If 20 Everyday Objects Were Renamed In The Style of 'Walkie Talkie'.

This article is based on responses in the subreddit: "What would the person who named Walkie Talkies have named other items?" If you're interested in reading more, check out the link at the bottom of the article.

1. Icebreaker activities would be Meetie Greeties.

- nowayinnowayout

2. Pregnancy test would be Maybe Baby

- ry45y

3. Forks would be Stabby Grabbies

- GetaVe

4. Steak knives would be Meatie-Eaties

- setsomethingablaze

5. Fart would be Booty Tooty

- lillyhammer

6. Condoms would be Weenie Beanies

- Mahimah

7. Glue would be Thicky Sticky

- IranianGenius

8. Microwaves would be Heatie Eaties

- Bronzefeather

9. Bras would be Tittie Mitties

- mathguy8288

10. Socks would be Feetie Heaties

- Malzahnsvisor

11. Litter Boxes would be Kitty Shitties

- MattyOlyOi

12. Rabbits would be Jumpy Thumpies


13. Cruise missile would be Zoomie Boomie

- sjhock

14. X-ray specs would be Eyesie Spysies

- Sparkalade

15. Allergies would be Wheezy Sneezies

- dezzawintz

16. Grand Theft Auto would be Stealy Wheely Auto-Mobiley

- Samp98518

17. Screwdrivers would be Rightie Tighties

- ShotsGetFired

18. Napkins would be Swipie Wipies

- CumquatsYo

19. Defibrillator would be The Hearty Starty

- whatsasteve

20. Spoons would be Soupy Scoopies

- unproperNoun


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