‘I Thought My Breasts Were Tumors.’ People Share Their Confused Responses To Going Through Puberty.

Growing up is tough especially while passing through the acne covered gates of puberty. Many times, due to lack of understanding and education, you're not totally sure what is even happening to your body. This confusing time can lead to many, many embarrassing circumstances.

Here, people share their confusion and sometimes embarrassment of going through this stage in their life.

1. My first couple of pubes were exciting because I thought I was turning into a werewolf.


2. When I was 12 years old, my mother sent me and my two brothers to a small sleep-away camp in Maine. I was smack dab in the middle of puberty. Everyday we had to do an afternoon swim in the lake. We had an area inside the dock filled with floating paddle boards. There was a girl there who I was kind of friends with but she was very quiet.

I remember sitting on the paddle board adjacent her in my speedo one piece. Across from me was this girl. I noticed her looking at my crotch area, so I, being the subtle 12 year old I was, looked down too. Much to my embarrassment, tufts of my new grown pubic hair were poking out of my suit! I had never noticed this before, and I'll never forget looking up and making direct eye contact with the girl across from me. We spent an excruciatingly painful three seconds just staring at each other, me in horror, and her in what I presumed to be embarrassment.

Without thinking, I sucked up as much air as I could and dove into the water, wishing those imaginary sharks I'd always imagined living in the lake would eat me up and take me away from my embarrassment. I never did go to another sleep away camp again.


3. My mom told me basically "when you get older you will bleed for no reason", and I thought she meant like my toes or other random body parts would bleed. Big surprise for a 10 year old who got her period.


4. When my balls dropped, I made my mom schedule a doctors appointment. Told her I had "two identical lumps in my sack". This didn't register anything with her. She scheduled the appointment. I wish I'd had a better dad.


5. Had my period when I was 9, but the cramps came first. I was in school when they hit really bad and I just took it as an indication I needed poop URGENTLY, so I literally bolted out the classroom without asking the teacher and ran straight to the toilet (story continued on the next page...).

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at myself on the toilet but nothing came, then spotted blood in my underwear. I just sat on the toilet and cried because I thought death had begun and this was the end of my tiny life. I remember being really concerned that I didn't get to see my cat today because he usually waited outside for me AFTER I got back from school. I wanted to say goodbye to him because he was my floof.

Sat there crying until the teacher came out to shout at me for leaving the classroom without permission and then when I told her what was happening she told me I'll live, but I should go home and have a talk with my mum.


6. One day I mooned my friends and instead of the typical response I got, "dude, what the hell is on your butt?!!" I quickly pulled up my pants and ran to my bathroom to discover that hair had magically appeared in my crack. I spent the next few years thinking I was some sort of freak of nature...


7. I thought I had tumors in my chest. Turned out they were just burgeoning boobs.


8. Pubes.

That was terrifying. I thought I was turning into a monkey.


9. I assumed I had done something wrong so whenever I got a boner I would punch myself in the nuts as hard as possible.


10. I was in ninth grade when the following incident happened with a classmate/friend of mine.

It was winters, our school had a strict policy against cell phones being brought by the students at the school premises. Somebody had tipped one of our lady teachers that somebody had brought a phone to our class. So, there was an impromptu checking of every student in our class. My friend being a troublemaker was the first one to be checked and as luck would have it, he (story continued on the next page...).

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My friend being a troublemaker was the first one to be checked and as luck would have it, he was having an erection at that moment. The teacher started checking his blazer pockets with her hands, not finding anything she came to his pant pockets, she felt something hard and rigid down 'there'. The teacher suspecting 'it' as a phone furiously asked "WHAT IS THIS?". In response, his face got scarlet with extreme embarrassment and kept quiet. By that time the teacher realized what it actually was, she also became red with embarrassment and immediately left without uttering a single word.

To this day we laugh our heads off talking about this incident whenever we meet.


11. I had a mini crush on this girl around the same time I started masturbating as a kid. I thought that the # of times I masturbated was directly correlated with how well I would do with the girl the next day.

"Yay, its been three days!! She has to give me a hug today!"


12. The first time I ejaculated, I thought an organ had ruptured in my body and that I was dying. I ran down the stairs screaming that milky white stuff was coming out of my penis and I had to go to the hospital. My parents laughed hysterically.


13. One weekend my friend tells me about a girl at my school who he likes. He wants to do something to impress her. My friend, being supremely confident in his physical attractiveness, decides pictures will do the trick.

I was the only kid in our group of friends with a Polaroid instant camera and a huge stockpile of film and flash bars. My dad took a lot of pictures at construction sites for insurance claims. So I'm drafted as the photographer.

We spent a sunny late Spring afternoon at a nearby park one weekend. He makes the "sexy" poses. I take the pictures. Fully clothed, of course. I didn't come up with the "she cannot resist me upon seeing my genitalia" idea.

