But it worked out, we've been together in a long distance relationship for 2 years and it's safe to say I'm in love.

Remember to always yell your name after important events!


It was my first day working on my very first movie set.

I was the on-set costumer, basically anything to do with actor's clothing was my job.

We were filming a kids movie so obviously there were a lot of kid actors running around. As I walked to the set the trailers one of the kids pointed to a man I had never met and said to me, "that guy loves you" loud enough for both of us to hear.

I was mortified.

But I looked at him, smiled and said, "apparently you love me." 

He said, "I guess I do".

We celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary in August this year.


On reddit. We got chatting about our problematic families and religion, and started sending personal messages to each other. I never thought we would ever be more than online pen pals, more so cause we were on different continents and all. Although that did allowed us to be way more honest, I suppose. You don't fear judgement from someone you don't think you'll ever meet, that's the whole intimacy of talking with strangers.

Well, after a few months of that, she ended up travelling to my country with her family. We managed to make a coffee date, which ended with us spending two days together.

We got married in December, she's making me breakfast right now.


I met the love of my life in Art Appreciation class back in college. We were both 18 years old at that time. 

We noticed each other from across the auditorium. He started sitting right behind me. Eventually, after talking in class for a while we went for a walk at the mall. It happened to be Halloween, so everybody was in costumes except for us. Very magical and surreal, now that I think about it. We ended up talking in the parking for a lot for hours. I asked if he would get in trouble with his parents for being out so late. And he nonchalantly said, "nah."

Well, fourteen years, two kids, and a house later he confessed that his mom called the police and reported him missing that night, because it was 2am and he wasn't home yet. Good times.


I was hiking up the mountain with my group of friends. He was hiking alone with his Saint Bernard. My Great Pyrenees wasn't with me because she was too old for that difficult of a hike but seeing, as I am a big dog lover and owner, I ran up to pet his dog. I said, "he's still a puppy isn't he?" He responded, "yeah, how'd you know that?" I said, "his hips are still taller than his shoulders." Small talk and then we part ways. He continues down. We continue up. 

My friend asks me why I didn't ask him out. About five minutes later I turn around and race after him. I somehow catch him and gracefully suggest a dog date, if he doesn't have a problem of course. He immediately says yes and asks for my number. 

Thankfully the dogs fell in love as fast as we did! Every year we spend our anniversary on the same hike. In two years we got a house together, got another Saint Bernard and made it to the top of 10 mountains together.



One day this blonde girl, prettier than any girl I've ever seen, started working part time at the kindergarten I was working at. Our first conversation was when she walked up to me and asked me if I like watching animal documentaries. Little did she know I was studying Zoology at the time. 

We just clicked and flirting ensued. I used to day dream about her until one day we left for home together, after a colleague's party downtown. I was drunk and told her I had fallen in love with her in about only 3 weeks of meeting, and she said the feeling was mutual. 

That was about 2 years ago. Now I can't imagine my life without her.


I went to a bar with a fellow shy buddy. I told him to check out a redhead in the corner that I had my eye on most of the night. He says, "I'll go talk to her for you." and walks up to her. I thought, "Where'd he suddenly get the guts?!?" 

He pointed me out to her and told her I wanted to slow dance with her. She said OK. I danced, got to know her, and soon started dating her. This was in 1990. We got married four years later and now have an eight year old son together. She still gives me crap for being too shy to ask her to dance. 


550 miles away, on a beach. Best vacation ever!

I was with my friends, we rented a house right on the beach. The house across the street from us had some beautiful women stationed. We saw their cars had plates from my state - perfect ice breaker!!

I talked to the one that I thought was fantastic, and turned out she was. Actually, a friend of mine got to her first while I was out fishing. He told me he met a woman and she was awesome. I was like "WHERE, let me meet her!!" 

Turned out she lived three miles away from me in the same town. I literally take a right out of my driveway, drive for three miles, then a left to her driveway. Crazy coincidence being 550 miles from home.

That was 15 years ago. Now we've been married for about eight years, have a four-year-old daughter who is unimaginably cute, and our relationship is really strong. We never fight, love each other's company, and are basically inseparable.

I asked her to marry me on that same beach, on the anniversary of the day we met, fourteenth of August. I planned it out and it worked perfectly. We went to the beach at night, laid out a blanket, and watched the stars. I was banking on some meteors which are pretty common that time of year. I was also banking on a clear night sky! And it all worked out! The first shooting star we saw, I said - "what did you wish for?!" And of course she said she wouldn't tell. Then asked me what I wished for. That's when I pulled out the ring and said - "for you to marry me". I get all misty even thinking about it.

