'I Sent A Picture Of Them To His Mother' People Share How They Caught A Cheater In The Act.

Someone who cheats on their partner takes a massive risk when doing something so horrendous, and if they get caught, they can expect an explosion from the other person; either physically or emotionally.

Below are stories of people who walked in on their partner cheating, and how they reacted, as told on AskReddit. Check them out! A source to even more stories can be found on the last page.

One of the managers where I worked in college was seriously the nicest guy I've ever met. He was pretty religious too. He would give you the shirt off his back. He had been married before and they divorced amicably and had just recently remarried. Apparently the new wife got along fairly well with the old wife (they all went to the same church) and they began spending time together. He thought it was great because there were kids involved and this made things substantially easier since they weren't fighting and could coparent easily.

One day he was a no-call no-show to work. We were all really worried because that was so not like him. It turns out he left the house, went to the gym, and was on his way into work when he realized he forgot something. So he swung back by the house to pick it up. He found his ex-wife and new wife getting it on in the bedroom.


My mom came home to our old farm property to find my ex step-dad doing his girlfriend in the front yard. On their 35th wedding anniversary. She called the cops and had them both removed.


I had to take lunch an hour early one day to cover for my sick boss that night. One of us had to be there at all times. I opened the front door and there they were, on the couch, clothes scattered on the floor, scurrying to cover up. It's burned into my head. At that point it gets blurry though. 

I froze for a second. I started seeing red and knew that if I didn't get out of there, something bad would happen, so I left. I got in my car, locked the door, turned off my cell phone and started driving. 

I went back to work and pretended nothing had happened. She showed up about two hours before I got off and I had them tell her I was with a customer. She went back home eventually but I didn't. I slept in my car that night. I drove out on the local scenic parkway, parked at an overlook, and just sat on the hood of my car, devastated. I didn't move the entire night. I couldn't sleep. When I went home, it was only because I had to work the next day. She asked if we could have an open relationship. I said no. She kept cheating. We divorced.


I walked in on my ex fiance 6 weeks before our wedding. She was sleeping with one of our coworkers. I quit my job there. She made me cover the remaining costs of the wedding since we were within the 90-day limit and ONLY my name was on the contract. I moved away to college. She stalked me. I put a restraining order on her. I got counselling. I was a mess.

Life gets better. I'm married to an incredible woman. Successful in my job. And I'm 1.5 years cancer free! I'll take it. Plus I don't have her in my life anymore. Dodged a bullet is how I look at it now.


One of my co-workers ran into her then-boyfriend's house to get her phone charger before work. She walked into his bedroom and found him in bed with another woman. She then took a picture of them in bed, and SENT IT TO HIS MOTHER.


A buddy of mine came home from the military unable to open the door to his place. Assuming something was wrong with his wife, he tore the door down only to find all of his belongings in the living room. He made his way back to the bedroom to find her in bed with another guy she had apparently been seeing while he deployed. 

He grabbed his stuff and left. Later he got a phone call and is put under arrest. Why? She immediately went to the police with choke marks (very consensual choke marks from the other guy) stating that he beat her when he walked through the door and found them. He went to court, the jury took her side, he was dishonorably discharged, and is now on probation.


I walked in early from work. My door was locked. It's never locked. So I super stealth mode opened the door and found her and my roommate in bed together. I simply had her move her stuff from my room to his. I hooked up with one of her friends like a week later and she was furious. They both moved out at the end of the month. She tried to break in after I went on deployment, but didn't know that I had found a new roommate. 


We had a huge fight the evening before regarding his odd behaviour and this girl in his life that I didn't feel comfortable with. She ended up messaging me afterwards to assure me that they are like siblings and nothing would ever happen. 

Fast forward to the next day: I get a message from his best friend asking when he was coming back. So I called and told him we haven't spoken since our argument. My ex told his friend that he was coming over to make up with me and would be back in a hour... 4 hours earlier. 

He had his phone off, which never happens, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he got in a car accident on the highway (he is a terrible driver) between our houses or something of that nature. I went for a drive with his friends, stopped at a couple common stops of his, nothing. Then I figured I would check one last spot, her house. 

