'I Would've Died If Not For My Cat.' Thankful People Share A Time Their Life Was Saved By An Animal.

They're cute, they're fluffy, and they feel like a member of the family. Animals bring a lot of joy to into our lives, and for these lucky people, they might have saved them too.

Here, people share stories of when they were saved by a furry friend.

1/21. Not sure if I would of gotten killed, but when I was 12 or so a Raccoon (which may of been rabid) charged me. My Russian Blue Cat named Mr. Giggles came out the bushes like Gandalf the White at Helms Deep, saved my butt and fought that scumbag off.

That cat died 2 years ago and damn do I miss that little killing machine.


2/21. Grandma puts her pup in a crate at night to sleep. One night the dog isn't settling down, and grandma gets irritated and gets up to take the dog outside. Dog won't go out. Grandma assumes the dog is just nuts and starts heading back to bed. Grandma starts feeling real weird so she sits down and calls 911. Turns out she had a heart attack.

If the dog hadn't gotten her up she'd have just fallen asleep and died in bed.


3/21. Was walking towards a highly venomous snake that was coiled up and hissing at me when I was a toddler. My Doberman ran in front of me and headbutted me so I'd stay down while she barked for my mom, who came and picked me up a few seconds later.


4/21. My best friend, Dan, had adopted a shelter dog, Blox. Blox was a wild dog, had boundless energy, was very hard to housebreak a challenging dog altogether. Nevertheless, Dan wasn't the kind of guy to give up on a dog, so he kept trying to get Blox to listen. Her name was coined because she was about as smart as a pile of blocks... or so we thought.

Blox would consistently break out of the fenced-in yard by either jumping over a six-foot fence or digging holes underneath it. We filled the holes, added boards pointed in at the top of the fence to keep her in the yard, nothing helped. Blox was not going to be kept in a yard. Dan eventually gave up on training her without a leash (in the yard) and put a stake in the ground for when he'd let Blox outside. Blox hated the leash, dug the stake up and would drag it around the yard, destroying Dan's grass.

Dan still didn't give up, because he's resilient and loves animals more than people. And it's a good thing he didn't give up, or he'd be dead.

One night, Dan's little brother was at Dan's house with a bunch of other people, myself included, for a party. Blox was chilling, as long as people were around she was fine, she only really got anxious when she was alone. We partied well into the wee hours of the morning, I left around 3am to go home. Dan's brother stayed and crashed out in the basement.

Dan's brother is a nice guy, but he's super absent minded, in the truest sense of the word. He lit a candle next to a bottle of shower cleaner (propellant) and a shower curtain (wick) and fell asleep with it lit. You see where this is going? (story continued on the next page...)

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As his house was beginning to be swallowed in the roaring flames of the fire, Blox ran into Dan's room, jumped on the bed, and started barking in his face, over and over and over and over until Dan woke up from his booze-soaked slumber. Dan actually pushed Blox off the bed twice from his recollection, but Blox was undeterred. She kept jumping back up on the bed (wasn't allowed on the bed) and barking in Dan's face. Finally, Dan got up and couldn't see his hand in front of his face.

"Holy crap" thought Dan "my house in on fire" and he ran outside, with Blox chasing him.

But Blox wasn't done. Dan's brother was trapped in the basement, and remember how I said Blox was only calm if people were around? Well, Blox had some kind of doggie-sixth-sense, and she knew he was in trouble. She stood at the top of those stairs, flames singing her fur, smoke filling her lungs, barking nonstop so Dan's brother knew where the exit was.

Every single person made it out alive.

When the Fire Dept. came, one of the firemen took a liking to Blox. Since Dan was now effectively homeless, he agreed to let the guy look after Blox. Once Dan got back on his feet, he found the fireman to see about getting Blox back. So we headed over to the fireman's house and there was Blox, happy, wagging, and sitting in a yard, unrestrained.

Blox was now Bella, and she had three human kids who adored her. The fireman told Dan he could have his dog back, but Dan really is the kind of guy who loves animals more than people, even himself. He was crying when he got back in my truck that day.

"For the first time ever I can say one of my rescues is in a better place, and actually mean it."


6/21. When I was about 8 or so I came downstairs to a living room flooded with carbon monoxide because of a boiler malfunction. After about 10 minutes sitting there watching cartoons I was rendered unconscious by the gas and would've died if not for my cat.

My mum came down and saw him (Bart the cat) lying in a very peculiar place on the carpet and shouted to me asking what was wrong with him. After a couple shouts and no replies she came over to where I was lying and saw me seemingly asleep and foaming at the mouth.

She immediately dragged me out if the house and called an ambulance. My life was saved. Bart wasn't as lucky, I'm alive because he died, if he wasn't there my mum wouldn't have seen me and got me out of the house and I wouldn't be typing this reply right now.

I still get a bit worked up whenever I think about it. He saved my life.


7/21. When I was 4, a dog attacked me. I was helpless, about to get my throat ripped out... when suddenly my own dog stepped in and attacked the other dog, tearing at him. My dog was hurt, but that gave me enough time to get my older brother, who hit the attack dog with a branch, and drove away the other dog.