Every year we go back to that place. We have a picture from the first day we met - On the stairs to the cottage, making crazy faces. Last year we went and took a picture on the same set of stairs that we met. Us and our daughter, all making crazy faces. It was awesome.


I had just broken up with a long term boyfriend in high school and one of my male friends pestered me for days to get out of the house and hang out with him. For days I said no, but finally agreed when he asked me to go to this house party.

I clarified repeatedly we were going as just friends. Just. Friends.

We get to the party as its dying down. We met the host. I've never met someone I was more repulsed by in my life.

I get up and walk across the room to get away from my increasingly clingy friend and the host stops me and kisses my hand. I look annoyed, he knows I'm annoyed and apologizes. He and tells me that he's sorry, but I'm just so beautiful that he had to. Then goes on, "What would it take for me to be able to kiss you again?"

Me (trying to get him to go away): "If you let me kick you in the nuts, how about that?"

And he agrees, quickly takes my hand and kisses it again. And I nail him in the goods. It was so ridiculous, I couldn't help but laugh.

We've been together for nearly 11 years now.


A beautiful woman worked at a gas station. I'd often go in, just to see her. I have no idea how much money I spent to just see those beautiful blue eyes and have a small talk. We would flirt back and forth and one day she was on my list of suggested friends on Facebook. I added her and sent her a message.

 We started hanging out and the rest is history. The girls's my wife now. Her eyes catfished me though - they were contacts.


I met her when I offered to tutor her friends. She sent me a message asking me to help her instead. We met up a few times, and ended up just talking.

We texted a lot after that. I asked her out, but she declined. She said she couldn't because her family was in town. To me it seemed like she wasn't interested so I assumed she didn't want anything at all. The next night she invited me to meet her and some of her friends at a bar. We ended up going back to her apartment and talking till 4am. I was still thinking she was just drunk and friendly. She had to kiss me before I really got it.


I knew her since primary school, year 2 as per our school photo album, just as friend. We stayed friends until secondary school, but didn't really talked after that and just drifted apart, no reason why really. 

I noticed her one day in my college. It was so fortunate that we just happened to go to the same college after school. Even though I had known her for a good part of at least 10+ years of my life, my courage only managed to go as far as to send her a Facebook message. (Best message I've sent in my life.)

We started chatting online, and soon hung out. I asked her out on Facebook itself. She was just as shy. We've been together for 5 years now.


At work as a student teacher. 

I was the ancient student teacher, 26 years old at the time, when most of the other student teachers were 20-21, and she was the cute girl who worked the "Youth before and after" care program. I would play basketball at the school's gym after school every Wednesday and she took her YMCA kids into the gym to get gym time every Wednesday.

At first, it was just me asking her if she minded me playing ball while she was in there with the little ones. Then it turned in to me playing knockout every Wednesday with the YMCA kids and her. Then it turned into me watching the YMCA kids play basketball while talking to her.

And finally it turned into HER asking me out for a beer after she got off work. I'm the shy one. We are now happily engaged and recently bought a house together. Cheers!


I met my current girlfriend in jail. We were locked in a room 12 hours at a time every other day for about two months.

We worked in corrections together, as prison guards. She had just started and was being trained in the Control Room. It's a fairly small room and we were basically forced into conversation. Funny how quickly we fell for each other in that place.


A tornado got us together.

Well, I should probably add more to the story. We were friends, both studying music. I was pursuing my doctorate, she her bachelor's. A few weeks earlier a tornado had knocked a tree through my roof, so when I heard the tornado sirens going off as I left the grocery store, I decided to go to the college music building. 

She was there, along with many others. We waited out what turned out to be a half-mile wide EF-4 in the basement. I tried to get home after but couldn't get there. She went the opposite direction back to her apartment but came back to announce that she had power and Internet, and that we could charge our phones, let our loved ones know we were OK, and even sleep on the couch. 

I slept on the couch. The next day we went out to volunteer and give blood, that took the whole day. The following day, since classes were canceled for the semester, I was going to leave to go spend time with my parents, but took her to lunch first, to thank her. As of June we'll have been married 2 years now.


It was my freshman year of high school in 2004. 

I had a personal health class that acted as a home EC type course for catholic school. There was an assignment in which the class the class had to be divided in pairs and each had to pretend they're married and put together a full length project on how to "manage married life". I pulled a name out of hat, his name, and I'll never forget what I said - who the hell is this guy.