Sure enough, there he was. They were parked in the drive way; they didn't even make it inside. His friend hopped out of my car banged on his window. They were buck naked in the car. His friend yelled, "You got some stuff to fix," and ran back to my car. 

My ex kicked the chick out of his car, naked on her driveway, and the car chase ensued down the highway back to my place, where he begged and pleaded with me saying it wasn't what it looked like. And that was the end of that. Bonus, his best friend became my best friend instead after that.


Caught my girlfriend making out with another guy at a party. I literally just walked away and we never spoke again. Looking back, I am proud I didn't cause a scene or resort to violence.


There was a lot of yelling, 99% of it coming from me. I have to think he set it up this way out of spite or something because I walked in on him and his ex on the day I was supposed to move in with him. My car was full of stuff and I was carrying something in and... there they were. I mean okay, fine you want to cheat on me and have a miserable relationship with your ex that only lasts two months - that's your call. But you could've told me all that before I moved all my stuff out of my apartment.


My puppy dog pooped itself. I couldn't find any towels in the bathroom to clean up the floor. I opened the bedroom door to get my laundry basket, and there they were. It wouldn't have hurt so badly if it hadn't been a close friend.

I ended up keeping the dog and am really digging the wagging and tennis balls that come with unconditional love.


I accidentally caught my sister's boyfriend cheating on her.

I was out at a bar with a few of my friends. We walk in and there is my sister's boyfriend making out with someone who is not my sister. I've had a couple drinks at this point and decided I wanted to be evil. 

I wait until the girl who's making out with my sister's boyfriend comes over to the bar. I strike up a conversation with her to see if I could get some information out of her. I ask her about her date and she goes into this long story about how they dated back in high school but broke up and now he's dating someone else but doesn't care because the other girl is a total prude and what they have is true love. 

I let her say her due until I introduce myself with my first and last name. She immediately starts sputtering something and I walk away to call my sister. Meanwhile, the boyfriend is across the bar being filled in on what just happened. He immediately calls my sister and tells her that I'm a liar and he's still at work. I sent her pictures of the two of them together and they ended up breaking up the next day.

At first, my sister was furious with me, but now we joke about it. I feel bad since they dated for 2 years, but apparently the cheating had been going on for close to 6 months.


This actually happened to my friend quite recently. He was head over heels for her. They seemed very close, recently moved in together, and were one of those couples that always took photos of themselves together eating food. She had started to get close with some of her co-workers and they would occasionally go out places and do activities together. One night, he and his friends decided to meet up with her at a local bar. Once he got to the bar, he saw her making out with a total stranger. They fought and made up.

But then, a few weeks later, he went to surprise her with flowers at work. He pulls into the parking garage to see her hooking up with one of her co-workers. Even then, they ended up making up and being okay. My friend was very much in love and just thought that they needed to get away for a weekend together to clear things up. They decide to go down to the shore and rent a beach house for the weekend.

Two weeks later, he decides to go home for his lunch break. He opens the door and finds her with the same co-worker doing the deed. He turned around and left. After work, he went home had a good cry, and the next day gathered his things and never spoke to her again. He has yet to date another girl for fear of getting cheated on again.


We were due to be married in one week. I was studying and she was "out with female friends from work." I figured I'd just study at her apartment until she got in. Around midnight, she comes through the door making out with a male co-worker.

Her mom has cheated from one relationship to the next and been married 4+ times and is a general mess. Her biggest fear is becoming her mother. So I said, "Just like your mother." I took everything I owned from her apartment, and took all her crap out of my apartment and left it on her front porch.

I basically cut ties with her. I was "helping" pay for her living expenses so I gave her one month to move out.

One year later, she wanted to meet for coffee to talk. She's has been dating her old co-worker for the last year. I had gotten in shape. So we talk and it's obvious she wants to hook up. This happens two more times and finally her boyfriend finds out. Other than one random Facebook message that I didn't respond to, that is the last I've heard from her.


I was at my buddy's parents' house for a Christmas party. Everyone was tanked. My friend walks up to his room where he thought his girlfriend was asleep. He didn't find her in there, so he tried to go into the walk-in closet. The door wouldn't budge. He shoved it open to find his girlfriend and her ex (also an old friend of his) doing it on the floor.