Needless to say, Ollie always got a part of my steak whenever we had it during dinner for the rest of his life.


8/21. When I was a kid (teenager) we had two golden retrievers. One lazy fall afternoon I was sitting in my backyard with my mom on my childhood swing set with zack and jazzie (dogs) talking when zack started to get very emphatic about going for a walk or at least leaving the backyard quickly. We ignored them and continued to chat for awhile but he got more and more agitated so eventually we figured we'd walk down the block with them. Well, we were about 50 yards away from my house when we heard a massive crack and a huge boom. Turns out one of the large trees in our backyard had died and an a giant branch had snapped and fallen. The branch COMPLETELY destroyed the swing set. It would have crushed us if we hadn't gotten up. Always thought he must have known something was amiss because it was pretty out of character the way he was acting.


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9/21. I don't really remember it happening because I was 4 at he time. My parents told me our dog saved my life when we were on a family trip in the mountains, hiking up to a waterfall. I tripped and started to slide off the side of the path under the hand railing, and our dog, a large Rottweiler, grabbed my by my coat and pulled me back right before I would have fallen down a steep bank into a fast moving river. That dog was my best friend growing up, I miss him.


10/21. I was walking my dog a couple of months ago. We were about to cross the road when she started pulling back toward the pavement. I thought it was just her being a pain but I took her to the side anyway to be sure. What I hadn't seen was her pulling me away from a van that had mounted the curb and was doing about 60mph in a 20 school zone. It missed me by less than a meter and hit the area I was standing about 2 seconds before.

Pretty close call.


11/21. My horse, Sunny.

We lived in a rural area in Canada. My parents weren't too strict, so I was allowed to go out into the pasture on my own from age 6 and up. One day while mindlessly walking my horse around he started to act up, which was very odd for him. He was extremely laid back. I still paid no attention, and kept leading him. Suddenly he knocks me over with his big head (ow) and takes off into the brush. When he emerges from the brush, he was also chasing a pack of mangy looking coyotes. At least five of them, who looked hungry enough to take down me, at the time a small child. I watched him chase them away for a long time, then he deemed it was enough and came trotting back to me.


12/21. This happened to a family friend, I'll call her Jill.

When Jill was around 10 she was walking her dog alone in the neighborhood. Some man came up to her and said "I've lost my puppies. Can you help me find my puppies?" Immediately dog became visibly anxious, making a low growl at the man and baring his teeth. Now this dog is the most friendly golden retriever you can image and loves strangers, so Jill knew right away this guy was not to be trusted. Jill told the man, "Sure just let me take my dog home first." She started walking away then started getting more scared the more he was following her so she just broke out and a run and got the hell out of there. When she got how she immediately told her parents and they called the cops.

Later the cops caught the guy and found out he had in fact kidnapped people before.


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13/21. I was on my porch swing and a wasp was harassing me. Suddenly a spiderbro dropped from above and fought it. The wasp won though, and then flew away on to its next adventure.


14/21. I'm not entirely sure if my life was in danger but this is a good story nonetheless. I was walking my dogs in upstate New York on a hiking trail that basically runs parallel to a road. I took my dogs off of their leashes because they're very well trained (shoutout Dad) and I knew they would stay close. Anywho, I turn a corner with my dogs at my side and BAM a black bear is standing in the middle of the trail staring right at me and my pups.

I wasn't really scared, I've seen black bears before but never this close (within 20 yards), I was more trying to plan how to scoop up my dogs and get us out of danger. Neither the bear nor I was moving at this point. On the contrary, my nutcase dogs decide to take off after the bear barking their heads off. My dogs are labs and the bear could have easily ripped them to shreds but he just turned and started to run away. I called my dogs back and they had freaking smiles on their faces which was awesome. I leashed them up and we walked home.

For real though, I don't think that I was in real danger, if the bear wanted to attack me, I feel like he/she would have instead of prancing away like a little fairy because of a couple of 75 pound pooches.


15/21. When I was around 5 years old my brother and I were sent to my aunt's place for the evening. The parents were going out for date night and my aunt was to watch us over night.

The only issue was that pets weren't allowed in her apartment and we had a Cocker Spaniel to worry about. My aunt agreed that we would just sneak her in at night, since my dog was very well behaved.

It was abnormally hot that evening and no AC unit so we all slept in her bedroom with the window open.

Around 2 am we woke to my dog freaking out, we look to the window and see a very large man half way through. My aunt started screaming at him and he ran off.

Can't say my life was saved, but nothing good could have come from that encounter.


16/21. The dog we had when I was a kid, Lady, was hypersensitive to people she found to be "off". When my grandmother was sick and in hospice, she had a nurse Lady absolutely hated. She barked at the woman nonstop, freaked out any time she was anywhere near the house, and at times had to be forcibly removed from the room when the nurse was in with my grandma -- from the moment she stepped foot in our house, Lady hated her.