I don't really remember what the pictures looked like. Probably not great.

But I do remember what happened when I took them school to deliver to the girl.

I had the pictures in a spiral-bound folder, the kind with interior pockets for handouts and loose paper, with three sections of narrow-ruled paper for different classes.

My plan was to drop them off before lunch, right after my Home Economics class. Because of the layout of the school I couldn't get back to my locker after home Ec and still get to lunch on time, so I took the pictures with me to Home Ec class.

But, as I'm walking I trip and fall on my way out of class, dropping my folder (story continued on the next page...).

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In slow motion, to me at least, the folder disgorged it's secret contents: The "sexy" pictures of my quite attractive male friend.

The pictures all came out face-up, of course, and made a nice scatterplot in the aisle ahead of me and the space between the front row of desks and the teacher's desk.

Luckily for me I was one of the last kids leaving the room, so I was spared the certain humiliation had my classmates seen the pictures. But my teacher saw everything. She had a front row seat because we we chatting idly as I walked between the row of desks toward the front of the room.

The look on her face when she saw the pictures was great. Confusion, but not shock or horror. Like she was trying to decide if she should say something, or maybe ask me something, wondering what to say if she would say something... I can only imagine what she would have come up with!

She didn't say anything. She didn't move to help me up. She stood still and looked back and forth between me and the pictures. I think I mumbled something about "uh, that's my...friend..."

I quickly gathered up the pictures and left, dropped them in the girl's locker, and tried to forget. 36 years...still...can't...forget.


14. I was eating a plum and accidentally swallowed the seed, my balls dropped around the same time. I thought thats where the seed of the plum went, in my nut sack.


15. Didn't know what was happening, thought something was wrong with my genitals. Had first orgasm, still didn't know what was happening.

Health class said I would start seeing girls differently, didn't. Found my way to gay porn online, still didn't know what was happening, had no idea what sex was (religious upbringing). Realized that 'gay' meant two guys together vs a guy and a girl, was like "oh I'm gay."

I wish I'd had more information, but looking back, there is a magical side to the whole experience when you literally have no idea what's happening.


16. The first time I got my period, I was one of those lucky girls who were already sort of expecting it. I knew a few things about it, from a couple of friends. Not much info, but enough not to freak out.


But when the moment arrived, I wasn't really prepared. And I had no idea what to do. It felt extremely embarrassing, but I mustered up the courage and I shyly went to ask mom how to deal with it.

Her response (story continued on the next page...)?

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OMGOMGOMGOMG yippieeeee, my baby is all grown up now!!

OMGOMGOMGOMG *bakes cake*

OMGOMGOMGOMG *spreads joyous news all over town*

Really, mom? Really?

Never more than that day have I ever felt a stronger desire to just suddenly disappear from this planet.

Diana Creu

17. A little bit before I got my period I had started masturbating and because I was 10 I didn't understand anything about it. So one morning I go to pee and there is blood. I was so scared that I had hurt myself or was sick. I never said anything and if wasn't until a year later my mom found out I had my period. Even then she didn't explain anything. She tossed a package of Maxi pads at me and said "clean yourself up."


18. No one explained vaginal discharge to me, I thought I was constantly sexually aroused. Then I would ponder what could have made me be wet all day. It was a confusing question.


19. I was in 7th grade, but I was 2 years younger than my pairs. I had this friend which I talked a lot everyday. Suddenly he asked me one day

Friend: "Hey bud, have you ever masturbated?"

Me: Innocently - "Me? No! Never!" - Innocently again dumbly asked - "Don't you need like a vibrator for that?"

Friend: "Hahahaha, no. Just grab it and go up and down." (story continued on the next page...)

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I got home and tried it. When I was reaching my peak, I started to feel weird, I didn't knew what was going on, so I screamed.

Half of my family ran into the room to check out what happened and that's something I will never forget. My family neither. Of course, the appropriate speech about sex and masturbation was delivered after this.


20. When I first discovered masturbation, I assumed I had discovered it. I even wanted to go tell people about my new "idea". I can't say enough how thankful I am that I didn't.


21. A really hot teacher used to teach English to my class. On some days, she looked so hot that it would arouse the boys.

One day, she looked smoking hot. She was teaching us a chapter and suddenly I felt I was starting to get an erection. I murmured to my 'organ', " Calm down, not now please" but it refused to listen to the master and kept on increasing its size. She noticed that I wasn't paying attention in the class and asked me to tell the meaning of the line she just read.

Till then, the erection was complete and I couldn't dare to stand up (you know why!). I tried to explain the meaning while sitting but she screamed, "Stand up first!"

I had no choice but to stand up! As soon as I stood up, some boys nearby noticed the erection and started chuckling. The teacher made weird faces after looking at "it" and then my face.


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