He storms into the room I was in and tells me what he just saw. Then he storms back into the closer. I grab some pants and follow him in there. I round the corner just in time to see him hurl a wine bottle (mostly empty) at the doorframe, shattering the bottle.

He's yelling at them to come out, crying and screaming. The emotions this guy is dealing with must have been overwhelming. The friend comes out and tries to explain, but my friend clocks him with a right to the face, jumps on top and just starts whaling on this dude's face.

I manage to pull my friend off after about 6 or 7 good blows and tell the guy to get out. My friend just starts screaming at his girlfriend and kicks her out.

In retrospect, it was a really interesting sight to see because I know for a fact that this dude had cheated on his girlfriend at least a dozen times that I was aware of. But the second she did it, the world ended.


We had gotten into a fight two nights earlier, so the next day, as I was painting furniture and keeping myself busy, I sent him a couple of texts asking how his all-day ball tournament was going. No answer. Okay, fine, he's still upset about our fight.

The next morning, I woke up and something inside me was just BEGGING me to go over to his house. I looked at my clock. 6 a.m. I couldn't fall back asleep and this stupid nagging feeling was killing me. So I got up, dressed myself, and drove over to his place. When I got there, I went to knock on the door and realized how silly this all was. But that feeling was still nagging me to be there. So before leaving, I peaked in the window and that's when I saw the pink high heels. I felt my stomach drop and I wanted to throw up. I knocked and ran the bell continuously until finally, after about 5 minutes, he came down the stairs in a towel and opened the door.

"What are those?" I asked him as I flung his door open. "Shoes" "Yeah, girl shoes!"

I was so angry and he just looked at me dumbfounded. I asked him if he had cheated on me and he replied that he had. At that moment, I turned around and walked away and that was it. I never turned back. After five years, it was all over. I guess I didn't technically walk in, but I still felt pretty traumatized.


My ex asked for a separation suddenly. Then, when we were talking about it (I was devastated and was trying to figure out why he wanted to separate) he asked it we could have an open relationship. I said no. He said he needed "fluid love." He also told me what he wanted me to work on.

For a month, I did nothing but cater and try my hardest to work on the things he asked me to. When he would be out until 3 am, I never called because he wanted me to work on trusting him again. One night, he promised he would be home by 10 (I work early mornings so I go to bed early). He didn't come home until 2 am.

A month later, he was gone for days at a time with our car (we shared a car I had bought before we got married). He wouldn't answer his phone and I knew what was happening. I started having a panic attack. I called him, sobbing, unable to catch my breath, begging him to just come home. He refused and thought I was being dramatic. 

He came home that day in the late afternoon, very upset that I had ruined his weekend. By that time I had calmed myself down. I told him I would like to talk, but only when he was ready. He kept getting more upset and more upset. I finally left after he threw a pan at the wall (I had made him and I dinner and he got upset that I was upset earlier in the day, so he threw the pan.)

I left that day, took our dog and went to my friends house. I didn't answer his calls. I finally did pick up after a few hours and I had calmed down. I told him I was fine and wasn't coming home that night.

I went home the next day, and after talking for a while, it came out he had cheated. This was the 5th time I had known about it (I am almost positive there were more cases he didn't tell me about). This was the final straw.

He didn't move out for a month. That month was a nightmare. He wasn't respecting me at all (staying up late and being extremely loud). The worst part was hearing him talk to his new girlfriend. He would video chat with her and show her our apartment, and one night when he thought I was sleeping, I heard him say, "These are our plates and cups... I can't wait until we can be together and have our own things."

I lost it. That hurt almost more than the cheating itself. That was something he had said to me when we were dating, when we were registering for those very things for our wedding. It cut like a knife. He had to move out after that.

It was extremely difficult and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. However, since he has been out of my life, my life, while stressful in a different way is much better than before.

He has now moved in with a new girlfriend, and last time I saw him he was a mess. He called me one day and admitted he had made a huge mistake, that he was in over his head. It broke my heart. But I am glad that I am standing firm and not going back. I did that so many other times thinking it would change. It didn't.



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