After that first class we pretty much became best friends for the next 4 years. He was my rock, we were inseparable. We were polar opposites for sure, but it worked. I was wild and crazy and he was campus ministry and straight edge. After we graduated we went our separate ways, he left me without saying goodbye or why he didn't want to be my friend any more. I was heartbroken.

About 3 years ago I had just started recovering from a really bad head injury and all I wanted to do was get out and watch a movie. It was my first outing in a long while and guess what, we bump into each other at the theatre. He asked to come over and catch up. I wanted to know why he left and stopped being my friend. 

We ended up clicking and becoming friends again. About 5 months later we were in Disney together and he spilled the "I've been in love with you since the day we got married in that stupid health class." It's been 2 years now and we're planning on getting ready for our real marriage. 

He likes to joke that he clawed his way through the friend zone from all those years ago! I adore him and I'm happy the universe brought us together again.


I stared at her tits.

I have a friend who used to be really creepy around girls (a friend and I straightened him out later). We were all in high school stage crew. On day I see him next to this beautiful girl from the crew, who looked really pissed off. I walk over just to grab him, but interrupted "your friend was staring at my boobs and he isn't allowed to." So jokingly, with the biggest amount of courage, I still don't know where I got it from, I asked "Am I?". She smiled, said yes, and pulled her V-neck a little lower. 

Although turning pink I casually glanced at them for a minute. My friend walked away, pissed. She then told me how much she hated him and, eventually, told me she had a bit of a crush on me. Shy me had turned BRIGHT RED now. I asked if she'd like to hang out sometime. She said yes and we've been together for almost four years now.


I hit legal drinking age and started going to a pub nearby, with some friends, every week. I was boring and quiet, I'd never talk to anyone. I'd get myself a drink and sit in the corner.

One night an awe inspiring  guy came through the door. He had a few drinks, picked up his guitar and started singing. Friday night was Open mic night and each week this guy would stroll in and rock the house. Everybody would buy him drinks, he got a lot of interest from the ladies and was generally viewed as pub god. I had one of those childlike moments where somewhere in me went "I want to be like that guy."

My only issue was I hated the guitar. Guitar was so clich to me back then (I was in college) and I was no good playing it. But I knew I had a really good voice. I set out to befriend this guy, and with some help from our good old friend - alcohol, I made it happen.

After a few weeks of hanging with him, he came clean. He was super shy too. The guy taught me that nobody has to know you're shy, you can be whoever you want to be. It's all about improvising and acting. And pre-drinks. He said, "next week, you and me." My singing had come up in conversation and we had planned to do a single song - The best song in the world by Tenacious D. It was the manliest conversation I have ever had.

So next week I went to the pub.  but I was Mr. cool this time. I was saying hello to people I didn't even know, I was smiling at the ladies and, after three pints, I was ready. By that point I felt like I was on fire. I got up and stood next to him and everyone in the pub got excited. It was open mic, but nobody really ever sang. I'm thinking I won't ever come back here if I screw up. I was the shiest little dweeb - a total nerd, and there I was in front of this drunk audience. My legs went all jelly.

My guitar friend started playing and I missed the first beat. I finally plucked up the courage to sing and pierced the silence. By mid song, the pub was on fire with energy. My friend and I were both singing, we had people going crazy at the back, some of my friends and randoms were now standing in front of us joining in. It was electric and amazing.

Once we finished singing I had drinks bought for me, I had girls coming out of the woodwork; everybody loved us. It was that evening when I met my wife - who knows I'm a total sap, but loves me all the same. We have two kids now.


In a class of 700 students, I saw this girl sitting quietly on her own. For some reason from across the room she fascinated me. The next day I started seeing her in all of my classes. Not exactly impossible, general requirement courses for the same degree and our timetables matched up.

I finally got over my day dreaming and introduced myself when I found her in the same bus home from university, as mine. It was a short conversation about nothing, she got off before I did. Next day I saw her in the cafeteria, walked up to her and out of the blue told her she was coming to eat lunch with me and my friends.

To this day she doesn't remember the brief conversation on the bus and swears the first time I ever talked to her was when I told her she was eating lunch with us. Married for a little over a year, together for about five now.


I spent years with an abusive partner, planned to leave at least a dozen times, but always chickened out or reconciled. 

I woke up one day and felt an undeniable urge to get away. I broke things off, got all my shit together and called the store I had leased my furniture from. I had one payment left so they were obligated to move it.

A guy showed up the next day in khakis and a red hat and spent the day moving all of my stuff, without caring what is under lease contract and what is not, in the pouring rain, 50 miles away, up three flights of stairs, for free. 

At the end of the day he asked me if he could see me again. It has been two years and we've never spent a single day apart.


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