My parents wrote it off initially as her being a little wild (she was an English Springer Spaniel and prone to that kinda thing), and didn't give it much mind until my mom came home earlier than expected from an errand one day. While Lady normally barked and ran to the door whenever someone came home, she was unusually quiet (story continued on the next page...).

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Startled, my mom walked upstairs quietly and came to find the nurse screaming at my grandmother for having wet herself. Lady was standing in-between them, quietly asserting herself in the situation to prevent further escalation, while smugly glancing towards the hallway where she, without a doubt, knew my mom was. My mom listened for a few moments to ensure she wasn't jumping the gun by freaking out on the woman, walked in, kicked her out, and called the hospice to inform them of what she had seen. We had the nurse working for us for about two months, and I hate to think about all of the things that must have happened over the course of that time, with the nurse being there for 3+ hours a day, three or four days a week. Our best guess is that Lady's reaction to people coming home normally alerted the nurse of when she had to watch herself, and with what a spiteful, clever bitch Lady could be, that it was an intentional setup. I can only imagine that it killed her to be unable to do anything more than she had already, and pissed her off that we couldn't understand her or heed whatever she was trying to convey to us in doggie. She was one of those dogs who constantly seemed pained by the language barrier.

So while not a story of a dog saving someone's life, I'm thankful Lady was able to make sure that the last months of my grandmas life weren't spent being abused by some incrdedibly rude elderly care worker. She was a fantastic dog & we all took her disliking someone she just met a bit more seriously afterward.


17/21. When I was a kid, we had a huge blizzard. It was 96 and my house in Baltimore had an alley behind it that dipped in the middle. So all of the snow had piled back there, it was at least 4-6 feet in some places thanks to wind. I was a small kid, barely 40 lbs by the time I was 8 and a little over 3 ft tall.

So I went out to play in the snow, thinking going through a big alley would be like swimming through a pool. I learned a hard lesson that day, you can't swim through snow. So I'm stuck about a half block down from my yard, no one in sight. I'm yelling and crying and my tears are freezing to my stupid 8-year-old face. And then I see this awesome dog in a yard, he's barking at me, then barking towards his back door, this goes on for a few minutes and I'm still screaming. So dog jumps over the fence and I'm not entirely sure how he didn't immediately sink but he's licking my face, tapping me with his nose and starts pulling me by my hood when his owner finally comes out and pulls me out of the snow and takes me to my Mom.

I gave that dog so many treats until they moved...


18/21. I was 13 years old and taking my pet dog Digbie for a walk. During the walk on the nearby field I notice this very large German Shepard by itself wandering the field. The dog started to run my way and I could tell this was not a friendly dog. I proceeded to try and run back to the house but just as I got to the front door I found out it was locked (my mum was trying to get me to bring the dog through the back door) I realized that I only had seconds before the dog would be on me so I tried to run to the back gate.

Not a second after I managed to get to the back gate I hear this growl. I turn round and there is the massive German Shepard growling and baring its teeth. Everything seemed to go so slow. I just remembered looking at my dog who was right next to me and looking into her eyes. I could see her kind of look back and she pinned her ears back and then all of a sudden rushed the other dog. The German Shepard reared up and Digbie managed to tackle the dog and the shock of this blitz attack by my dog made it make a quick retreat.

I managed to open the back door and Digby followed close behind. As soon as I shut it the German Shepard was attacking the gate trying to get at us.

It was a very close call and I know Digbie saved me as there was no way I could take on this dog. I am 27 now and Digbie is long gone but I remember that moment vividly.

On a side note Digbie was a German Shepard cross and I love the German Shepard breed.


19/21. My 18-month old cousin was saved by her huge St. Bernard, Nana. Her family lived out in the country, off a dirt road with no neighbors close by. She was playing outside with her two older sisters while my aunt, her mom, was washing dishes in kitchen. Nana was a very quiet, well-behaved dog so when my aunt saw Nana barking furiously and barreling past the window, she knew something was horribly wrong. She ran outside and saw a man had pulled over his car, leaned over to open the passenger side door, and was helping my cousin into the car. Nana charged the car, grabbed my cousin by the diaper, and ripped her out of the stranger's grasp. The St. Bernard galloped back to the house with her screaming and wriggling and hanging by her butt from the dog's mouth as the man sped off.


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20/21. I was standing on a milk crate to mount my very-tall horse when the crate broke. My left foot went through the stirrup, my right foot went through the crate, and the noise of the splintering crate spooked my horse. He started to bolt, and if he'd taken off, I'd have been dragged across concrete under his legs and most likely killed.

At the last second, he turned and made eye contact, and he just seemed to know I was in trouble, and froze. He was shaking like a leaf, but he didn't budge. I was able to pull myself up on his neck and free my right foot from the crate and then my left foot from the stirrup, but things could have ended so much worse.


21/21. My dog saved my life by eating a breakfast sandwich that was apparently poisoned.

...at least, that's what his eyes told me when I walked back into my room to find a plate with nothing on it.



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